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The Plot to Destroy Democracy

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I found the book to be in serious need of editing. I hope that the final edition had a number of changes as to not weaken the arguments made in the book. The author includes a great many details regarding the issues with Russia but not much that has not already come to light for an avid news reader.
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I follow Malcolm Nance on MSNBC and on twitter and find him cogent, honest and extremely insightful about the state of politics and foreign affairs. This book is a thoughtfula and sobering analysis of how we got here and what we have to do to fix things. Please read!
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Alarming and disturbing, riveting and captivating, Nance weaves a compelling proposition of possible-treason / probable-collusion. The narrative is best when providing background on the Putin and the history of Russia's place on the global stage. It weakens when tying strings of assumption and coincidence of Trump's team's collaboration with bad actors to win the presidential election. Granted, the circumstantial evidence is strong; yet, no smoking gun is ever revealed. Things I take away after reading: I have no doubt that US intelligence is the best in the world. I have no doubt in the author's established and proven expertise of Russia. I have no doubt that his suspicions and concerns are warranted.
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This book perfectly distills the many commentaries and educated conjectures Ive read and heard from Malcolm Nance.  It reads a little slowly because there is a lot of content to absorb.  I believe Mr. Nance has the receipts to back up his theories and I think he does a really good job of putting difficult concepts into words that many will be able to comprehend. I am grateful for the opportunity to see the puzzle pieces fall into place.  I cant say it's entertaining but it is definitely educational!
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An extremely important book to read in this political climate. Malcolm Nance has done an excellent job of explaining the rise of Vladimir Putin in Russian politics, the beginnings of the Russian hacking agencies and the intersection between Russia and the ultra conservative movements in the United States. The last section is by the best and most engaging - so stick with it, and learn a lot.
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If you've read enough of the DT books you'll learn it's all the same with a twist of individuality.
I've not been surprised at all by the revelations in this book as it's fact based so it's much the same as other similar books however, it was very heavy on the Russian hacking, invasion of our democracy, and all the players across the board not just in Russia but various countries around the world including China.
Having married a malignant narcissist I'm unable to even watch the propaganda that now smothers us all.
I read books to escape it and shake my head wondering if you've read books such as these how could you still be for him.
Yet, their are people who still believe DT is doing a superb job and ignore the warning signs.
The fail me not connection with Russia, the failed policies, the failed relationships, the lack of respect from other countries, the brash harshness of his demeanor, the ignorance of his actions.
I'm amazed the smoke, fog, mirrors is too much to see through it all to the other side.
I cannot diagnose anyone from afar, but I can tell the aristocracy is real, the authoritarian dictatorship is real, the need for power and supply it's all real.
We cannot stand by and feel this is the new norm.
It's disgusting, despicable, a disgrace to our moral compass for those who still have one.
You simply cannot read books such as this showing the dismantling of everything we ever believed and still be 'for' DT.
Please wake up before it's too late....
This was very insightful, very well written, and a true gem to behold.
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This book is scary good. Malcolm Nance has been discussing the way Vladimir Putin used different means to mess with our elections and how he did it, this book is detailed and coming from someone that know what he is talking about. Malcolm Nance really out did himself with this very informative book.
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Malcolm Nance, did a fantastic job of writing a credible and interesting book. He outlines a hypothesis of the events surrounding the 2016 Presidential election. These begin with the hacking of the DNC computers. Troll farms and other steps prior to the election were explained. Events before and during the election all with the raising the Kremlin’s power in the world and to join U.S. as equal partners. This can only be done ultimately by weakening NATO.

Jump forward to summer/fall 2016, bots and use of Facebook are targeted to help Trump win. Transition team makeup is another win-win. There are so many items listed in this book which are frightening if true. 

Nance has a very readable style and the book is understanding the average reader may have little knowledge of computers. I especially found the hacking portion of the book quite interesting. 

Great read for anyone interested in politics or the 2016 electIon. 

Thanks to NetGalley for a copy for my honest review
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Wow!  This book should be read by all Americans whether they approve of Trump or not.  Personally, I am not a fan of Trump and have always thought he was a shady person.  This book gives background information on how Putin and his people manipulated the American people.  The intensity of this plot reads like a spy novel, but unfortunately it is what happened during our last presidential election.  I strongly believe that our Country should have stronger internet security, especially when it comes to official use, such as for registering to vote, etc. The author did an amazing job laying out the facts of what happened.
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