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Love Me,Love Me Not unfortunately was not a book i enjoyed.I read many psychological thrillers and i'm afraid this is not a thriller for me. Jane and Elle are best friends from school until Elle marries Jane's boyfriend and their relationship sours to the point of Jane seeking revenge.The whole book for me was just bogged down with needless dialogue and the story kept skipping from one period of time to another which at times was confusing.Even the ending when it thankfully came was not that good,i wouldn't recommend this book to anyone who enjoys this genre,a generous 3 star read.
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A tale of sour friendships and broken love is woven into one powerful story. We follow Jane, an academic with high intelligence and her best friend Elle - a popular attractive girl - and a battle over Patrick, Jane's ex-partner. When Elle dates then marries Patrick, Jane becomes obsessed with harming her best friend since school, using her love of plants and her dark thoughts to do so. 

This novel had such a punch towards the conventional relationship. I really liked Jane and her disturbingly dark trail of thought. She is clearly a psychopathic main character and she often dreams of violence and harming others around her. These descriptions are often graphic but that will never bother me. I didn't see the twist at the end coming, although part of me wanted what happened to happen for the sake of Jane. Her mental health was suffering and I would certainly put a warning out there to readers for self-harm and suicide ideation just in case. 
This novel is a dark one with lots of time jumping. Sometimes I found the times jumps a little boring as they could have been described during the present scene, but they weren't a hindrance. I found the opening scene a little time jumpy and wasn't sure where it went from there. I didn't like Patrick's character and found him irritating to play off both Jane and Elle's emotions. There was zero difference in voice when the final chapter jumps to another character's POV. The voice was the same even though there is a CLEAR difference in intellectual abilities and interests from the previous narrator. This dampened it for me as it felt like the other narrator was still telling the story. 

Some of the language used I found clunky and a bit overbearing on formality. For example "...and all around I fly" and "not (spoiler word) shall I be." This was a little irritating, and even though it was part of the MC it was taking away from the story itself. No one really thinks in such formal phrase as most of these examples were in her inner monologue. I don't think she actually spoke that way. 

Overall, was a compelling read. Twisty with damaged and complex characters. Good character arcs and a great twist at the end which I was glad to see. The writing was slightly off the trail for my tastes but I would recommend to anyone who likes a psychopathic female MC and a dysfunctional dark love triangle romance.
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Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for this arc in exchange for my honest review. 

Jane and Elle have been best friends since teenagers but they are poles apart in every way. Everyone gravitates towards popular beautiful Elle and plain Jane is always on the sidelines watching until jane falls in love with Patrick. Everything is mapped out until Elle steals Patrick away from Jane. 

Jane is successful and in a position to help Elle and Patrick but with dire consequences as Jane is plotting to kill her. 

This is such a gripping read although I was so immersed in the characters that I wanted to shake them both and slap Patrick! Such an intriguing read and definite book club referral.
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Just when you think an author can't possibly think up a new twist in the already twisted relationships of best friends....BAM! Color me pleasantly surprized! This book made me ask myself how many times throughout my life have I loved a BFF, but could feel the uneasy vibe of envy trying to claw it's way out? Could she tell? Did she know I had such feelings? One always wishes and hopes for a friend that feels like family, an extension of our better selves. But what happens when the one you love because she knows you better than you do takes said knowledge and creates a storm for which the is no shelter? Can you forgive, forget, and move on? Or do you spend the better part of your audulthood planning ways to undermine their happiness? Especially when their happiness cost you your own? If you are interested in finding out the answers to these questions and possibly having some of your own READ THIS BOOK! I would strongly recommend not reading it if you've had a recent quarrel with a bestie...
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Overall, enjoyed this book, although it did slightly drag in the middle. I thought it played out the complexity of relationships well and found the different characters voices came across well.  I thought it talked about issues such as obsession, loss and hatred well and left me wondering afterwards what happened to characters.
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A dark psychological thriller with a botanical undertone. Two "friends" Jane (with silent hatred & jealousy) and Elle (needy) vie for the attention of Patrick. In an off and on relationship with both of these women, Patrick demonstrates that he is not perfect, either. Suspense triggers as Jane works her way into Patrick and Elle's life. Jane becomes a surrogate for Elle's baby. Or is it REALLY Jane's baby? Many twists and turns before the surprising conclusion!!!
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