Sword of Power

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One of my favorite authors, everything he writes is gold. This is a young adult book but even though those days are long gone I still thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next book in the series.
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This is the second book in the Black Musketeers series. The book takes place 6 months after the end of book one, it can be read as part of the series or as a standalone, the author explains the backstory as the book progress. This is a story of war, friendship, loyalty and magic. 

The book is set in Prague in 1633, and the story is surrounded by historical events. 
In this book Elsa’s powers are more controlled but she’s also being drawn towards the evil power of the book, meanwhile Lukas discovers the force within himself and is attracted to Gwendolyn, a new character that is introduced. The evil Inquisitor and now Cardinal Waldemar Von Schönborn needs to be in possession of the Imperial Regalia to blackmail the Reich because the regalia is needed to crown the next German King.

This book has a lot of action, the Black Musketeers found trouble everywhere delivering a fast pace read and an entertaining one. 
I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Many Thanks to AmazonCrossing, Oliver Pötzsch and Netgalley for the opportunity.
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Lukas and his sister Elsa set out with a few friends on a perilous journey one froth with unimaginable threats, deceit, and a betrayal that runs so deep. Seeking to protect his sister from the hands of an evil monster, who had also killed their mother, unaware that they were being led like puppets right into the very hands they were trying to avoid, her father Inquisitor Waldemar Von Schonborn. Having been tricked into finding the Power sword by none other than that evil himself, just so she can use the dreaded spell book Grimorium, which possessed her a little every time. Filled with lively action and treacherous pathways, this fantasy adventure book hasn’t got a dull moment. They along with their friends were up against a foe that was more mightier and powerful than they could ever dream, but giving up wasn’t in their vocabulary. With a betrayal that hurt so deep and Lukas seeing his sister being taken over by the evil that was associated with the book of evil spells, every time she used it made him more determined to foul the master at his game. What an interesting, captivating and intriguing book, it has an exciting and action-packed storyline with a lotta of cool characters, a fun, and exciting read, if I do say so.
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Sword of Power is the second boon in The Black Musketeers young adult historical series by the author of The Hangman's Daughter series. This book picks up after the events of the first book. I don't believe readers necessarily need to have picked up the first book to understand what is going on in this one because the author provides enough backstory from the first book. We begin with Lukas and Elsa recovering from the secrets uncovered in the first book during their adventure with the scheming Inquisitor Waldemar von Schonborn. Elsa is spending more and more time with the grimoire and discovering her magic. Lukas is trying to rebuild his family's castle while continuing to train promising recruits for the Black Musketeers. Their life gets turned upside down when the astrologer Senno comes calling to inform them that Schonborn is back to his devious tricks and has stolen royal artifacts that could be used to bring turmoil to the world. Lukas, Elsa, and their close compatriots from the first book find themselves traveling to Prague to locate the missing artifacts. Enter various forms of black magic and a spunky, red headed thief. Elsa gets kidnapped again as a pawn in a dark magic ritual. Lukas undergoes some good character development in this one by uncovering more family secrets that have a direct impact on him and experiencing the first glimmers of love. Good read with likable characters.
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Sword of Power is Oliver Potzsch’s second book in the Black Musketeers series , which had me hooked from the first page.  After Lukas’ parents were killed and his sister Elsa was stolen in the first book, he went on a quest to bring her home, joining the Black Musketeers  and finding a group of loyal friends in the process.  Now he has returned to his home to rebuild his estate and his relationship with his sister.

As Lukas and his friends train the local boys to defend the estate, they are approached by the astrology Senno.  Three pieces of the Imperial Regalia have been stolen and hidden in Prague.  Senno appeals to the Musketeers and Elsa to travel to Prague and retrieve the crown, sword and scepter, which will be needed to crown the next German king.  Elsa has displayed growing powers of witchcraft and using the Grimorium Nocturnum, a book of spells, she will be of great assistance in the search.  The more she uses the book, however, the more it seems to change her, making her more powerful and withdrawn.

In Prague, the group is joined by the former leader of the Musketeers, a group of mercenaries and Gwendolyn, a Welsh thief.  As they travel through Prague they do battle with evil forces and encounter a number of traps, leading Lukas to believe that one of the team is working against them.  Each battle brings them closer to an ultimate betrayal and the loss of friends.  Through it all, Lukas proves himself to be a capable warrior.  He also develops feelings that are unfamiliar to him after meeting Gwendolyn.  As an older brother he has a responsibility to Elsa and struggles to protect her not only during their battles but also from the Grimorium that he feels is drawing her toward evil.  

Pötzsch has written an action adventure that catches you from the beginning and transports you to Prague in 1633.  From wandering the marketplaces to facing the castle guards, there is a sense of danger and excitement that follows the companions everywhere.  Having been a fan of his Hangman’s Daughter series, I was eager to read his new series and I have not been disappointed.  This is a book that I would highly recommend for teens and adults alike.

I would like to thank NetGalley and Amazon Crossing for making this book available in exchange for an honest review.
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