Konohana Kitan, Vol. 1

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The file couldn't open, that's why I can't give any feedback. If I can get a pdf file, I would love to make the review though.
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A cute and interesting tale. I picked this up after hearing about the anime but before watching it. It's definitely a cute and fun read.
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This was such a darling manga! 
It centered around stories about fox people (it was a series of short stories put together) the art was simply beautiful along with all the different stories!
I would definitely pick up this book and future volumes
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I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Welcome to Konohanatei, I hope you enjoy your stay with us!

I watched this anime back when it first aired last year. While the anime was a bit hit and miss, I was still excited that the manga would get a translation/was licensed, though I wasn't going to be buying it. Sorry, very bad experiences with Tokyopop. Never again will I buy anything buy them. At least their American branch. *shivers* And then I spotted this manga up on Netgalley and realised that this was my chance to read this book without supporting Tokyopop too much. 

I love the idea of an inn run by fox girls. I wouldn't mind visiting one day, but I guess, given the kind of people that visit the inn, it would be impossible. *sighs* :P 

The stories are all wonderful to read, though nothing new for anyone who watched the anime. Still I had lots of fun reading them and seeing the stories unfold not animated but still on paper, and at times (like with the first story) I was wiping away tears as the stories were just too wonderful. 

The egg story however was my least favourite, it was kind of funny when animated, but seeing it in its original form as manga... eh, it just didn't work out and it just was so weird and awkward. But I had a laugh that none of the girls (well except for Yuzu who had some idea) got what kind of creature was hatched from the egg. 

The Kaito story was no surprise to me due to the anime, so I was a bit sad. 

I cannot remember the last story, it may have been in the anime, but I can't be sure. I did think it was a sweet story. Plus that ending, ship ship ship!

And of course there was lots of shipping potential, just like in the anime. Natsume x Ren is my favourite ship. They make such a cute couple, the more prince-like Natsume and the cute prinsess-like Ren. Ah, adorable!

The art is definitely my favourite part of this entire manga. It is absolutely gorgeous and stunning. I just love the amount of detail on the characters, especially close-ups (like eyes) are just WOW. I could definitely stare at this art for hours. 

All in all, a pretty great first volume. I am not too sure if I will continue reading it as it is pretty much the same as the anime, or better said, the anime did a good job following the manga. I would recommend this volume to everyone.
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The manga is a collection of episodes, where each story has the same setting but can stand alone. The fox spirits work at a magical inn between worlds. The stories bring the reader through the lives of the staff while working at this in.

Although the stories are lighthearted, they touch on engaging topics. The art is well-made but introduce this to young readers with caution. There is art that may be considered nudity.
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Konohana Kitan is a slice-of-life manga about fox spirits who work at a hotel where everyone is treated like a god. While not everyone is a god, many are spirits or other wayward people/souls looking for direction. Stories are told about heartache, family, and friendship (and sometimes more) among the fox spirits.

The artwork is super cute, and I loved the different personalities of the girls. Yuzu is the main character of the crew, and is just super adorable. There is some nudity, but nothing that feels tasteless or strictly fan service.

The stories themselves are very touching, and many of the endings had me fighting back the water works. The great thing about the stories is they aren't always blatant as to what the back story or outcome is. One in particular was an interesting spin on what was happening in the real world, and it is super cute and will pull on those emotional strings.

Konohana Kitan is a manga I'm definitely going to be reading going forward as I love slice of life series. Throw in the the cute humor on top of the tear jerker stories, and it is an easy hook. Definitely recommended!
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A five-star read, this was an excellent manga about fox people. The art is super cute, the stories (which are episodic but stand alone as short stories) are amazing and entertaining, the characters are awesome, and one story in particular was so clever and I totally did not suss it out until the reveal. I definitely recommend this.
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I enjoyed how light and thoughtful this manga is. The Inn is at a crossroads of life and the people that stay are going to the afterlife or are on the edge. Its cute and intricate in its own way but be prepared before showing this to a younger reader this book has some nudity.
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ARC Copy...interesting slice of life manga of the staff and inner workings of a magical inn catering to the other worldly spirit folk.
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When I read the synopsis for this manga, it sounded very familiar to me. After a quick Google search, I found that there is an anime based off of this, which I watched halfway and then dropped. I found this out before reading this volume of the original manga, but I have kept my mind open and will judge only the manga and not the show. 

With that said, this manga just isn't for me. While I enjoy Seinen, "lolis" are almost always a miss for me. I just could not enjoy it that much. I found the story to be interesting and a good read, but the art is just not my preference. This is a manga geared more towards men or adolescents, and the females who enjoy this type of manga and art style. This was a quick read that was fun at times, but I found myself constantly getting distracted by the characters' art style. This is more of an issue with my preference, hence the 3 stars. 

I cannot justify giving a 4 or 5 star review based on the story alone, as the art is a huge part of a manga. I found the story in this volume to be worth 4 stars, as it was interesting and kept me entertained. I found the characters to be interesting, but not enough to help raise the star value. The art was a 3 star for me, as it is not my preference and was quite distracting at times. Overall, this is 3.5 stars.

I received this as an ARC from NetGalley for free in exchange for my completely honest review.
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Book Review 
Title: Konohana Kitan, Vol. 1
Author: Sakuya Amano
Genre: Manga
Rating: *****
Review: I didn’t know a lot about Konohana Kitan going into it I had only seen clips of the anime, so Goodreads informed me of the following synopsis: Yuzu is a brand-new employee at Konohanatei, the hot-springs inn that sits on the crossroads between worlds. A simple, clumsy but charmingly earnest girl, Yuzu must now figure out her new life working alongside all the other fox-spirits who run the inn under one cardinal rule - at Konohanatei, every guest is a god! So, Yuzu seems to be a bit of a loveable oaf almost a small fox version of Hagrid, poor girl but she is hard working and willing to learn but is often saved my Kiri who is the head attendant at the Hot Spring Inn. 
Rather than being told in chapters or episode like a lot of manga each section is a whole story within itself. The first story the bride not only introduces us to a lot of the characters but also a lot of the folklore behind the manga itself. The story is entitled the Bride, as the Inn is a rest stop between the living and the dead we meet an old woman who has been making kimono for her daughter as she grew older and this story lines up with the mysterious disappearing and re-appearing child although every time she appears she is older than the last time. While Yuzu is involved with the child it is Kiri who tells us the legend that mothers would dress dolls in wedding kimono to replace daughters who had died young so that they might find love in the afterlife. In the end we learn that the old woman’s daughter died young and she has been making kimono for her for when she appears and when she makes the last kimono, the wedding kimono she finally gets to see her daughter again and move into the next life at peace. While being a very heavy story it is filled with humour moments that really lighten the tone of the whole story.
The next story is called the turtle returns a favour and I was really into the story by now although I liked to spend more time with the other characters not just Yuzu. This one focuses more on the “guests” who are referred to as God’s and the role each person plays within the inn. Satsuki is really standing out to me as she seems to be the voice of reason as well as being the one who disciplines the others when they step out of line, but she seems to have her own backstory which is hinted at with a letter from her sister. 
The dream egg is quite a funny story which obviously involves an egg which attaches itself to a person and only comes off after they have fallen asleep. At one point in the story almost all the inn’s employees have carried the egg around until it hatches, and they name the creature inside although they don’t know what it is, but Yuzu is close in saying it might be a God that eats nightmares. Despite the almost one-dimensional nature of this story I really enjoyed it. 
In the palm of a hand was a beautiful story with a lovely twist at the end we meet an unnamed man and a little boy called Kaito who both end up at the inn for different reasons. The man is in a coma after and accident and Kaito seems to travel there when he dreams. Both help each other find what they were looking for in the end but the thing I liked most about this novel was the debate the characters have on the nature of life and death and what it means to die, and it is done in such a subtle way that children wouldn’t be any the wiser but adults who find it very thought provoking. 
Spring blossoms is the final story in this volume and while it isn’t as long or interesting as the other stories it does introduce us to a character that is quite prominent throughout the anime and how Yuzu develops quite a lasting relationship with this person. Overall, I really liked the first volume of Konohana Kitan and will definitely be continuing on with the series in the future.
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The fact that the inn cliental are all gods is simply fascinating. Which is one of the reasons why I read this manga, truthfully! When I started reading Konohan Kitan, I kept my mind open to the possibilities of everything -- I didn't want to expect anything. I wanted to like this volume, I truly did.  

When I first read about Konohan Kitan, I knew that there was a chance that I could end up enjoying it. I got the chance to read Konohan Kitan, so I was excited. I like reading manga, and watching anime. I have a serious soft spot for anime/manga where there are fox characters. And just reading that the Konohanatei Inn is run by fox characters was very appealing to me!

Within this first volume we see a lot. We see how the fox characters interact with the cliental, and with us seeing that, we see their stories play out. I especially liked seeing the few mini stories. It was such a great thing to see. The way that the story plays out almost had me in tears a few times. I like to say that that doesn't happen often! 

The first chapter of Konohan Kitan actually gave me chills. Not in the creepy sense, more-so in an eye-opening way. The way that the second chapter played out was amazing, and a great way to see how the rest of the story went. 

Yuzu is such a great character. She seems to innocent about everything so I know that she'll become a favourite of mine. I also really like how clueless she is about a lot of things as well, and she's a bit of an airhead as well. Yuzu is seriously charming and over-the-top cute!!

Seeing in this story, of all the ways that fate seems to work, either against us, or for us...It was great to see. I loved all the little stories and visitors that the Konohanatei Inn had, and I know I'll enjoy the rest of the volumes as well. There's so much that I loved about Konohan Kitan. I'm anticipating the release of the second volume!
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Konohana Kitan just proves why this type of seinen doesn't work for me. It's so obviously made for men with the foxes their breasts bare every once in awhile aka too often. Basically only their faces are non-human, but I don't see how they are foxes in any way unless you don't count the ears. The titty showing isn't good fan service either, but so out of place and has no place in the story structure, sheesh. I can see why this could somehow work as an anime, but the manga form is stiff. Yuzu has just started working at Konohanatei, a hot-springs inn, and all the workers are fox spirits and the guests are gods. The manga contains small incidents with the guests and they are interesting actually, but the rest of the story is bland and boring. Supposedly cute fox spirits doing supposedly cute things doesn't rock my boat. Moe is so passe. The manga is has six books already and more to come. I don't see how though.

The art looks nice and Amano knows how to draw cutely. There's humor and also facial expressions, which is good. The panels don't follow one another seamlessly, which makes this sporadic more then once and the plot is nonexistent. The good parts, such as the guest stories, are sunk in between this other nonsense and basically Konohana Kitan is wobbling. It's not a bad series, but offers nothing new and plays all the cliches. A very big meh meh.
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