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I enjoyed this book but felt it could have had stronger character development. I didn't find myself getting very attached to the main character and didn't have much of a stake in the ending. There were some twists I didn't see coming but most was as I predicted. Great quick read for the beach or plane this summer!
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2.5 stars.

"When You Find Me" is a book about Grey and Paul Godfrey. They are visiting Grey's family in South Carolina, and after a night out on the town, Grey wakes up to find Paul missing. The trouble is, she cannot remember anything about that night due to her excessive alcoholism. She starts receiving messages from a mysterious woman and unraveling the truth about her husband, her past, and her family. 

First, I want to point out that I recognize that the author put their heart and soul into writing this book and that needs to be recognized. The author also put time into creating a family history which needs to be respected. With that said, I gave the book 2.5 stars. I did not feel any sympathy for the characters or feel connected to anyone until chapter 27-which I feel is a long time to wait to feel connected. The beginning and middle felt too drawn out and it took too long to delve into Grey's troubled history. The ending was definitely a surprise, but not one that shocked me. 

I appreciate the idea that was given and I think that it could be well-executed in a different manner. It is not a book that I would read again, but I might recommend it to a friend who liked mysteries and thrillers.
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A southern gothic mystery that begins with an unhappy Gray and her domineering husband Paul returning to her family mansion for Christmas. With gut wrenching memories from childhood it’s the last place she wants  to go and she’s been drinking all day to prepare for the visit. She and Paul go out that night where Gray continues her alcoholic drinking but after inappropriate behavior he forcefully yanks her out of the bar to take her home. The next morning Paul is missing and nowhere to be found, but then how did she get home, who undressed and put her to bed? The plot takes off with so many twists and turns I didn’t put it down until the end.  There were so many great possibilities as to who harmed her husband, and the book could have ended with an amazing finish....but didn’t.  It ends abruptly with the weakest,  and in my opinion, the most unrealistic possibility, not because of the person who committed the crime, but the explanation behind it. 
Up until the last chapter I would have given the book 5 stars, and nominated for library read, but the ending fell so far off the mark I can’t. I still recommend reading it as a mystery page turner.
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The blurb sounded good, but it was the cover that made me request this - it's gorgeous! The story grabbed me from the start. The writing is good and it was easy to fall into the privileged yet damaged world of Gray. She's a drinker and as the story goes on we uncover what made Gray who she is today. What a big mess - poor Gray. And poor Paul. What happened to him?! I couldn't wait to find out. At about 70% something happened that I really did not like and I couldn't get into the story again. I understand how it ties in to everything and I can appreciate it but I can't help it - I don't like when stuff like that happens. Overall though this was really good. It was compulsive, suspenseful and interesting to get into the mind of Gray.
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Gray is visiting her family's estate is South Carolina.  After a night of partying, she awakes to find that her husband is missing.  A woman named Annie is messaging her claiming to know where Paul is, as well as other secrets.  Gray finds her life unraveling as she tries to figure out what happened to her husband and what secrets are hiding.

Gray is quite the unlikable character (although there is information revealed later in the book that makes you feel concerned for her).  She struggles with alcoholism, but the author writes her in a way that does not allow you to feel empathy for her and her struggles.  I didn't care too much for Paul either, and you wonder just how innocent in all of this he is.  The BIG TWIST was surprising, but it felt sloppy to me.  I wonder if I had felt any empathy or cared about the characters more, if it would have seemed different to me. There's just so much going on.  It's an interesting read, but could have been executed better.  Round up to 3 stars.
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Gray Godfrey is at her family’s estate in South Carolina when she awakens after an evening of drinking to find her husband, Paul, gone. With an alcohol induced case of amnesia, Gay at first believes Paul may have just decided to take a break from their tumultuous marriage, but the discovery of his car, found empty on the side of the road point to a more sinister explanation. Gray gets a hone call from a woman calling herself Annie, a woman claiming to know where Paul is. But Annie seems increasingly unhinged and Gray wonders if the woman actually intends to harm her. And Gray also wonders if she really even wants to know what happened to Paul. This book is a roller coaster ride and all you can do is hang on tight. Surprises and jaw dropping reveals kept me glued to this book
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