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Great Book love it can  wait to Read the Rest of this series 
It was addictive and so well Written.want to know more about Emma Reece it was a book that will get you into it and hook I couldn’t stop Reading it once I started.
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Emma falls hard for her boss Reece and he feels the same way, but alas, he has a secret.  It's not another woman.  Reece hasn't had a relationship in years. No, Reece is the cities new superhero.  He was kept captive and horribly tortured for a long time.  Somehow he managed to come through it with a superpower that gave him the ability to battle crime, but left him afraid to touch a woman.  

Yes this is science fiction, but that's pretty much all the science part in a nutshell.  The rest of Payne's story is pure romance; comedic, erotic romance if I'm being specific.  Payne has a way of keeping a reading on the edge of their seat, chuckling at the snappy dialogue and then reaching for a tall glass of ice water during the sex scenes.

I've got to say that this is the hottest science fiction I've read in years!    #Bolt #NetGalley
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After reading Misadventures with a Superhero, I was glad to see Reece's and Emma's story continue. I thought this was fun book from start to finish. The chemistry between Emma and Reece is electric (pun intended!) right from the start, the dialogue flows well and the story moves at a good pace.
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I wasnt sure what to feel about this book when I started but I knew if Angel wrote it that it would be nothing short of amazing. She proved me right, I have never really been into Super Hero books but this one is swoon worthy. If you have read Misadventures with a Super Hero, this book is a continuation of that book. I couldnt put this book down until I finished it. I cant wait to read more!
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A completely different kind of read from my normal, but a pleasant escape from the reality of life.  

Reece, aka Bolt, is beyond interesting and totally sexy.  When he connects with Emma it's electric, their relationship is full of unusual antics..  Throw in some super hot love scenes,bouts of crime fighting and some other interesting twist and you have a great story.
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I loved this book.  This was the first one I have read by this author and I can't wait to read more.  I love when Bolt/Reece went to the tennis league awards and proclaimed his love for Emma.  Great read, one I will read over and over again.
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Bolt is a book that I give 5 starts to. Reece and Emma are an electric and powerful couple that you will love from page one. Pick up a copy today and fall in love with your superhero.
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I first read the book Misadventures of a superhero and this book is an expansion on that story.  It is a little different type of story that has humor and romance in it. This book is electrifying!!! It is high to do with superhero and romance. If you haven’t read this series it is one I highly recommend you read it.
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OMG this book is amazing! Reece and Emmalina are an electrifying couple. The attraction between them is definitely crazy hot. A must read! Angel hit it out of the park with this one. Can’t wait for the rest of the series..
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Absolutely love Bolt!!! The sizzling chemistry between Reece and Emmalina throughout the whole book keeps you captivated. I could not put it down. This is definitely a must read.
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What to do when you fall in love with a superhero. The premise was good but I found the pace off. I could not get into this book.
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Bolt is a superb  sizzling and interesting romance. Angel Payne has such an imagination plus a naughty one at that. Reece Richards is not your usual hero and neither is Emmalina. I love super hero movies and this story rocks! Totally loved it!
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Truly a wonderful story written by a fantastic author. Wasn’t sure if I was going to like it honestly but, by the end it had me completely in fan girl mode. Give it a chance, it’s a really good read.
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I have been totally Bolted. 
This book follows the beginning of Emma and Reese’s relationship. Emma is just a normal girl working in Reece’s hotel. Sparks fly between them and they end up walking the thin line between being together or not. Emma needs rescuing one night and learns Reece’s secret about being a superhero. To keep Emma safe Reece breaks up with her. 
The energy between them are incredible and Angel writes in a way that makes you feel as id you have front row tickets to everything happening. I am looking forward to the continuation of this series.
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Scorching, electrifying, smoking hot paranormal romance! Many thanks to #NetGalley and #Waterhouse Press for the opportunity to review an ARC of #Bolt in return for this honest feedback!

In #Bolt, a mysterious organization turns a human into an extraordinary energy source. The background on why the person was chosen for this experimentation remains somewhat hazy throughout but it's clear pretty early on who is Bolt and that his previous playboy ways are now curtailed by the strange blue lightning bolts arcing from his fingers.

Is Bolt a superhero or a monster? The tortured soul don leathers and a mask while fighting crime in L.A. using his electrifying powers. And that's his night job.

Yet Bolt finds redemption and his personal heaven on earth in the form of one woman, Emmaline Crist, who can somehow withstand his explosive, spine-tingling touch without crumbling. Sparks fly from the moment they first meet and some encounters could melt steel. Or panties. 

Angel Payne writes vividly and with a tongue-in-cheek humor so that this longish story maintains voltage and frequency (haha, had to throw in some electricity jargon!) while the relationship between these two characters stays charged. I love when writers allow us into their characters secret thoughts by sharing both POVs and timing those segues so that it's seamless from one scene to the next.

I like how this volume ended with a higher purpose for both characters. For me, Bolt and Emma's easy banter and the growing realization that what they have is somehow deeper and steady, that's what has me longing to read the next book in the series due out later this month.
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You will love reading about Emma and Reece's story.  True super hero stuff.  Emma falls for Reece before she finds out what and who he really is.  The chemistry between them keeps pulling them together, but are they both ready for what is to come.  I so can't wait to read more from Angel and this series too.  I so hope she writes more.  Strong characters and a great story line.
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Bolt is a superhero of unimaginable talents. When a night of sin goes horribly wrong he will discover a world of power, greed, lust, and unthinkable things.

If you're reading this with a feeling that the character is familiar, Angel Payne brought us Misadventures with a Superhero and that was our first taste of Bolt. 

I am thrilled to read this and delve deeper into the man behind the powers and how he discovers who created him. Will he finally find the love he craves without destroying it?

It's a hot, steamy, and exciting journey that is best read in order. I can't wait to find out what happens.
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Part 1 - This is a little different type of romance than what everyone is used to since the main male character is a superhero. I first read Misadventures with a Super Hero by Ms. Payne and this series is an expansion of the original story. I really enjoyed the story and can't wait to read more of the Saga to find out more about Emmalina and Reece.

Emmalina Crist is working the night shift at the Brocade Hotel in hospitality to ensure the customers are happy with their stay. She meets Reece Richards on the same night that she and her co-workers saw on tv this superhero saving people from a robber. There seems to be some type of attraction between Emmalina and Reece but neither one thought anything of it until Emmalina brings Reece some reports at his penthouse. The attraction is still there and both act upon it but still can't figure out why it's happening. Emmalina decides after their night together that she needs to stay away from Reece but Reece can't seem to make that promise.

Reece wants Emmalina in his life but he has a secret that he knows he doesn't want Emmalina to find out since it could put her in danger. Reece must find a way to be with Emmalina while keeping her out of danger. These 2 have so much chemistry that it's electrifying!

Part 2 - In this story, Reece continues to pursue Emma and Emma really isn't resisting much. When there is a sudden influx of customers at the hotel one night, Emma and Reece end up working together to get the rooms ready for the customers. While they are working together, Reece pursues Emma to the point that they end up getting hot and heavy in one of the rooms.

Emma finally stops resisting the chemistry that the 2 of them have but she also knows that Reece is hiding something from her. When Reece's past comes back to haunt him, he needs to make sure that he protects Emma while trying to hold the people that are responsible for his "superhero powers" accountable.

Once Emma finds out about Reece's secret, she is not sure what she should do but love brings her and Reece together.

Part 3 - In this installment, Reece reveals to the world that he is "Bolt" and that he is in love with Emmalina!  Both of them are working on their relationship while Emma continues to work at the hotel and Reece does the superhero thing.  Their relationship continues to grow and they are both happy with each other.  Emma, deep down, is scare that something will happen to Reece and he won't make it out of a situation alive, especially since they both know that the Consortium is after Reece.  Reece makes Emma's dream come true when he does something special for her and then also wants to "retire" from the superhero business.  I can't wait to find out what's next for these 2 people!
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"I’m obsessed with her beauty, slammed by her passion, floored by her purpose, consumed by her simple but sublime wonder."

Bolt by Angel Payne begins with billionaire playboy Reece Richards. He is building his empire, and it comes with many benefits. Drugs, money, power, women... what's not to love. But on one night he is betrayed by the one person he trusted most, and his life will forever change. The once former playboy is no more, he becomes a shell of a man he never knew existed. He is now a man without feeling, and trusting no-one but himself. That is until.... Emmaline waltzes into his life. Who changes his whole outlook on his life. He learns to believe in love again, letting down those walls he has kept over his damaged heart. 

I can't described how much I loved this passionate love story that honestly felt like a super-hero movie. It's fast paced, steamy romance, and filled with action. Angel Payne has outdone herself in this spell bounding series. 

Give this a go, and fall fast and hard for Reece Richards!
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So the first 60% of this book is really a porn. There is no story what's so ever and all they do is have sex the whole time. They seem to fall madly in love after only 1 week of having sex but not really doing anything else. Then at the 605 mark Bolt decides to leave her for her safety but that last like a week I think maybe less. During which time they both talk in their heads about how much they love each other, literally the same thing for lines upon lines but just using different words. If I was not reviewing this book for a publisher I would have stopped reading after the first chapter. This book is awful. The only thing I liked was the last say 10-20 pages because it was an actual story not just sex.

*I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.*
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