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Even though I peeked ahead to see whodunnit, there were still surprises in store. Though the adultery stuff is kind of tedious, I can overlook that for how engrossing the last third of the book is. Made me think back over the rest of the book, the clues I may have overlooked, recurring themes - it's clever crafting. The author's note is correct, that the story really is about relationships. The ending may not be for everyone, but I appreciated it.

I've been glomming the author's Bookouture stand-alone backlist, albeit out of publication order. I don't expect authors to keep lists of every named character so they're not reused, but it is a bit weird too see a character with the same name from another book. Is the Ken in this novel the same Ken from THE LIAR'S WIFE? Other reused names but clearly different characters: Jack, Archie, and variations of Elizabeth (Liz, Libby, Beth). (Seems nitpicky of me, I know. Though actually I rarely remember secondary character names, and sometimes even primary characters. But since I glommed...)
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This book was twisted and fast paced. Lorna, a therapist, has a past that is affecting both her professional career and personal life. She can’t seem to shake this past, and lets it consume her. Just when you figure out what is going on with Lorna, another aspect of her past is revealed and you second guess everything. As much as I wanted to absolutely love this book, a lot was holding me back. Lorna, the main character was extremely unprofessional with more than one of her patients, and has very little sense of herself which becomes annoying. She was so impulsive that there seemed to be little connection between her actions. The men in this book came across as creepy, and obsessive. This type of characterization tends to tire by the end of the book. 

I want to thank NetGalley, Samantha Hayes, and Bookouture for an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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I really liked this author and this book did not disappoint, it was an appropriately paced, page turner that will have me hooked throughout the story.
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I did enjoy this books, it was a twist and turn all the way along.
When the penny finally dropped oh my word. I have to sit back amd wait for a while in order to take it all in.
Well written and very good.
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I read this book in one day!!! Intense. Pulls you in from page one and does not let go. Thanks to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for the ARC of this book in return for my honest review. Receiving the book in this manner had no bearing on my review.
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This was a good psychological mystery. Of course there were some eye rolling behaviors by the main character, but there were some surprises as well. This is the first book I have read by this author, but I will be checking out her other work.
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Thank you so much for the opportunity to review this book and to be an early reader via NetGalley! However, I will not be writing a review for this title at this time, as my reading preferences have since changed somewhat. In the event that I decide to review the book in the future, I will make sure to purchase a copy for myself or borrow it from a library. Once again, thank you so much for providing me with early access to this title. I truly appreciate it. Please feel free to contact me with any follow-up questions or concerns.
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I simply adore a good thriller book by Samantha Hayes. I could not turn the pages fast enough. Whenever I need a good mystery/thriller book, she is my go to author.
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Thank you NetGalley and Publisher for this early copy,

It was a interesting and intense thriller. I recommend for those who enjoy thrillers, warning: sexual content.
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Oh my...what a book. That twist...didn't see that coming at all. Very well written. Samantha is fast becoming one of my favourite authors.
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Genre: Psychological thriller, mystery, and suspense (that’s what it says on the cover)

Length: 360 pages


Lorna is a psychotherapist. (This is something I really want you to remember as you read on… really, really remember!) She lives her life by an uber tight schedule because she’s trying hard to not allow herself a moment to think about the dark secret she holds. A new client of hers turns out to be someone familiar – Andrew, who she’s tried hard to forget, and failed. Aware of the risk to her marriage, family, and career, Lorna signs up on a dating site and messages Andrew anonymously (again, she’s a psychotherapist). Then Andrew dies – is murdered – but messages from him keep coming. Someone knows Lorna’s secrets and is out to destroy her. What happens next?

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10

Plot: 2 out of 10 (and most of this is for the climax)

Characterization: 1 out of 10

Primary Element: 1 out of 10 since it was too annoying to be thrilling, mysterious, or suspenseful

Writing Style: 1 out of 10

Part of a Series:

No. (Thank everything good in this world for that!)

Highlighted Takeaway:

The characters proving true the adage – You attract what you are – because they’re all idiots, surrounded by other idiots.

What I Liked:

The final few plot twists – not the best or even surprising, but definitely the best part of this book.

What I Didn’t Like:

Jotting down a quick list here:

Lorna, who spent most of the book going, “Oh, I know this is a mistake but let me make it anyway and now let me regret making it but continue making it while continuing to regret it and making it, which brings me back to the regret as I continue making it… you get the gist!
The constant use of, “I know I’m a therapist, but…” before Lorna makes another stupid decision. Honestly, that’s just lazy writing and the most ridiculous justification for a character’s actions.
The fact that all the men in the book were literally nothing more than props to move the women’s stories ahead. They were insignificant, convenient, and had an incredible lack of any character other than that trait which suited the women’s story at the moment.

Who Should Read It:

Those who love books with highly dysfunctional, self-destructive persons and families, like The Couple Next Door or Daddy Darkest.

Who Should Avoid:

Anyone who doesn’t like books with characters that have multiple chances, but never seem to learn, while being aware that that’s what is happening.

Read It For:

The knowledge that Gone Girl (review here) may have been the only successful attempt at a psychological thriller based on dysfunction that actually made sense.
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Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC ecopy for my Kindle.
Although I enjoy most psychological thrillers, the last few chapters was a little too dark for me.
A therapist who has an affair and falls in love with a patient but decides to break it off and save her marriage by working for another group.  Be aware that her husband isn't the innocent, loving, and generous person he portrays to be.)  The marriage appears to be o.k. but there are issues with Jack, the husband's college age son from a previous marriage, and their young daughter, Then the sexual scenes of the affair, well, I skipped those pages. So, in all, this book was just o.k. for me.
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I thought this book was absolutely stunning.  It’s one of very few books where you have to go back a page as you can’t believe what you’ve just read and now the whole story is turned on it’s head.  I have read Samantha Hayes previous books and she just keeps getting better.  She will definitely be added to the top of my to be read pile in the future.
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Tell Me A Secret is a crazy ride of a read full of twists and turns along the way!  This is a very fast paced read and read the majority of this in a single day.
This story is told in multiple perspective alternating between Lorna and Niki though the timeline is continuous picking where the other left off.  In addition there is some backstory filled in with the use of Lorna’s past diary entries.  I really like the use of alternate story telling methods, I feel that it adds a bit of character to the text, and the use of the diary in this instance allowed for us to get more insight into Lorna’s secret.
I really thought that I had this one figured out, but there was a lot of misdirection going on, and boy was I surprised.  I did not see that one coming at all!  This story was well written and well thought out and will keep you and turning the pages until the very end.  Highly recommended.
Thank you to Bookouture and NetGalley for the advanced copy.
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Anything involving therapists that are flawed and broken themselves is a good book in my mind! I am glad I gave this author another chance after not totally liking one previous book she wrote. The characters are well written and I was stumped with the main villain was the whole time! I do have issues with characters that have affairs and that just added to my unease.
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Thanks to Net Galley for another great read.
TELL ME A SECRET is by Samantha Hayes.
Lorna.... A psychotherapist far more messed up than most of her clients. We get to watch as she derails her life because of past secrets. Makes me think of physician heal thyself. Can't wait to read Reunion.
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This was one fast paced compulsive read.  A true roller coaster ride of thrills!  A must read for psychological thriller junkies like myself!  I am officially a Samantha Hayes fan!
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Having loved The Reunion I couldn’t wait to read the next psychological thriller from Samantha Hayes. Tell Me a Secret is a rollercoaster ride of a read that completely played with my emotions, consistently made me second guess everything that I read and left me in a state of shock by the end of the story. Everything that I want from a psychological thriller. 

I find it hard to review these type of books because so much of what I want to talk about is mostly about the characters and the plot. As the blurb says the story centres around Lorna who is a psychotherapist who one day takes on a new client, only for that client to be Andrew, the man she has spent the past year trying to forget. Now if you haven’t read the blurb - DON’T DO IT. I’ve just read it myself and it gives away a MAJOR plot twist. All I knew about the story going into it was what I’ve just wrote about meeting Andrew and to be honest that’s all you should know before reading this story. 

Lorna is a complicated character and if I’m honest I don’t think I ever actually liked her. What Samantha does a fantastic job of here is making the characters believable. From the minute Lorna meets Andrew again it becomes such uncomfortable reading because it felt like I was in the room with them. Their scenes are so intense and feel so private that it almost felt wrong to be spying on them almost. The writing really drew me in and it became a truly addictive read. And then seeing Lorna’s life start to fall apart around her was in one way annoying because I wanted to scream at her but on the other hand it was completely compulsive reading. There’s other characters I want to talk about such as her husband Mark but honestly given where this story goes and how certain characters behave this really is a story you just need to go into without knowing too much about the characters. 

My overall enjoyment and overall rating of a psychological thriller is based on the ending. That’s what I read them for, the shocking ending, the ‘twist you won’t see coming’ and hopefully an ending that sets the story apart in an incredibly saturated genre. The ending here in Tell Me a Secret was a satisfying one. I worked out a couple of things but Samantha Hayes certainly kept a few things back that I didn’t see coming and the last chapter in particular is one that will stay with me. Overall this was a hugely enjoyable thriller that I was gripped to as I read, one of those books I had on my Kindle and Kindle for iPhone app so I could keep reading it whilst I was away from my Kindle. Tell Me a Secret is a story I highly recommend and is one of the better psychological thrillers that I have read this year.
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Shit. Wholly shit! Ok, sorry for the cursing but wholly  F$(&!!! This is and I mean this when I say it - this is the absolute BEST book I’ve read this year! I’m reeling! Wow. Ok.... breathe.... deep breaths.... so where the heck do I begin?

The book begins with a nine years old little girl finding her father hanging from the rafters. He’s committed suicide and it’s all her fault. You see, he killed himself after the little girl caught Daddy piddling the “lodger” while Mommy was at work. And, so kind of him, Daddy dearest left a note for her: 

“This is what happens when you watch people, when you tell secrets. It’s your shame now.....”  

But, what poor Daddy never realized is that watching is what she does. But telling dirty little secrets? Never. 

Tell Me A Secret is just... well... bloody brilliant- it’s breathtaking. Hayes toys with you, she taunts you up the ladder, and just when you find yourself so taken aback with what you’re reading mesmerized by her words - Bam! It’s too late my friends, when you weren’t paying attention Hayes slipped the noose around your neck and kicked the ladder out from under you! And you’re left hanging, gulping, clawing through the pages until the end. Wow. Again, wow. 500+stars for this must must read!
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When i picked out this book to read i literally had no clue what it was about, i couldnt remember the synopsis nor could i recall what drew me to it in the first place but within a few pages non of those things seemed to matter because as a reader i was hooked. 

Lornas life is run to a schedule, her life is hectic and busy but its a combination of family life, work and socialising. Its pretty average, but it wasn't going to stay that way, not with Andrew.  She has spent the last year trying to forgot him, she has moved on - but he hasnt and Lorna hasn't not really, so when she has chance to contact him again, she does. She needs answers. 

However, whilst all this is going on Lornas family life is changing around her, and whilst she needs to focus on that, she can't she is consumed by so much more. Tell Me A Secret is not just a story of an affair, oh boy - its anything but, it all goes so much deeper and darker, there is so many layers to this that i did not see coming from any direction. 

Lorna was in parts likeable but i was also frustrated by her, however i also felt her - she was dealing with bigger things than we was shown as a reader, a love that was all consuming and trying to juggle a job that would effect even the strongest person at times.  

For a book that gripped me so much i am finding this review hard to write, and so short because i don't want to spoil this. I loved the fact went into this blind and i feel that is half of what it made it so good.  Honestly, i have been trying to find the best thriller ever, and this is certainly up there for me. IT WAS FANTASTIC.
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