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P.J. Vernon- I fell right into this book hook, line and sinker!! I followed the path you so skillfully set out for the reader, never imagining the twists you set up. Good job!! You got me, and I love it!

Gray King Godfrey is a wealthy woman from the socially prominent King family of Elizabeth, S.C. She now lives in Washington, D.C with her husband, Paul. Paul suggests they fly to Gray's hometown to spend the Christmas holidays with her mother, Joanna, her sister, Charlotte and Charlotte's twins as it's been years since they visited. There's a reason for that, Gray is not keen on going back to her hometown; but Paul insists (he's a bit controlling) and she complies. Afraid of flying, she alleviates her fears with alcohol, an already over-sought remedy for everything in her life. When they arrive at her family's estate of Piper Point, she is already partially drunk, and drinks more in her room to help her gird herself to deal with her mother.

After the family goes to church that evening, one of her former schoolmates suggests that Gray, Paul & Charlotte meet her at the local bar, Ruby's, where everyone hangs out. Gray is up for that as she needs more alcohol, and Paul grudgingly concedes to go for one drink. Except Gray makes her drink a double, then does some shots when she walks to the bathroom, then grabs another double as she leaves the bathroom. You get the idea... Rip-roaring, blind drunk on Christmas Eve. When Paul catches her kissing and dancing with Jacob, her first lover, he is livid! After he and Jacob exchange words and shoves, Paul grabs Gray and they leave the bar.

The next morning Gray wakes up with a blazing hangover, but Paul is not there. She can't remember what happened last night, but finds herself changed into her nightgown, and assumes he must have changed her. She doesn't give much thought to him not being there, assuming he's upset with her (again) and left to get some space after seeing her safely to bed. She thinks it odd that he still isn't home by noon, or then by evening, but still thinks he's cooling off somewhere. Truth be told, she's kind of content not to have him harping at her about her drinking. Though the family wonders where he is, they don't report him missing because Joanna doesn't want to sully the family name with domestic problems. 

The police find Paul's rental car abandoned on a road near the marsh, keys gone and door open. And a woman named Annie calls Gray, telling her that she needs to talk to her about Paul, that there are things that Gray doesn't know. Instead of simply missing, it begins to look like something bad may have happened to Paul.

This story of betrayals, lies, relationships and family secrets is told in three points of view: Gray's, Nina's (a police detective) and Annie's. The plot is well thought out, the characters relatable if not likeable, and there are twists that this reader never expected. (I love it when that happens!)

A well-written page-turner, I highly recommend this entertaining read.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for allowing me the opportunity to read an e-ARC of this book in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.
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A tip of the hat to you P.J. Vernon because you successfully tricked me with this one! Well played, indeed! 

Gray Godfrey is about to return to her hometown of Elizabeth, S.C. to spend Christmas with her family at her husband, Paul's, urging. Gray doesn't have fond memories of Elizabeth or her family home, Piper Point. 

At the Christmas Eve church service Gray and her sister Charlotte bump into a childhood friend that urges them to go to Ruby's, a local drinking establishment, after the service has ended. Paul is adamant that he does not want to go. Why? Gray is a raging alcoholic that has already had several drinks over the course of the day but he acquiesces with Gray's promise of only having one. 

A kiss, a fight, the fury and now Paul has gone missing. If only Gray could remember what happened on that Christmas Eve. 

Then the voicemails start arriving from Annie. She claims she knows Paul and knows what has happened. She has highly sensitive information she needs to share with Gray. Then the message cuts off. Gray desperate for answers can only sit back and wait to see if Annie tries to make contact again. I assure you this will not be the last she hears from Annie. Who is Annie and what exactly does she know? 

This was domestic suspense done right and I was glued to the pages!


Thank you to Crooked Lane books for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review!
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Secrets, lies, and alcohol fuel this debut suspense novel.  What the heck happened to Paul?  He's running for office, how could he disappear?  Who is Annie and why does she know some of the secrets?  Gray is an alcoholic who hates her home town and who seems incredibly unlikeable (you might well leave her too) but then her story unreels.  No spoilers but rest assured that things aren't what they seem.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  This is a fast entertaining read.
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Great book got me hooked straight away. Usually, I am pretty good at working out how books conclude yet with this one it was so difficult to work it out. So if your looking for a book that will keep you guessing this is the book for you.
I shall certainly read any future work of P.J Vernon in the future.
Thank you to both NetGalley and Cooked Lane Books for the advance copy for my unbiased opinion
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4.5 stars. 

  When You Find Me by P.J. Vernon is a chilling domestic mystery.

  Gray Godfrey reluctantly agrees to spend Christmas with her family in South Carolina along with her husband, Paul.  To shore up her courage, Gray begins drinking before their plane trip and ends up blackout drunk after she, her sister, Charlotte and Paul end up at a local bar after Christmas Eve services. Waking up on Christmas Day with a massive hangover, Gray has few memories of the evening before and she is rather stymied by Paul’s absence. She and Charlotte are in the midst of calling local hotels to locate Paul when Detective Nina Palmer informs them Paul’s rental car has been found abandoned on the highway.  Gray has no idea what could have happened to Paul and the case takes a complicated turn when she receives  mysterious  voicemail messages from a woman named Annie.  The investigation uncovers shocking information about Paul but are these revelations a motive for murder?

  Gray is an alcoholic whose thoughts revolve around how she is going to get her next drink. Charlotte and their mother, Paula King, are well aware of her drinking problem and they have ensured she will have no access to alcohol at the family home. The invitation to a reunion at a local hangout is a godsend and Gray plots and schemes her way to downing as much booze as possible before Paul drags her home.  Their departure is fraught with tension since Paul found her and a former friend-with-benefits in a scandalous clinch on the dance floor. This is the point where Gray’s memories go dark and she absolutely no ideahow she got home or who helped her to bed.

  Nina and her Aunt Tilda have a rather fraught history with King family. Nina is mostly successful as she tries to remain impartial throughout the investigation. She is diligent as she chases down leads and follows the scant clues she unearths. Nina has reason to fear for Gray’s safety when stunning information comes to light about Paul.  She grows even more concerned  when she finds out the King family’s darkest secret. But Nina is ill-prepared for the scene that awaits her once she learns the complete truth about Gray and her past.

  When You Find Me is a twist-filled mystery that is quite riveting. The novel is tautly plotted and the storyline is clever and brilliantly executed. Gray is a surprisingly sympathetic character and her confusion about Paul’s whereabouts rings true. Nina is an excellent detective whose investigation into Paul’s disappearance is thorough despite a bit of a slow start. With breathless twists and dramatic turns, P.J. Vernon brings this intriguing mystery to a stunning but very satisfying conclusion.  I absolutely loved and highly recommend this phenomenal mystery to fans of the genre.
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Gray Godfrey wakes up in her hometown to an empty bed. Her husband is nowhere to be found and she can’t remember a thing because she was blackout drunk. Her husband Paul is gone and his car has turned up, abandoned by the side of the road. 

Soon Gray starts receiving phone messages and emails from someone named Annie telling her that she knows what happened to Paul. She also knows intimate information about Gray and Paul’s life.  Is Paul dead or did he runoff with a mistress? Is Gray better off without him or will an investigation open old wounds? 

Well developed story and characters. Great twists and turns. Love the book's cover too.
Thanks NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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A  fast-paced thriller you won't want to miss! 

Paul and Gray travel to Gray's family home in Elizabeth, SC for Christmas. Gray's sister, Charlotte, and her twins join them at their mom, Joanne's house. It seems as if Gray and Paul's marriage was not the greatest, and  perhaps Gray is an alcoholic. After church on Christmas Eve, it is a tradition for all to gather at Ruby's Pub. Not only did Gray have too much to drink there, but she connected a little too much with a former flame, Jacob.  Since this happens in front of her husband (who is jealous and controlling to begin with) the night goes sour fast The next thing Grey remembers is waking up in her pajamas at home without Paul.....

Later, Paul's abandoned vehicle is found on the highway with the passenger door open. Paul has disappeared. Since he is running for congressional election, this doesn't look good on him. In fact, it was rumored that Paul was having a bit of an affair. As time goes on we find out that indeed he was having an affair with "Annie".

"Annie" turns out to actually be Gray's sister, Charlotte! The affair has been captured in pictures and sent to Nina, the police detective on the case. (and Nina is also intertwined with the King family). Paul is found dead. Jacob is wrongly accused for Paul's murder AFTER he admits to beating up Paul.

Things go from bad to worse in a hurry as Nina tries to decipher who in the King family (Charlotte, Gray or their mother) is lying. The story continues to escalate when Charlotte is identified by the police as "Annie". Especially when Gray finds this out...

Brilliant writing and blending of characters with interwoven themes. All of the pieces are tied together as the reader gradually has surprise after surprise.     Recommend!

Many thanks to Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for another great read.
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4 Surprising Stars.  

Gray Godfrey is a socialite who likes her alcohol. Unfortunately for her, it creates a teensy weensy little problem when she drinks to excess - she can’t remember a thing, which for her, happens more often than not.

Gray’s hometown also happens to make her anxious.  So does her husband, Paul. When he goes missing their first night back, she thinks nothing of it, especially since she can’t remember a darn thing.  Things only get worse the longer she’s back in town and I’m not even talking about the fact that her husband is unaccounted for.  

What happens here is simply cray-freaking-cray to the absolute max!  It was so completely unexpected and yet on another plane, it made complete sense.  Frakking Brilliant!  That is all.  

“When You Find Me” by P.J. Vernon is a domestic suspense that is full of surprises.  Though it was slow to start, once it got going it took off like rocket and I simply couldn’t read it fast enough.  This mystery/suspense was so not what I thought it would be and that is what made it so darn good!  

Kudos to P. J. Vernon for the beautiful, swoon-worthy cover!  

This was another buddy read with Kaceey!  So glad we stuck this one out, it was worth it!

Thank you to NetGalley, Crooked Lane Books and P.J. Vernon for an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

Published on Goodreads, NetGalley and Twitter on 9.15.18.
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Gray Godfrey wakes up in her hometown to an empty bed. Her husband is nowhere to be found and she can’t remember a thing because she was blackout drunk. Her husband Paul is gone and his car has turned up, abandoned by the side of the road. 

Soon Gray starts receiving phone messages and emails from someone named Annie telling her that she knows what happened to Paul. She also knows intimate information about Gray and Paul’s life.  Is Paul dead or did he runoff with a mistress? Is Gray better off without him or will an investigation open old wounds? 

Well developed story and characters. Great twists and turns.
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I would have to say this book was excellent and definitely alarming (in a good way)! I would like to thank Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this novel by a "new-to-me" author. The development of the characters was very intriguing, and I felt the suspense throughout the book was kept at an appropriate but entertaining level. I really hope this novel gets a movie adaptation because I would definitely be in line to watch this come to life on the big screen!
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This book was exceptional and gave me chills.  The portrayal of the mental abuse of the husband (Paul) gave me flashbacks to my own marriage.  It begins as seemingly helpful advice but becomes a smothering environment from which there seems to be no escape.  The alternating viewpoints help add to the narrative and build suspense, of which there is plenty.  I saw some of the twists before they were revealed but the ending was an eye opener.  I hope to read more novels in the same genre from P.J. Vernon soon.
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This was an excellent book!  It kept me up at night flipping agars as fast as I could!  Great characters and back story.  I LOVE the unexpected twists and turns.  Great job 
PJ Vernon!! Wow, will definitely be following you!! 
Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this amazing book.
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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this book .
I enjoyed this fast paced thriller. The book kept me guessing with good plot twists and setting.
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This psychological thriller starts with a chilling first chapter. Gray and her husband are visiting her mother for the holidays. As they arrive at Gray's childhood home in Elizabeth, South Carolina, repressed memories begin to surface, leaving you to wonder about the horrors she may have experienced as a child. 

An alternating sinister plot line appears early on as we are introduced to Annie. It seems that she knows Gray’s husband, Paul, and Annie fears that Paul has come to Elizabeth to bring harm to her. Annie contacts Gray after Paul goes missing, but her messages are cryptic, leaving Gray with more questions than answers. Gray’s chronic alcohol abuse doesn’t help the situation either. Annie knows intimate details about both Paul and Gray, leaving you to wonder exactly who she is and how she fits into the story. 

Another character, Nina, is a detective with the sheriff’s office. Nina takes care of her sick aunt Tilda, who was once a caretaker for Gray’s family. Gray’s father, the late Congressman Seamus King, had an unsuccessful presidential bid back in the day. He was caught on tape saying some harsh things to Nina’s aunt Tilda that resulted in his campaign falling apart. There has been an edge of tension between Nina and Gray’s family ever since. 

Paul is an influential lobbyist in Washington, and he has plans to run for Congress in the next election. Status and reputation are everything to Paul, and that is also the case with Gray’s mother, Joanna. She is always alert and on guard regarding anything to do with her family. This makes it increasingly difficult for Nina to investigate when Paul suddenly goes missing. Nina’s investigation is mired by a series of lies and deception at every turn. Plot twists and misdirection will keep you guessing throughout the book. Ghosts from the past are revealed as long hidden secrets are uncovered. The suspense ratchets up with a huge plot twist towards the end, leading up to a shocking conclusion that will leave you breathless, chills running through your body. 

The author has a great writing style, peppering in descriptive imagery and emotions to create a personal touch to the characters. The story flows really well. The chapters alternate narrators between Gray, Nina, and Annie, presenting the story from different perspectives. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. 

I would recommend this book to fans of psychological thrillers and suspense. I received this as a free ARC from Crooked Lane Books on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Thanks to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review. Publication of this title is expected October 9, 2018.

“When You Find Me” by P.J. Vernon tells the story of Gray Godfrey, a wealthy Southern socialite who lives in DC with her husband Paul who is planning a run for Congress. On a trip home to Elizabeth, SC, for Christmas, Gray wakes up one morning alone in bed with a raging hangover to discover that her husband is missing. She tries to piece together memories of the night before, wondering why her husband has disappeared, and thinking that her drinking has really done a number on her marriage this time. When the car they rented is discovered abandoned on a deserted roadside with no sign of Paul, Gray begins to wonder if her husband has decided he needed some time away from her or if something awful has happened. And when she receives a voicemail from a mysterious woman named Annie, she really begins to unravel.

I loved this book! The characters had well-developed back stories with plenty of family conflict, the writing and setting of the stage were superb, and I was constantly second-guessing who did what and how the story was going to end. I thought I had part of it figured out early on, but then I changed my mind, and then I changed it again, and then I just decided to stop trying to figure it out and let the story play out. I was not disappointed. And the last page…let’s just say it reminded me of some books/movies that I would willingly read and watch over and over because they’re just that good. I won’t say which ones because I don’t want to give anything away.

This is the debut fiction novel for P.J. Vernon, and I hope that he has more books in him like this one. I would recommend this book to all of my friends and family. Definitely pick this up when it’s available.
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4-5 stars!  This was an excellent fast paced book, that had you wanting to find out what was happening and to who!  I will definitely do a high recommendation in Chapter Chatter Pub closer to publication date!
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This book was a great read, Vernon kept me engaged the whole time and I never wanted to put this book down. The ending was not easy to figure out, and the last one is not what you expect.
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The description of this novel interested me and happily I received this book from NetGalley.  Once I got it, I somehow thought I wouldn't like it so I ignored it for a few days.  Not sure why, but I picked it up, read the first chapter and was swept up in the story.  Vernon's writing is very easy to immerse yourself into.  The story was not much of a shocker - I would question anyone who tells you they were surprised by the turn of events.  Parts of the storyline I feel were a bit contrived (the devil and Matthew) - However!  The story is well worth a read.  The characters, big and small, are lively, the plot went along quickly and the ending was happily warped.     

Happy reading!
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Didn't enjoy the book as i thought i would. Found i just didnt care much for the characters and couldn't level with them and gety into the book.
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I found PJ Vernon’s descriptive language of the settings placed me in the story... but it didn’t extend to the characters. I was not invested in any of them. The book was entertaining and I enjoyed reading it, but I figured out the “big twist” early in the book. I’d read another book by this author, but PJs books are not going on my must-read list.
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