Summit Vol. 1: The Long Way Home

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 31 May 2018

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I like this title. There are many interesting aspects to this storyline and the 'bad' characters have dimension to them. The story does bring you along and you are interested in finding out what happens. Worth a read. I am waiting for the next volume to see what happens next.
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An alright read, but the Lion Forge/Catalyst Prime solo off-shoots are taking forever to build to a team-up. And, like the other series', I'm mixed on the art.
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'Summit Vol. 1: The Long Way Home' by Amy Chu with art by Jan Duursema is, so far, the best title I've seen out of the Catalyst Prime universe.  That's still not saying a ton, but it gives me hope.

Val Resnick-Baker is the sole survivor of the space mission that spawned The Event.  She is found on Earth, having fallen from space.  She also has some interesting energy casting powers now, if only she can figure out how to use them.  With the help of her friends at M.I.T., she creates a suit to help her manage things.  She is plagued by ghosts from the past, but they seem to help her free her powers, so maybe that's not a bad thing.

This whole series is really bad with time jumps.  It's hard to tell what is now ans what is the past.  I'm still not crazy about the latter third of these books and the story about The Event.  The story hasn't held my interest and feels really repetitive.  I'd rather have had more Summit storyline in the present.  What I did like quite a lot is the art by Jan Duursema.  It's the best of the line so far.

I received a review copy of this graphic novel from Lion Forge, Diamond Book Distributors, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel.
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A definitely worthwhile read. It has an interesting queer main character and some other interesting characters. The plot, to me, moved a bit too quickly but it was a rather interesting story. I definitely will be looking at future volumes.
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This was an interesting title, and I was sold on it by the promise of a queer female protagonist. While Val's girlfriend is dead, we do see flashbacks of them together, and her sexuality is prominent within the story. 

A diverse cast of characters is something this comic delivers on, specifically the inclusion of a lot of powerful, intelligent female characters. The story was interesting, based quite heavily in science, with most characters being scientists in varying fields.

The real issue I had with this comic was pacing. Things moved so quickly, and I felt like there were areas that could have been more fleshed out. Most of the characters had the barest of introductions, and when Val's powers come into play there's no explanation of how they work, or even what she is able to do. 

I think this series has promise, but it could benefit from slower pacing and clearer explanations. There's a difference between "fast-paced" and "rushed".
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Aeropsace on p13 Misspelled.

This is from an advance review copy for which I thank the publisher.

There was an event in which an asteroid nearly hit Earth. The planet was supposedly saved by Lorena Payan, which no doubt is pronounced 'pain'. Some people developed superpowers from this event, but curiously, the event seemed to have a preference mostly for white American adults.

The stories of these mutants are covered in various editions by various writers and artists. This one is the story of one of those white Americans who happened to be actually on the mission: Valentina "Val" Resnick-Baker who rescues and protects a young kid. Can anyone say Aliens 2 Redux?

Frankly this story it was a bit bland, repetitive, and disjointed, but overall it was better than the other two I read in this batch of stories. While I am happy to rate this one as a worthy read, I think I'm done with this whole series which really isn't moving, shaking, or breaking new ground. It's petty much broken and crumbled like the asteroid was at this point.
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Another great installment in the series. Out of the volumes I've read so far (this one, Noble 1 and Kino 1), this is probably my most favourite so far. I'm definately curious for the rest!
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I really enjoyed this comic. But I found the second part pretty confusing. I honestly didn’t get it. 
Still, I would love to read a sequel, I really really liked Val, the main character.
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What made me wanna read this were the words "space mission" and "her girlfriend". And on those fronts the comic book delivered, even if the girlfriend is actually dead & we only get flashbacks and hallucinations (or are they?) of her. It doesn't feel like bury your gays, she's still a very prominent part of the story & Val's love for her quite literally saves the day. There's also the promised space travel and super-powers, and of course some mystery & Evil Guys that we will be dealing with in the second volume. We also get a number of poc with the side characters, including the girlfriend, the ex-boyfriend, the boss & frankly: most of them. 

So it all seems like it's great, right? Well, it kind of is. But the story itself? Oh boy. It might somewhat make sense if you don't try to focus on the details too much, but the pacing is totally off and the time-jumps make it way more difficult to follow than it could ever be necessary. The plot rushes forward so much, there's barely any time to connect to the characters at all. It honestly feels more like a first draft than a finished product. The potential is there & yet you're left feeling disappointed.
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I received this is exchange for an honest review. With thanks to Netgalley.

This is an amazing graphic novel that deals with fear and grief, and the resulting depression, really well. It isn’t your typical hero story – it’s more than that. It isn’t your typical save-the-world story either. The character development is really rich and profound. It ended in a good place, and was well-rounded off.

The illustration is detailed and beautiful.

Highly recommended. I can’t wait to read the next one!
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This was so incredibly awesome, I (almost) have no words!

First of all: kick-ass ninja women all over the place. I love the seemingly easy way the author manages to diversify her characters without it seeming like a quota she's required to meet. (It even mentioned binary gender identification, in, like, a side sentence, which is just incredible!)

I'm not at all familiar with this universe, so I'm glad this is a very thorough introduction to Val's story. It has action, intrigues and lots of ass kickery, mainly by women. I will definitely read the rest of the series.
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Exact same opinion that I have about Kino:

Part of new lines of super-heroes. This volume, and this new lines in general, failed badly in the originality. I said it many time, with the strengh and diversity of Marvel and DC in the super-heroes wolrd, you got to come really strong and original to present sometimes new and independant. This isn't the case here. A story we have seen many times, not strong enough characters and illustration that are again too average to make it come out. Not bad, but way too poor and not original enough to catch my interest and attention!
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