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When freelance writer Nikole Paterson goes to a Dodgers game with her actor boyfriend, his man bun, and his bros, the last thing she expects is a scoreboard proposal. Saying no isn't the hard part--they've only been dating for five months, and he can't even spell her name correctly. The hard part is having to face a stadium full of disappointed fans...

At the game with his sister, Carlos Ibarra comes to Nik's rescue and rushes her away from a camera crew. He's even there for her when the video goes viral and Nik's social media blows up--in a bad way. Nik knows that in the wilds of LA, a handsome doctor like Carlos can't be looking for anything serious, so she embarks on an epic rebound with him, filled with food, fun, and fantastic sex. But when their glorified hookups start breaking the rules, one of them has to be smart enough to put on the brakes...

Based on the synopsis, I thought this would be a cute and very quick read. But unfortunately, this book was badly written, unoriginal and pretty boring which is why it took me two weeks to finish it even though I even skimmed the last 20 percent of it. 

There were just so many things that happened in “The Proposal” that were so incredibly cliché and that I’d already seen so often that they mostly just made me roll my eyes. Due to my disinterest in the story itself, I also didn’t really care about any of the characters. I mean, I loved the diversity in this book but their personalities just weren’t really that interesting. 

However, the thing I had the biggest problem with was definitely the writing style. I know that I read an ARC of this, but those are still in the final stages of editing and this book simply read like a first draft which really interrupted my reading flow. Furthermore, I also had a huge problem with the formatting of this novel though I hope it might be different in the final novel. The author really should have put quotation marks to indicate a text that’s been sent to someone or should’ve formatted the text messages differently. There were tons of text messages in this book but I always ended up reading the text message and thinking that they were talking to themselves, until I realized that someone else had texted them which meant I had to go back and read the last few lines again which was extremely irritating. 

So all in all, this book just wasn’t for me and so I can’t give it more than two out of five stars.
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The Proposal Review

This was a cute, romantic comedy and I’m really starting to become a big fan of Jasmine Guillory. Carlos and Nikole meet during an embarrassing moment for Nikole at a baseball game. Carlos saves the day and the rest is history. I really liked how they met because it was unusual and as a baseball fan I always wondered what would happen if the person said no. As the story progress Carlos and Nikole hit it off and agree to keep things causal. I loved the banter and chemistry between the couple. Both characters are hard workers with good heads on their shoulders. 

Carlos was a totally sweetheart but at times he had a Superman complex and he needed to relax a little. Other than that he was such a good book boyfriend. He’s been added to my list! Nikole at times could be a little wishy washy but given her track record I can see why she was hesitant when it came to Carlos.

It’s very hard for me to believe that this is Jasmine Guillory second book. It was well written book with a wonderful diverse cast of characters. It was sweet, funny, sexy and endearing. The best part is that I felt like I was one of the gang while I was reading. I finished this book in one sitting and I’m sad it’s over. This book will be going on my Top 2018 list with out a doubt!
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My Review:
I haven't read The Wedding and although I could see hints of that book's story in this one (this is a followup, although they are not sold as a series), I didn't feel like I was missing out at all. I feel like this one stands up on its own.

Overall, this was a pretty enjoyable read. It's a steady flowing story with a really cute setup with Nik's horrific proposal during a Dodger's game on national TV. She never saw it coming. In her mind, she and her boyfriend just had a fun, easy relationship...nothing deeper. Certainly not marriage potential. But it's a very public break up and scene and Carlos is sitting a couple of rows behind her to witness it all. So, he also sees it when things are about to get out of control and swoops in to save her. 

They develop an instant friendship that had a whole lot of underlying chemistry. But Nik just had a very public, very nasty breakup, and Carlos is dealing with all kinds of issues with his family. Neither one is anywhere close to ready for a relationship. But what's the harm with exploring chemistry with no strings if they both agree to it?

Like I said, this was a cute story and I enjoyed reading it. I LOVED all the representation in the story. The characters run the spectrum and that made for a great read. It was entertaining and fun. I liked it and would definitely read this author again.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest and voluntary review.
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The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory was a quick read that made me laugh (and cry at times), but unfortunately I just didn't love it.

What it's about: Nikole Paterson goes to a Dodgers game with her boyfriend of 5 months, only to get proposed to on the jumbotron and endure a very public experience of telling him no. Luckily, Carlos Ibarra who is at the game with his sister is sitting just a few rows behind Nik and comes to the rescue; not only getting her out from in front of the camera crew, but getting her out of the stadium as well. Neither of them are looking for anything serious, but once they get involved in a relationship the future for both of them isn't quite so clear anymore.

I loved the diversity in this novel, but there were not any distinct voices. I felt like any character's words could have been substituted for another and everyone seemed to talk exactly the same including Carlos. On the good side, there was a lot of sarcasm and humor that I loved, and The Proposal did make me laugh quite a bit. There were also a couple of places I teared up, if only for the subject matter and not necessarily the way the book was written. I thought that the idea behind this novel was a great one and had the potential to be much better than it actually turned out, even though it did make me laugh.

Unfortunately, I also found the novel to be quite repetitive in many places, and got sick of hearing the same things over and over again. Also, I think most people will find this book very predictable. 

Final Thought: I went into The Proposal with an open mind, and I just don't know if Guillory's writing style is for me. I don't really have any interest in reading her first novel now, but I think it's great that she's been having a lot of success and has been able to publish 2 novels. This book will probably work better for some people, but it just wasn't super great for me. I have seen a lot of people say it might be better for someone first starting with the contemporary romance genre, but that is where I am and it didn't really work for me either. I think this is just a book that you have to check out and decide for yourself.
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The Proposal, much like Guillory’s wonderful The Wedding Date, is a fun romance with diverse characters and strong women. I read this novel in less than two days and enjoyed it.

While I liked The Wedding Date more, The Proposal is a cute follow up, centering on the best friend of the main male squeeze in The Wedding Date.

It starts with a baseball game, a proposal gone awry and the perfect meet-cute. When Carlos saves Nikole from further embarrassment after the mortifying proposal, the two find each other on the friends with benefits side of the scale. But, sometimes even the most casual of flings can turn more serious, if both people’s hearts are open to it.

I did think the plot moved a bit slowly at times, and I wish we had learned a little bit more about Nikole’s past failed relationship, which plays a big role in her reluctance to dive into a new relationship.

But Guillory gets so much right. Nikole is smart and fierce and Carlos is imperfect but also an understanding and accepting man. Guillory creates characters who are real and romance that’s fun and beautiful.
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3.5 Stars

A proposal gone wrong turns into a guy worth our heroine’s time…

Nikole Paterson doesn’t do love, or long-term relationships, or super serious anything with guys. She’s all-fling, all-the-time thanks to a boyfriend long ago who tried to gaslight her and destroy her spirit. So when the latest dude-bro-with-a-nice-bod Nik is dating decides to propose out of the blue on the baseball game Jumbotron, her day goes from boring normal to tilted on its access. It’s a hop, skip, and a jump from rejection to social derision.

Luckily, our hero, Carlos Ibarra is there to save the day, and he is a fine piece of feminist male. Yes, you read that right. I said he is a feminist male. Sure he still likes to help woman out, and protect them, but he knows when to back off and empower them. To let those ladies in his life, like his sister and cousin, fend for themselves. Nik finds this Carlos guy impressive and so unlike the men she’s dated in the past. Especially since Carlos is a doctor… the career the a-hole who gaslit her all those years ago had.

Without planning or expectation, Carlos and Nik form a friendship fueled by mutual attraction and a genuine appreciation of their talents. Carlos is a foodie, Nik a good listener. What starts as a few fun dates turns into sexual escapades that aren’t as much scorchers, but emotionally satisfying. I don’t need crazy bedroom antics to push my buttons.  I loved all these aspects, the slow burn and growth of Carlos and Nik, to the ways Carlos shows he’s not like those other guys. It’s not all about him in the bedroom or out of it. He tends to put Nik first and I admire that. Add in Carlos strong sense of loyalty and responsibility to his family and I practically swooned.

Other things I liked, Guillory knows how to build a diverse cast and world that I want to live in. Descriptions and detailed food scenes transported me to California, and I’ll admit I’m even more interested to visit now. There are slices of life intermingled into the story that don’t dominate the plot or slow pacing but humanize and make the contemporary aspect more relatable. I love how throughout this story the female characters emerge as strong, capable, and brave from running cupcake shops to birthing babies at 36 weeks.

What keeps from me giving this more stars… I’m not sure. I’ve been thinking about this for days, but the bottom line is that for me I could put this book down and walk away. It wasn’t something I devoured with quick page turns or an eagerness to get to the end. The book itself is a slow build, that left me with good feelings, but nothing super-wow factor. I appreciate the growth of both characters, their obstacles, and the inevitable fall into love with each other. Call it lack of angst, heavy conflict, or lack of high stakes that ultimately leaves this on the edge of 4 star territory.

Bottom line I think this book is best for readers who want something sweet, fun, and empowering. I look forward to reading more from Guillory, and the pleasure of slowly digesting her stories. For readers who like Kristin Higgins.

~ Landra
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Another charming romance novel by Guillory.  After loving The Wedding Date, I was thrilled to see that this book would be about Drew's best friend Carlos.  I really enjoyed the diversity included in the book and the strong character development.  The portrayal of strong female friendships among Nik, Courtney, and Dana and Carlos's devotion to his family really made these characters come alive to me.  I can't wait to read what Guillory writes next!
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After experiencing mixed feelings about Jasmine Guillory’s debut title, The Wedding Date, I wanted to give her sophomore offering, The Proposal, the benefit of the doubt. While overall the writing in The Proposal was tighter and the story flowed better than The Wedding Date, I still had some issues with the book.

First, what I liked. The opening sets the mood and tempo for the book and brought Nik and Carlos together in a fun and entertaining manner. I loved Carlos from the start. He’s kind and gentle, and a good match for Nik’s craziness. I also like how strong Nik is in the wake of the social media rampage folks went on after her ex’s failed proposal. The pair works well together because they have similar expectations for their romance - neither wanting a relationship, which allows their friendship to develop as they get busy in the bedroom. I enjoyed watching them work through their fears and doubts to eventually realize they are in love.

With that, I found myself frustrated over and over again with different aspects of the storyline and various characters’ actions. One thing that bothered me was Carlos’s mixed attitudes about healthcare. First, he’s a pediatrician, so you would think he’d be on top of healthy living, and he’s constantly on his pregnant cousin about her well-being, yet he doesn’t take care of his own health. But then, to compound the annoying behaviors, is that his sister holds the opposite attitude. She gets on Carlos about his health, but tells him he’s too worried about their cousin.

One other aspect that really bothered me was the about-face in Carlos’s behavior towards Nik near the end. He’s so patient and understanding for the entire book, but when she gets scared and lets her fear control her actions, Carlos lets his frustration boil up and says some very hurtful things. It feels real, but at the same time it feels very out-of-character for Carlos, and it was a bit disappointing that he reinforced her opinion the guys are jerks. He should have apologized right away and the right way. But he didn’t, and then I felt he didn’t grovel enough, in my opinion, to win back Nik.

Overall, I liked The Proposal, but I did have a few issues with some of characters and aspects of the storyline. 

My Rating: B- Liked It, but I had a few small issues
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Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “The Proposal” by Jasmine Guillory

Jasmine Guillory, Author of “The Proposal” has written an entertaining, enjoyable, and witty novel. The Genres for “The Proposal” are Fiction, Women’s Fiction and Romance.The author describes her characters as each having their own set of problems and insecurities.

Nicole Patterson, a writer is a lucky lady to have great friends, and the opportunity to work from home on many of her stories. She goes to a Dodger’s Game with her boyfriend, who shocks her with his proposal for marriage on the public  billboard. Nicole has been dating her boyfriend a very short time, and is not ready for this. Publicly, Nicole says “No” as her boyfriend is on bent knee with the ring.  Sadly he misspelled her name on the board.

As the media and cameras head over to Nicole, Carlos Ibarra, a physician with his sister come to Nicole’s rescue by pretending that they know her. Nicole is very appreciate, and offers to first buy Carlos a drink, and then dinner.  Nik’s friends feel that a rebound relationship with Carlos is just the thing that Nicole needs. After all, Carlos is a single, handsome doctor, who wouldn’t want a serious relationship. Or would he?

I appreciate that Jasmine Guillory brings up women taking self-defense classes to protect themselves. The author also discusses the importance of self worth and self respect. I would recommend this story for those readers that like an easy,  delightful story. I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.
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I very much enjoyed The Wedding Date and was looking forward to this book! 

The beginning scenes/proposal at the stadium was honestly just SO UNCOMFORTABLE. It's an actual nightmare to have anyone go through that, and I would not have guessed this could be a successful beginning of a romance. However, there's a lot to like in this story. I especially like how Carlos and Nik work through their own pasts in order to find love together.
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I loved "The Proposal" by Jasmine Guillory. I couldn't put it down! It was a refreshing take on the standard "knight in shining armor" tale with plenty of hilarity and relatable experiences from all the characters. The female characters were certainly strong and well developed and made it very clear they did not particularly need the men in their life, but allowed them in by choice. I enjoyed the bi-racial relationship aspect which wasn't made overly obvious, but the characters brought it up in believable moments that helps the reader understand that mixed race couples still aren't generally "accepted" in pop culture. Being in a bi-racial relationship myself, I could understand some of what the characters were feeling in that aspect.
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I absolutely LOVED The Wedding Date, Jasmine Guillory's debut novel. I was excited to jump into a story about Carlos, the best friend from from the previous story. He was being set up to be the nice guy and we just don't see that as often as I would like in romance novels. Carlos definitely lived up to the good guy persona he was giving off. Who does love a guy who likes to cook, takes care of his family, and runs a teen clinic at a hospital? That's a prime catch right there. 
We meet Nik while she's involved in the most embarrassing moment of her life...being proposed to, on a jumbotron, by a guy she doesn't even like! Yikes! Carlos and his sister, Angie step into save Nik and the story takes off from there.
Neither Carlos and Nik feign not wanting a relationship, but they don't seem to realize they are already in one. That seemed to be part of the reason this story never took off for me. In the beginning, I thought Carlos and Nik had a ton of chemistry. I even had butterflies during their first kiss. But then it just fell flat for me. It was just a story of two people who liked sleeping together and their day to day lives. 
I'm the first girl to tell you that I don't like a ton of angst or over the top drama in a book. But you gotta give a girl something. And when we finally got it? Well, it just seemed out of character for both characters. This is a story that just happened. I enjoyed it, but there isn't much to say about it.
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This one really missed the mark for me. The base of the storyline felt incredibly similar to Guillory's first book, The Wedding Date. i.e.: Two people sleeping together, no strings attached. I thought it’d be a bit more different but it kind of felt like the same story in many ways.

For me, the writing also wasn’t great. Especially at the beginning, a lot of the dialogue between the characters was just a recap of what we had just read. It felt incredibly repetitive to me and I think it could have benefitted from a much heavier editing hand. Because of this, I ended up skimming quite a bit. There were also some side stories that I didn’t understand how they added to the main story. They didn’t feel significant and I think they could have been edited down. 

The main conflict between Carlos and Nikole also didn’t seem believable. I felt like Carlos wouldn’t have reacted the way he did. How he was portrayed up until that point didn’t foreshadow that he would react this way so it felt out of the blue. 

I’m not sure if this is just the sophomore slump and Guillory’s third book will be better, or if this is indicative of her writing ability. I’ve seen a lot of praise for the book, so I’m probably in the minority here. I do wish I felt differently about it because we all know the publishing scene (especially in the romance genre) needs more books written by people of color and books with more diverse characters. Sadly, in the end, this one just wasn’t for me.
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Sweet, sizzling, and modern—The Proposal is a sure-fire hit in the women’s fiction and romance worlds this year! It starts with a meet-cute, as many good love stories do. Only, is it still a meet-cute if our protagonist meets her beau by being horrifyingly and publicly embarrassed by her current love interest??? More like a meet-nightmare! From the opening chapter, you will want to know more about Nik and what happens to her after the nightmare of all nightmare dates!

About the Book

Writer and feminist Nik Paterson is at a Dodgers game with her actor boyfriend Fisher and some of his friends. Nik knows Fisher is not the one (he has a man bun and doesn’t eat carbs for goodness sake), but the physical chemistry is fantastic and she isn’t in danger of getting emotionally attached.

So no one is more surprised than Nik when she looks up from her phone to find herself broadcast on the jumbo screen in the stadium and Fisher down on one knee proposing. He can’t be serious, Nik thinks to herself. But he is. And when Nik tries to subtly tell him it won’t happen, he storms off with his friends.

Finding herself in the middle of the public eye, with tens of thousands of fans staring and a camera crew in her face, Nik doesn’t know how to escape. Until sexy doctor Carlos from a few rows back rushes in to rescue her. 

What unfolds is a public humiliation that Nik is unprepared for, and an unlikely ally. Over some fun, casual non-dates and some steamy nights, Nik and Carlos are on the same page about keeping this at a friend-level only. But what happens when one of them starts to catch real feelings?


This book is 100% pure fun and delight to read! I am on my branching out tour, and romance is a genre I steer clear of normally. I always think of it as being ridiculous-sappy or erotica, with little room in between. But this book proved this skeptic WRONG! The Proposal is the romantic comedy of the 2018 book world, and I absolutely loved it! It was packed with humor, sizzling chemistry, and enough “awwwww” moments to keep this reader hooked until the last page!

Nik is a truly fantastic character. I loved how she is tough but a bit vulnerable, and fiercely loyal. Nik is not a people pleaser—she is very frank and honest. But years of bad dating experiences may have built some walls around her, and she isn’t as open as she should be to love. Nik is also fiercely loyal. One aspect of this book that I adored was the friendship between Nik, Courtney, and Dana. Their friendship made me so happy, and I loved the way Guillory wrote their interactions. Courtney and Dana are the type of friends who will key the car of a guy who wronged you, read text messages you are too afraid to open, and push you towards something that will make you happy. 

And then we have Carlos, who has such a sweet relationship with his family. All of the vulnerable moments he has with Nik just melted my heart. What a guy! I think many readers will find themselves shouting out while reading this saying “can’t you two see you are in love???” But that would have made for a much shorter book, so we are lucky they are so out of touch with their own hearts.

A truly loveable story that has made many must-read lists in the women’s world this fall. And I must say those are well-deserved! Thank you to the team at Berkley for my copy to review.
I read this with some book besties!!! We had an absolutely blast!
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Take me out to the ball game. Take me out to the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and propose to me???

Man bun... doesn’t know how to spell your name... proposes at a Dodgers game... 3 STRIKES YOUR OUT! The opening scene to this book was epic, something I’ve always thought every time I’ve watched one of those scoreboard proposals.... what happens if the girl says, “ KNOW“? Well this book shows you exactly what happens to Nik  after the very public proposal.... and can I just say, if this were to happen to any of us I would certainly hope we’d all have a Carlos in the stands to come to our rescue!

A sweet, fun, love story, about two people determined not to fall in love... so, after Carlos and his sister rescue Nik they head to a bar and meet up with Nik’s Besties.... I have to say the relationship between these three girls was really the highlight of the story, it was kind of “ Sex in the City“ on the West Coast... I loved how there for one another they were, how supportive, how non-judgemental, and I loved how bourbon and cupcakes cured everything.... Looove strong female friendships in books!

The book perhaps was predictable, but it is a romance, there is generally only one satisfying outcome... for me what makes or breaks a romance is the characters and the chemistry.... this book was filled with wonderful characters including all the secondary characters.... both Nik and Carlos had wonderful friends, and Carlos had an amazing family.... also loved all the food talk, can’t get enough cupcakes, enchiladas, tacos, etc. etc. etc. where this book fell a little short for me was in the chemistry I didn’t always buy into the chemistry between Nik and Carlos... but what I did believe was, they had a very strong connection and friendship, and truth be told that is what will get this fictional couple through the years! My other little niggle was the Los Angeles stereotyping, I grew up in the LA area and we all ate carbs especially Pizza! Just saying😉

Recommend when you are in the mood for a fun Romance filled with fabulous characters!💕

*** A huge thank you to Berkley for my copy of this book ***
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I read The Wedding Date earlier in the year and thought it was a super cute romance featuring a couple that was unexpectedly thrown together and it somehow worked out. The Proposal featuring another couple thrown together by circumstances while cute, didn't quite hit the spot for me in the same way.

Here's what I enjoyed about The Proposal. Once again Guillory has an interracial couple, Nik and Carlos (yes, Carlos from The Wedding Date). Their initial meeting at the baseball game is awesome when he rescues her from further humiliation after she turns down her boyfriend's very public and unexpected proposal and he left her stranded. Guillory adds more diversity in the form of Nik's Korean best friend, Courtney and a gay best friend, Dana. They're both supportive friends who help Nik see clearly when she can't. Carlos is a catch. He's smart, funny, caring and cooks which would make me propose to him. The theme of female empowerment is also explored as a subplot and is one that I appreciated. Guillory even takes advantage of this to introduce another diverse character with a history that'll resonate with many women, and I liked feeling that girl power.

I struggled with the book whenever I felt that the story was moving away from Nik and Carlos. There's a subplot involving his cousin's pregnancy that serves to demonstrate how devoted he is to his family. However, it came up so often that it became a third central character that I felt overshadowed Nik and Carlos. I'd much rather that some of that space have been used to learn more about one of Nik's previous relationships that made her so squeamish about declarations of love. It's alluded to but barely and not having that insight meant not having a better understanding of Nik. To me it's an important missing piece of who she is that affects her and Carlos later. Nik just winds up feeling kind of flat to me as does Carlos.

As a whole The Proposal is a cute story that does contain a powerful message about female solidarity, but I didn't get completely wrapped up in the romance. I think I'd have felt differently had there been a better balance between subplots. 

~ Bel
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I really enjoyed  The Wedding Date so when this became available to read - I jumped right on it!

Nikole is bored to death at a baseball game, wonder why in the world she agreed to attend with her boyfriend. When the unthinkable happens...he proposes.  She thought she might die!  Carlos to the rescue.  Nik is sooooo not looking for a boyfriend, but a friend absolutely.  Their relationship starts off a just that - a friendship but slowly becomes so much more. I loved watching them find themselves through their friendship, watching it grow to so much more was sweet and fun. This is an easy fun read that flowed well and I enjoyed it.

I do love to see diversity in books and this book offered that. Main characters of color are often hard to find in romance.
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Oh my goodness, Jasmine Guillory you are perfection!! I loved The Wedding Date but holy lovebirds I think I adored this one even more!! I flew through it in a few hours on the plane, it was THAT GOOD!

If you have read The Wedding Date, then you will recognize a few of the characters, but you do not need to have read that book to keep up with this one.  

The Proposal focuses on Carlos, who was the best friend in the first book, but there is a whole new cast of supporting characters and only minor interactions with the previous ones, which is why you will be just fine starting here. (But really, go read the other because it is good!)

Carlos finds himself with his sister Angela at an LA Dodgers game, where Nik also is with her actor boyfriend of five months.  It is said bf’s birthday, so he is also there with his friends. Nik is bored, until he tells her to pay attention and she sees a wedding proposal on the Jumbotron for her, name spelled incorrectly and all, and she is stunned.  She says no, boyfriend storms off with his friends, and the whole stadium basically gives her the side eye.  Enter Carlos and Angela to save the day and rescue her from further humiliation. 

It just gets better and better from here, they hit it off and continue to see each other casually, and you probably know what happens next.

I loved everything about this one, the setup was wonderful, the female protagonist is strong, as are her friends, and Carlos is independent (but caring) as well. Jasmine writes such excellent characters, and I also love that she has integrated subplots within the narrative that are additive, such as the self-defense gym Nik and her friends start attending and how it came about.

Seriously, I cannot recommend this one enough! Pub date is October 30, so it will be an excellent palate cleanser from all the spooky books you have been reading!

Thanks to NetGalley for an electronic ARC of this book. All opinions above are my own.
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The Proposal is laugh-out-loud, person next to you on the airplane starring at you funny!  It begins with a marriage proposal on the Jumbotron at a Dodgers game, and turns into a hilarious modern day romance.  Nikole has been casually dating a Ken doll look-alike with a man bun for a few months, when he decides to propose to her in a big way.  It leads to a big refusal and goes viral, making Nik a social media sensation.  Before more can happen at the stadium, Carlos and his sister Angela rescue Nik and get her home safely.  Nik and Carlos find an attraction and decide to have a casual, no commitment relationship, until one morning everything changes.  

I laughed until I cried at this story.  Nik and Carlos are an entertaining couple who I'd love to be friends with in real life.  The few minor storylines in the novel, including Carlos' cousin Jessie's baby and Nik's best friend Courtney's romance, support and enhance the main one, resulting in a great book that I didn't want to put down.
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I didn't think I could love this more than the first book but Jasmine Guillory proved me wrong. Funny, heart felt and just an overall feel good read, The Proposal proves that Guillory's success isn't a fluke. She's here to stay, folks. Deal with it. Bravo!
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