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I thought this book sounded like it would be a very good read but I found it to be disappointing. Not for me. Sorry.
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This is a gripping story that quietly creeps up on you, weaving its shocking tale between past and present . Yes unsettling but written with a flow that made sure I could not put this book. down. Really well written.  
Love Me, Love Me Not is a brilliant read for those who like psychological thrillers a little bit different.
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Unable to review. Unfortunately my ARC copy was too small to read and I could not adjust it to any comfortable size.
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Everyone has cruelty within them. It’s what we choose to do with it that matters.

Wow, this was a totally different read than I was expecting! It wasn’t really a thriller or mystery, more like women’s fiction with plenty of twists and turns thrown in. I loved the original premise – a woman decides to kill her best friend using her vast knowledge of plants. The book was so much more than that, though.

While a little overwritten at times, the book was absolutely stunning. I do think it could benefit from another editing round just to cut out a bit of the fluff, because all the introspective moments got a bit much for me and turned a bit repetitive. There was also one mystery that was never resolved – perhaps on purpose by the author, but I still wish we’d gotten a bit more insight with that one.

The book was well-written, well-plotted and well put together. I don’t think it should be marketed as a mystery/thriller though. I loved the character development and am definitely curious about this author’s future work. I think her writing style works quite well for me. A solid 4 star read!

Would recommend for: If you liked You by Caroline Kepnes I think you might enjoy this one as well. I would recommend it to lovers of beautiful prose, well-written twists and a friendship that can turn deadly.
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Ooh I do love a enthralling, twisty thriller that is a little bit bitchy and Love Me, Love Me Not definitely ticks all those boxes.

The reader is drawn straight into the story with a rather telling scene that immediately lets the reader know how things are between the two women.  It’s clear from the start that Jane has a huge chip on her shoulder and wants revenge on her supposed best friend, which Elle is blissfully unaware of.  Everything is obvious not ok between the two women from Elle’s point of view and the author cleverly takes the reader back and forth in the two girls relationship making them slowly aware of the reasons why.  I was very intrigued as to what had gone wrong and wanted to keep reading to find out what it was.  The fact that Elle seemed oblivious to Elle’s hatred was very interesting and I wanted to find out how she would discover the truth.

It was hard to really like or feel sympathy to either of the main characters.  Jane is a very evil, twisted character that is very determined to hurt her friend.  She has a number of little schemes on the go at once on how to bring her friend down.  Elle, though the victim in Jane’s schemes, isn’t blameless as she often overlooked Elle in the past and trampled on her feelings.  It was hard to feel sympathy for her when you discover the whole story.

This was quite a fast read for me that I couldn’t put down as I felt I couldn’t look away from Jane and her antics.  I desperately wanted to know what would happen next and how everything would end so read far later than I should have.

Huge thanks to HQ digital for my copy of this book via Netgalley and for inviting me onto the blog tour.  If you like fast paced, intriguing reads that are impossible to put down and make you question your relationship in your life, you’ll love this book! I’ll definitely be paying more attention to my friendships.
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A story that centres around Obsession. A love Obsession, with plots of revenge and murder.
As a reader you are transported between past and present, as we learn more about the love triangle that sits between friends Elle, Jane and their love quest Patrick. At a party Patrick is drawn to Jane, but Elle steals Patrick away from her. This leaves Jane to seek her revenge, and she will resort to murder. With a garden full of gorgeous plants, just like those on the cover. It's James love of horticulture that assists her with the murder..... that bottle of poison she never meant to reach for....
Often books that flit between past and present can be confusing and lose momentum. Katherine has a writing technique that masters this well and it makes for an easy reading style.
The book also cover mental illness and self harming. Some of this, does not make for light reading and was often uncomfortable to read in places. But again, the author has a style of writing that touches these subjects and as a reader I became captivated and compelled to turn the pages.
It is an addictive and powerful read. That leaves you wondering and deep in thought for sometime after you finished reading.
Thank you to Izzy, Katherine and HQ Digital for our advanced copy to read, review and join the book tour.
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A dysfunctional narrator, described by the author as 'twisted', an unconventional and frequently uncomfortable story with characters that I really didn't like- I asked myself why I was reading this novel and couldn't put it down. 

I'm still not quite sure! It is, however, gripping and intriguing, in spite of the story moving backwards and forwards in time, it flowed  and I went with it, curious how a story like this could end. 

The novel raises many questions covering obsessions, split personalities, mental illness and  friendships. It is not a light read, but there are many twists to keep the reader involved right to the end, and I was also pleased that there was an element of self analysis and realisation by Jane, the narrator.

I loved the cover, and found the facts at the start of each chapter about flowers fascinating.

Thank you @HQDigital for my ARC, I just wonder what subject Katherine will tackle in her next novel!
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Jane and Elle had been friends since school but, they couldn’t be more different from one another. Elle is the popular girl in school that everyone follows and Jane is the quiet, studious one. They will do everything for each other and are very close. 
One night Elle drags Jane to a party, where they see Patrick for the first time. Instead of being drawn to Elle, Patrick starts talking to Jane and they start going out together. Even planning a future together. But, Elle steals Patrick away from her and they eventually marry. Jane seeks her revenge, even resorting to murdering her once best friend.
I thought this book was well written but, there was no likable characters in this story and I thought that in some parts it did drag on a bit. Especially the parts with Botanical references and I was quite disappointed with the ending. 3 stars from me.
Thank you NetGalley and HQ Digital for a copy of this book.
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This afternoon, I settled down in my chair, thinking I'd maybe read a few chapters. Four hours later I re-emerged, hungry, thirsty and slightly disturbed. Other people's head are scary places. 

I was not expecting that ending. Absolutely gripping novel with a bizarre love triangle Nobody tells the truth and everyone is trying to kill everyone else. 

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Love Me, Love Me Not by Katherine Debona is a contemporary psychological novel that will have you gripped and guessing from the start. The story is split into 'now' and 'then' as the reader tries to piece together the action.
The tale is about a magnificent obsession - an obsession that will consume and destroy, An obsession that will not let go. An obsession that is stronger than reality.
Love is a powerful emotion. It is closely aligned to hate. Love motivates for good or bad.
Loss can be overwhelming. "He left a hole in my world where all my love fell through." How do you continue when love moves out?
Life offers us choices. "Every moment of every day gives us a choice." How we respond is up to us.
The novel breaks the reader's heart. Self harm is a major theme. It is "a coping mechanism." There are some difficult to read scenes.
How much are we like Dr Jekyll? Or are we Mr Hyde? "Everyone has bad thoughts... it's what we do with them that matters." Which part of your conscience are you listening to?
Love Me, Love Me Not was a powerful novel that definitely messed with my head. I could not put it down and read it in just one sitting. It's not a light hearted read but one that will disturb you and leave you pondering.
I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.
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Love Me, Love Me Not by Katherine Debona is yet another psychological thriller in a year that has had some really great books released so far. With this one I really thought the story would be another that I would have loved but it just fell a bit flat to me.

The story is about two friends Jane and Elle who have had a long friendship that to Jane has been a bit lopsided. Elle is the bright and shining one that always stands out and gets what she wants in life while Jane has lived in her shadow.

One day Jane decides to take back what she thinks is hers and get out from under Elle’s shadow. With a little help from Jane’s horticultural obsession she comes up with what will be the perfect solution, a poison that when used just right it will give Jane everything she ever wanted.

Love Me, Love Me Not was one of those books where you are not necessarily supposed to like the characters but for me it’s a thin line between suspicious dislike and not really caring dislike. I think the style of the writing in here kept pushing me more to the not really caring side unfortunately. It’s one that you just know you are going to be waiting to see how far it will go and Jane’s inner monologue would go on and on at times to make it feel like it was dragging me along to the shocking moments leaving me to rate this one at 2.5 stars. I’m in the minority in my opinion on this one though so if this sound like something you may enjoy I’d still suggest giving it a try yourself.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.
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What a clever story by an author who was new to me! I don't want to give away any details to spoil the plot, but it's definitely a page turner. Recommended!
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Excellent story line which was gripping from start to finish. Great characters.  I would highly recommend this book.
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Thank you to netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, This is a tale of jealousy revenge and obsession. Jane and Elle used to be inseparable until Elle stole the love of Janes life. Devastated and not willing to take it lying down Jane is hell bent on revenge as secretly I think most women would be, I wanted to slap Patrick and Elle for what they done to Jane, a gripping and addictive read a book club must have especially a beach read.
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A very dark tale of rivalries between two lifelong friends whose bond is much deeper than is healthy.  I fluctuated between not been sure about this book to not being able to put it down.  I am very glad I persevered til the ending though as it wasn’t the finale that I was expecting.......
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Incredibly clever. I haven’t read anything like this. Jane and Elle best friends forever, or not. Jane may or may not want what’s “hers” and she may or may not want to kill her best friend to have him.
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This book hooked me in from the first few sentences but once I got into it it jumped about and I had to keep reading back over what I'd previously read.  On the whole it's an OK psychological thriller with a twist.
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Aaaargh, I absolutely loved this book - great characters, intrigue, love triangle and a little bit irreverent. Loved the dynamic between Ella and Jane and their unspoken conflict over Patrick. I shed tears and laughed out loud - in places it was reminiscent of the utterly fabulous Sweetpea.

But it all unravelled at the very end, spoiling it for me. Others may love it, but for me I found it disappointing and a little rushed and contrived. 

Overall, it’s still a good read but no more than a 4* as a result
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A beautiful garden full of flowers, shrubs, plants and tresses a beauty to behold, but in the hands of someone who knows their darker side they can be deadly. Jane and Ellie have been best friends since school. Ellie has money and is beautiful and always gets what she wants. Jane is the ugly duckling, poor but very intelligent.  Enter Patrick who as far as Jane is concerned is her soulmate until one night they have a row and one of them makes a big mistake. Jane runs away to the other side of the world, mourning the loss of the love of her life and tries to start again. Then she gets a visitor, which changes everything  for her. She now has a plan to get what she has always wanted. Forget the consequences.  This girl will do whatever she can to get  what she thinks she deserves. 
But what happens if her plan goes wrong and have devastating consequences for all three. I loved this book.
I would like to thank the author Katherine  Debona, Penguin Books and Net.galley for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for giving an honest review
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I really wanted to like this book but sadly it wasn't for me and I had to give up on it, just couldn't get into it.
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