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I simply did not get to this in time — my sincerest apologies for the length and constant growth of my TBR.
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Sir Nathan Staves is on a quest which brings Margaret Grace .the lady of Fletchers Landing into his realm.  A treasure to find, quest to finish , and a love to blossom. Enjoyed this fourth book of the Knights of the Swan series. 

Ebook from netgalley and publishers with thanks. Opinions are entirely my own.
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This was a one of a kind novel that I enjoyed from cover to cover.  I'd definitely recommend it to others.
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3.5 Stars
Knight Furies by C.C. Wiley is book Four in the Knights of the Swan series.  This is the story of Margaret Grace and Sir Nathan Staves.  I have read the previous books, but feel this can be a standalone book if you wish to do so. 
Margaret is responsible for Fletchers Landing along with her siblings.  To do this she has had to do many things along with smuggling and getting protection from the Rievers.  One of Margaret's fear is that the King might take their home to give it as a reward to one of the Knights. So when Nathan comes to them, Margret doesn't trust him at first. 
Nathan had been taken by the enemy and put in their prison. Now he is free, but still living with the memories and nightmares. Nathan has come to Fletchers Landing on a mission for the King look for  missing treasure that is thought to be there. 
Good Read!
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Night Furies by CC Wiley is the fourth book in her series Knights of the Swan.  I have read the previous books and generally found them interesting.  The books are set in the medieval age in England.  The land is still a wild and open place where Lords and Ladys rule over the people in their villages.  Serf work the field and other jobs.  Lawlessness and theft are common place.  It is into this world that CC Wiley has introduced the reader into.  The king is in France, but has sent his knights (part of a secret sect) to England to help bring the king’s law to the area and reward his knights with land and brides.  

Sir Nathan Staves is a wounded man, not his body but his mind.  The torture that was inflicted on him left lasting scars (PTSD medieval style).  He has been instructed by the king on a quest to Fletcher’s Landing looking for a treasure.  What he finds is Meg.  Lady Margaret Grace is the lady of Fletcher’s Landing.  She is desperately holding the land and people together, as she is being shaken down, blackmailed and thieved upon.  She does not trust the knight who has “shown” up and has a number of secrets to keep.  

This book, I felt was the best yet in the series.  The story line was clearer and the characters more interesting.  While I think the Knights of the Swan plotline is a twist, it is the knights and their brotherhood that makes the plotline stronger.  I think it this is a series that benefits from having read the prior books.  Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book. Night Furies by CC Wiley was a good read.
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Maybe 2.5

The blurb for this story intrigued me, I love wounded heroes, strong heroines and a dash of mystery in my romance, plus it is a medieval!!  And while the story did indeed have a wounded hero, a strong heroine and a dash of mystery - it did not work for me.

Lady Margaret "Meg" of Fletcher's Landing has been a busy girl, she along with her two sisters and young brother have been overseeing the holding since the death of her parents.  After the death of her parents, the king bequeathed the holding to the evil Sir Vincent DePierce, so Meg has learned to keep her dealings secret, and to keep the holding financially stable, she has entered in to some "arrangements" and has run into a few problems. But what she doesn't know is Sir Vincent is dead and no longer a threat to her and her family.

Sir Nathan is a member of the Knights of the Swan and has been sent to Fletcher's Landing on a quest for King Henry - to find a treasure, but what he finds is a feisty young woman intent on keeping secrets and the only person who has been able to shine light into the darkness that encompasses him.  Nathan suffers waking dreams and nightmares from his imprisonment at the hands of Sir Vincent.  He wonders if he will ever be fit for service again and has accepted this mission to try and overcome his problems, Meg is a balm to his tortured soul and he begins to hope that with her by his side, he will be able to banish his  demons.  He knows she is hiding something and is determined to find answers as well as the kings treasure.  

I really wanted to like this story, but I felt lost from the very beginning, not having read the previous books, I didn't understand the references to his incarceration, nor did I fully appreciate the evil done by Sir Vincent.  I found the writing to be stilted and jumbled, I had a hard time following the story because it jumped from one scene to another with seemingly no rhyme or reason.  I have no idea why Nathan and Meg fell in love, I am still not sure who the villain really was and there were several plotlines that were left incomplete.  If you are planning on reading this book, I would strongly suggest reading the series in order and downloading a sample before you buy to decide if the author's writing style appeals to you.

*I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that was provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher.*
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Knight Furies is the fourth book in the Knights of the Swan series by C.C. Wiley. Although part of a series it can be read as a standalone book. I hadn't read the other books, but from what I can gather from the mention of things happening in the past the other books will be well worth a read.

Since Margaret Grace's parents died it has been up to her to look after her siblings and keep Fletchers Landing profitable and to look after it's tenants. The only way she has been able to do that is to pay for protection from Rievers and the only way to afford that is to sell what products they make to smugglers. All the while Margaret worries that at any time the King could have her ousted from her home in order to give the lands as a reward to one of his knights.

Sir Nathan Staves hasn't been able to get past the horrors of what he went through when he was captured and held prisoner by his enemy. He still has nightmares of the torture and even has flashbacks in his waking hours. It's with a great sigh of relief that he receives a missive from the King requesting that he look into some missing treasure at Fletchers Landing. Keeping his mind busy can only be a godsend.

When Nathan and Margaret first meet its lust at first sight. Margaret is horrified to find that Nathan is there on King's business and being the lady of the keep she must offer him accommodation. How can she carry on her secretive smuggling with a king's man residing under her roof? How can she keep from the temptation he offers of, if nothing else, some serious kissing. Bad things happen when she is enamoured with a man, so she has to give him a wide berth. For her sake and her peoples. It's a bit difficult to keep her distance though when she realises just how much she needs his help, and deep down, his love.

I very much liked this story and its characters. I enjoyed reading how Margaret and Nathan are a balm to each other's woes. Of course, I really enjoyed it when Nathan got to be the hero and looked after his woman. There's nothing like a man wielding a sword to keep his lady safe to make this reviewer swoon! There were some fun lighthearted scenes, some deep and meaningful scenes and of course some steamy sensual scenes. The sword battles were thrilling to read and I loved the camaraderie between Nathan and his fellow Knights.

On the whole, this book was an enjoyable one and I am glad to recommend it.
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Lots going on here. I did not read the rest of the series and while this can be a stand alone there is a lot where I wished I had read the previous books so I understood more. Great characters and great depth. Great story.
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