Spectrum Women

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 21 Sep 2018

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I found this book very interesting.  A collection of experiences from women on the spectrum, each followed by the clinician's perspective.

The book doesn't read well as a whole, as the clinician's input rather breaks up the flow, but, having said that, I did thoroughly enjoy the fractured read.

I think this book would appeal to women o the spectrum, parents of girls on the spectrum and also, perhaps, parents of boys on the spectrum, particularly those high-functioning individuals who don't seem to conform to the health service's pre-conceived ideas about spectrum boys - as much as there are undiagnosed females not conforming to the "list" there are boys too who mask and become very adept at seeming to cope in their own way whilst struggling inside.

With thanks to the authors, publisher and NetGalley for the review copy.
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I am certainly not the target audience for this collection, but as the mother of a girl on the autism spectrum, I was interested in seeing what Spectrum Women had to offer.

Personally, it seemed a bit too straightforward to me. There were no anecdotal stories amongst the essays to make them more personal, which would have made the book more interesting to me. That said, I think it is a great resource for young women on the spectrum due largely in part to its very straight forward delivery. My daughter is only six--many of these scenarios don't currently apply to her but obviously, as a parent, I want her to have every opportunity possible. Spectrum Women is very empowering in that sense. For those who feel "different" or unsure of their place in the world, I think this is a helpful tool. 

I will definitely keep this book in mind as my daughter gets older.
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The strength of this book is that collection of autistic women's experience written in first person. I know the book is edited by Dr. Garnett, but I found her commentary at the end of each chapter either superfluous and/or irritating depending on the chapter. It breaks the flow. This may not be the case for other readers.
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Excellent! This is one of my favourite books on Women and the Autism spectrum.
As a woman on the spectrum, books like this save me . 
Review will be up on my blog on Publication date .
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I came to an Autism diagnosis in my early 20s. It's fairly typical for girls and women to go undiagnosed for years and only recently has this begun to be reflected in publishing. I'm happy to see another book on the struggles Autistic girls and women face in life. This collection of essays examines a lot of the issues and struggles we all face and how being Autistic can be both a struggle and a benefit in modern society.
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