The Parting Gift

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A short book written in the form of a letter offering advice on love, relationships, jealously and revenge.  The unnamed letter writer has left grad school under mysterious circumstances and has traveled to Israel looking to start over. There he meets Uzi and embarks on a new life and relationship that is bound to end badly.  I found the beginning of the book to be slow but it did pick up at the end.  The writing is very good and the author does a good job with the descriptions. You can almost smell the spices and sex.  It is a quick read and can be read in one setting. Enjoy this unusual book
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You know those books you read that you wish kept going and going because they are so good?  That feeling of being full and at the same time craving for more at the same time?  The feeling that you are positive you know what’s going to happen next but at the same time you can’t put the book down because you can’t wait to either confirm your suspicions or excitedly find out you were totally wrong?  This is one of those books.

The author does an INCREDIBLE job with the writing and manages to draw the reader in.  The characters are developed exquisitely and the setting is described so well that I could see it in my mind.  The emotions at the center of the book, namely obsession, love, jealousy, passion, revenge, lust, pain, and so many others don’t need a description because we feel them as the characters feel them.  This is truly an excellent read
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