Positive Discipline for Today's Busy (and Overwhelmed) Parent

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 29 Oct 2018

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Wonderful read for the ever changing life of a parent.  Though most of the information covered  is similar to other books, it's a good refresher and nice to hear it from a different point of view.
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Not a lot of new ideas from the previous positive discipline books but I appreciated that it was geared specifically for parents. A good resource.
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The perfect parenting book for a working parent!

I am a Stay at Home Mom but I also still found loads of information for parenting in a positive light. I have immediately implemented several of Nelsen's approaches when disciplining my three young children. One of my favorite aspects was to remove myself from a situation if my children are not behaving rather than resorting to yelling (the author explains it much better in this situation). 

The main aspects that I liked about this Positive Discipline is targeting the whole child: empowering, listening, loving, and so much more! I will be incorporating several strategies going forward to ensure my children can definitely feel my love for them along with knowing that they have to follow my rules to ensure their safety. 

If you are a new mom or looking at going back in to the workforce this book gives you answers to all those terrifying feelings you go through of separation anxiety to good approaches to get the maximum time during your nighttimes together.
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My first impersonation was Psychology 101 never felt so drawn out or so long. Positive Discipline is a book that I felt was more psychological based for the psychology student than for (a) parent(s).

While the book may have started dry, long and very drawn out it was very impressed with it and the information and quickly got into the book. 

I’m always looking to improve my parenting style as my daughter grows and changes. I’ve noticed that as she does, so will the type of discipline method. 

Like most people I took Psy 101 in college. However, I never ventured further than than class that class. I didn’t need it. I figured parenting was a learn as you go process. After all children don’t come with a manual. 

Let’s face it. When we are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it can be easier to be permissive—as it is to be authoritarian. We often make the mistake of feeling sorry for our children. It may seem easier just to rescue them. Again, we forget the long-term results.

This books gives great pros on better discipline.

List of parenting styles
Positive discipline tools
End of chapter exercises
Family meeting format ( I love these. Our small family do this nightly so we can each discuss our day. Usually after dinner so we can really focus on everyone.)
Monkey See, Monkey Do (This was a big one for me...children do/become what they see/hear.) 

The Four “R’s” of Recovery
Self care (It took me forever, but I finally take 10-15 minutes each night just to practice feeling breathing before bed. This has really helped me.)

You won’t have access to the writable parts of the book (if using this electronic version)

You may find yourself skipping to certain parts of the book. Read it in its entirely and highlight the parts that are important to you for later reference. 

I found there were more parts in this book that was helpful than I originally thought. It took me longer than usual because I shared the book with my husband. 

I highly recommend this book.
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Great examples for specific responses to behaviors. Very thoughtful edition of a book series that clearly resonates with many parents. Thanks for the arc, netgalley, and thanks for the confidence this book gave me, authors.
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