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From the very first chapter I was engrossed with this book, this is one of my favorite types of thrillers.  The more twisted and sick a serial killer is in a story the more I'm probably going to love it.  This book kept me on the edge of my seat with all of the crazy twists and turns it took and the story was set up so perfectly that I didn't see any of them coming, which I love.  This is a chilling book that's easy to lose yourself in and I really enjoyed it.
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Oh my word what an absolutely fantastic read this was.  My first book by this author and honestly I devoured it in one sitting,  utterly brilliant,
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I really have nothing to say but how fantastic this book was! It had plenty of red herrings to keep you guessing and the ending was EVERYTHING!! I did not to see it coming. Highly recommend to people that love a good mystery.

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I have read each and every Stephen King book written when I was much younger, and I just love true horror stories.  And this book can be classified as a horror story.... one of those where you know you shouldn't look (or read), but you just have to... even if it is through your fingers.... Recommended.
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DNF 25%

Tried a few times to read this but kept losing interest. Others seemed to have loved it so I'm chalking this up to a case of "it's me, not you." I will say that I am not a huge fan of mysteries/thrillers that have the killers POV, I prefer to be completely in the dark when it comes to them. That may have been one of the problems.
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With plenty of tension and suspense, twists and turns, the author T.M.E. Walsh has produced a well written and very engaging novel that I would recommend to all fans of the genre.
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From the first chapter you had me engrossed with this psychological thriller, it kept me on the edge of my sofa with its many twists. 

The book starts with the police finding the bodies of 4 missing teenagers, buried with their faces showing. 

Charlotte and Iain have a teenage daughter Elle. Charlotte is especially worried about her daughter’s safety, which causes friction between her and Iain. You have a sense of foreboding throughout the book which gave me goose bumps as I waited for something bad to happen at any time.

Loved the ending. I tried to guess several times who the murderer was. The reveal for me was a jaw dropping moment which I did not see coming!!

D.I Madeline was a great character trying to juggle a career and raise 2 children, I hope she is in another book and we get to know her better. 

A chilling book that’s easy to lose yourself in. An author to look out for.

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i love me a good mystery and this one did not disappoint.  It has just the right amount of creepiness and keeps you tense! Loved the characters and all the twists.
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Tried to read this a few times and just couldn't get into it, unfortunately - so I won't be leaving a review as I didn't finish it. Thanks for the opportunity to read it, it was very much appreciated regardless.
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Good read, kept me hooked from the beginning

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After miraculously surviving a horrific car accident six months ago, Charlotte is determined to keep her daughter, Elle, safe. When local girls of a similar age to Elle start going missing, it’s Charlotte’s worst nightmare. On top of worrying about her daughter, Charlotte has to deal with her marriage falling apart, threats and forgetfulness. Things take a turn for the worst when the girls are found and the search turns into a murder investigation.

This book was a struggle to read because of the characters. I didn’t like a single one except Madeleine, who was more of a side-character. Charlotte is one of those lead characters that inexplicably doesn’t ask for help even though she obviously needs it. Iain, her husband, comes across as selfish and creepy. Elle is a judgemental teenager, which is fair enough, but I still didn’t like her. And Savannah seems to be the worst friend ever, apparently trying to steal her mate’s husband. Charlotte’s memory loss is mentioned as being a result of her accident, confirmed by her doctors and completely not her fault. However, Elle and Iain both absolutely drag her for it which means they either don’t know about it (which would be weird because they’re her family and why would she not tell them?) or they just don’t care (which would be completely unfair). It just doesn’t make sense.

The story started out quite well and gradually ramped up in excitement and intensity, as you’d expect from a thriller novel. The writing is generally good and the plot twists were genuinely rather shocking. However, the big ‘whodunit’ reveal was problematic and pretty far-fetched. I can’t say more on that without giving away spoilers.

Overall, the story was suitably surprising and thrilling, but I didn’t particularly enjoy it and I wouldn’t read it again.

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I have mentioned multiple times that thrillers may not be my thing but I continue to cave at something that looks interesting in hopes of it being that 'one' that might put me back in that line of people who read such thrillers. This book is not that one, but it was pretty good in comparison with some of the others I have attempted to read of late. The story begins with the voice of the anonymous culprit, something I could have done without in the very beginning of the story, but that's how it usually goes.

There is a very short time window where the entire story takes place, from the killings to the finding of the girls and the implosion that happens to a family in the same locality. Charlotte is recovering from an accident and there are multiple things unfolding around her. She worries for her daughter's safety but only she seems to be concerned. On the other end we have the detective in charge of the case who is emotionally burdened by the lack of evidence or motive in this case. There are a lot of false leads but I was let down by the revelation ( though I did guess just before I was actually told, that it was heading that way). The writing was better than some of the other tales of the same ilk. The atmosphere and suspicions were all there, making ideas go around a circle. The ending however seemed rushed, and maybe if there was more of an answer as to why some things happened the way they did, it would have helped me like it better.
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Loved this book. Don’t want to give any spoilers but I was definitely side swiped by it. 
Clever story. Original and well written. Look forward to the next book by this author.
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Chilling and scary, this thriller really will keep you up at night - I don't recommend reading it in the dark!  A great read.
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“It’s the blood that gets to you first. It’s messy, gets everywhere. Under your nails, in each line, every crevice. It’s a bitch to clean.”

Can we say - “Hello, Clarice?” I think even Dr. Lecter would be scared of the psycho killer that lies in lines of this story! Yes my friends, Pretty Little Things, is a sick, gory read that leaves you breathless and shaken. 

“This is my garden, they are my seeds. Pretty things might grow here,”

It takes a lot for a book to leave me feeling unnerved; Pretty Little Things has succeeded triumphantly in this quest. It’s the kind of read that leaves you tingling, sweaty, nervous, heart racing and afraid to sleep in the dark. The story is terrifying due to the sheer fact that as the story unfolds you quickly realize that it could be more than just a story. It could be happening somewhere to someone’s daughter. Ekkk!!!  Time to hide and lock away the kiddos!

This is not a read for the weak. I definitely recommend it if you want a twisty, horrific, mind-numbing, nightmare inducing read! This is one that deserves more than five stars; and I’m happy to say it’s a new addition to my favorite reads list!❤️❤️
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I tried to get into this one, but couldn’t really do it. Have had it on my kindle for months and have had no desire to go back, so unfortunately not going to finish this one
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When I first started reading this e-book I wondered whether it would be a bit too dark for me. Narrated in first-person from the perspective of the antagonist, the prologue is full of blood and gore and in all honesty I was in two minds whether to continue. However, I always read a book to the 30% mark, to make sure I’m not missing out on a potentially good read. So how did this turn out? Read on to find out.

In a word, well a few actually. OMG yes.  As a new writer myself I have learnt so much from the way this story has been delivered through a well-structured plot. I’m mega disappointed that it’s only available as an e-book.  If I had a hard-copy of this I would be making highlighted notes all over the shop.  There are lots of seemingly coincidental happenings with lies and red herrings scattered throughout.

The main story is narrated in first-person from the perspective of Charlotte, the protagonist. There is also some first-person narration from the antagonist’s point of view, which as you can imagine is a dark one. But as the plot thickens, and even more-so as the story reaches its climax, this voice is essential to the final twist.

With a cast full of weird and creepy characters, and with Charlotte not knowing whether she can trust her best friend or her husband, there is plenty of guessing as to who is the serial killer. When it seemed to be one of the people I thought it was – yes there are plenty to choose from – there were almost sparks flying from the pages in my attempt to find out whether I was right. But then it looked as if somebody else might be the killer. I have to say I would have been disappointed if it was this person. But it wasn’t – phew.

But OMG the final twist will shock you to the core. I can honestly say with all the potential creepy characters I never guessed this.  For me, this was a bit much. But this is on the darker side of a psychological thriller so for anybody who likes a darker thriller this is a particularly clever twist.

Under Literature Love’s rating scheme, this book has been awarded 5 out of 5 stars.

I absolutely loved this book and couldn’t put it down. I recommend you stop what you’re doing and go and buy this book now!

Thank you to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for an Advance Review Copy of this book.
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Admittedly I almost gave up on this book several times, it seemed to take forever to get started and the characters felt really disparate.
I'm glad I stuck with it though because it does become a compelling read even without a lack of pace and being obscure in many ways.
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A superb standalone thriller which will e sure any reader becomes hooked on T.M.E Walsh’s books; I’ll certainly be looking out for the rest!

This is a great story, it’s dark and tense and totally believable! 

Perfect for fans of Jane Casey and Tania Carver.
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3.5 stars!

Teenage girls go missing and are all found murdered, this is a multi PoV given from a mother whom is desperate to keep her daughter safe now that teenage girls are being murdered close to their home. The other povs are from a cop on the case and the anonymous killer. It's merely a race against time as the killer continues to strike again and again, will the cops find the killer and seek justice for the girls?

I want to start of by saying I liked this book I thought it was fast pace but however the part about the car accident and John being in love with Charlotte just didn't need to be in there to me and it kind of felt like two different novels at times for that reasons. I did see the big reveal coming before it happened but that didn't take anything away from it, the book was still well written and I highly enjoyed it. I will be picking up more books by this author in the future .
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