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Thanks to NetGalley and to Madalyn Morgan for an advance copy of "Chasing Ghosts".

First of all I have to say how much I enjoyed this story. I enjoyed the history of it, I enjoyed the mystery of it, and I found it very well-written. Although it is a sequel, it does stand on its own, and I didn't feel at all deprived at not having read "China Blue" first.

However, I do think "Chasing Ghosts" *may* be a slight spoiler for "China Blue", especially if the characters' lives were at risk in the first book. But until I have read that book, I won't be certain.

There seems to have been a lot of research put into this story, or that's how it felt. But I do wonder if the author wanted to portray the customs and habits of the time as there were several passages that didn't seem to move the story or the characters along. 

For example, there is one passage whereby two of the characters sit down and share a pot of tea ... but they don't say anything, they don't interact, and they don't do anything. Once they've enjoyed their cup of tea, they get up and walk away. And examples like that slowed the story down a little for me. We also had Claire applying lipstick or face powder twice within only minutes.

I got the feeling that the book was either edited or proof-read in instalments, as there were quite a few repetitive passages or the same information was repeated again that wasn't for the benefit of any characters. This is why I think books should be proof-read in as few sittings as possible as the reader does forget what went before.

I did enjoy the book, though, and I will be searching out and reading more of Madalyn Morgan's work.
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Thanks to netgalley for an early copy  in return for an honest review 
I have read this book  twice I read it first and then after all the other 6 books.
This  book is about clare dudley and her husband  Mitch  it's a real page Turner  and what they went through  being  undercover  it totally encapsulates  their  journey from beginning  to end.
I am totally  bereft  that it has come to and end  the way that madalyn  has left no stone unturned  or to chance there really is only one word for this whole series of 7 books is
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Chasing Ghosts is the 6th book in the Dudley Sisters saga by Madalyn Morgan. The books are all part of a continuing story of the same family with overarching plot threads, but they don't suffer for being read as standalones.

Released 23rd June 2018, it's 159 pages and available in ebook and paperback formats. 

I personally found the plotting somewhat uneven. My interest waned and I had a tough time maintaining my connection with the main characters. I do like the period, post WW2, and the author is adept at descriptive prose, but it was a bit heavy on the romance (for my tastes). For fans who prefer a bit of mystery with their romance fiction, this series will be a good fit.

The language is relatively clean (a few scattered 'bloody, damn, etc', but nothing egregious) and the sexual elements are implied rather than explicit. I found the misunderstanding and 'noble' drama caused by characters just not communicating or being honest with themselves or one another quite wearing after a while.

It's well written, and I would recommend it for romantic-mystery-fiction lovers.

Three and a half stars.
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What a Canadian soldier during shell shock treatment sends his wife into a treacherous journey into the dark days of the war. As the story unfolds lives are at risk, old loves revealed and trust has to be found in the revelation of a tragedy.
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Beautifully written, this historical novel succeeds in building both characters and atmosphere.  The dialogue is believable and the narrative is thoughtful and includes an engaging sense of mystery.

Lovely writing from a voice that’s new to me.
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I didn't realise when I requested this title that it was the 6th book in a saga BUT I think it is easy to read as a stand alone. The plot was a good one and was interesting to read but I found some of the book repetitive with descriptions of coffee being handed out and food being served. Mitch was quite annoying with calling Claire 'honey' in much of his dialogue. A little too tame for my liking, sorry.
Nevertheless, many thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read this title. All opinions expressed are my own.
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*An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review*

It started off a little but picked up about halfway through.
I think I would have liked this more if I had read the previous books in the series
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Set just after WWII, Claire's husband disappears. She travels to Europe to find him and find out why he left. She meets up with former compatriots along the way. I enjoyed this story about a wife's desire to know what happened and not just accept things. I found this to be well-written and very entertaining. I received a copy from NetGalley and the publisher and this is my honest opinion.
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I did not read any of the other books in the series, but I will certainly go back and do so.  This was excellent, there was suspense and twists I didn't see coming.  I actually was holding my breath at parts.  I would suggest you start at the series beginning with Foxden Acres.
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I will say, this novel was very interesting... I would have preferred for it to have been more of a thriller and with more suspense but it was still a good read. I guess I did not think that it was going to have as much historical data as it did.
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My thanks to #NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book. The opinions are my own.

Chasing Ghosts is listed as a sequel to the book China Blue and is # 6 in the Dudley Sisters Saga. The only other book that I have read in the series is China Blue which ended about five years before this story begins.

First of all I have to say that the cover really caught my attention giving me a feel for what the novel might include.

China Blue ended with Claire Dudley and her daughter being happily reunited with Alain Mitchell (known as Mitch). Chasing Ghosts begins at the end of December 1949 with Claire and her daughter returning to England from Canada and Mitch missing somewhere. I found it a little confusing at first because I had no idea what they had been up to in the interim. Perhaps this was mentioned in some of the other Dudley Sisters books but it wasn't immediately obvious in the first chapter of the book.

One of the issues that I had with China Blue was that Claire seemed to constantly be breaking into tears. This starts again in the first chapter and happens frequently throughout the story. I really didn't like Claire all that much.. Her husband, who has apparently been undergoing treatment for PTSD caused by his capture by the Gestapo during the war,has disappeared and the army has labelled him AWOL. Claire is concerned that he might be having an affair because in his sleep he has frequently called out the name Simone. I was disappointed that she had so little faith in her husband.

Chapter 2 steps back in time by 3 months and was set in Montreal., Quebec, Canada. I grew up there in the 1950's so read this part with great interest. The author had clearly researched the time and location quite thoroughly. This section gave an overview to what life was like for Claire, Mitch and their daughter when they returned to Canada so he could receive treatment from a respected Swiss doctor for his PTSD. The treatment included hypnotism and Claire was told very clearly by the doctor that she was not to ask her husband any questions about his treatment. After being declared recovered, plans were made to return to England in time for Christmas, but when it came time to board the plane Mitch was nowhere to be found..

On arrival in England It became clear that the military believed that Mitch had done something wrong and were determined to find him. What seemed to me to be illegal searches and interrogations took place, supposedly by Canadian Military. I did wonder if the Canadian military would have had that power in England at that time. Perhaps they did but it didn't seem too likely to me.

Claire retrieves her old fake passport from her time with the S.O.E. and makes her way back to France determined to find her husband, prove his innocence of any wrongdoing, and determine whether he has or has not been having an affair with a woman named Simone. She calls on her old friends from her days working with the Resistance to help her. The plot went in a direction that I had not been expecting at all but which I liked.I don't want to spoil it by sharing too much.

Throughout the book Claire continued to cry frequently even fainting a time or two and she was extremely quick to make judgements which  weren't backed up by fact. Towards the end of the book she showed more of the strength and resilience I would have expected from a woman who had been trained as a spy and worked in Resistance. I wish she had shown more of this in the earlier part of the book. I loved the history and enjoyed this book more than China Blue.I would give it 3.5 stars had I the option.
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Chasing Ghosts is the sequel to China Blue in the Dudley Sisters Saga. 

Claire and Captain Mitchell fell in love in WWII, but several years later, Mitchell is receiving treatment for shell shock - and then disappears. Claire finds herself wondering why - is there another woman, or is there something even more sinister at play?

This story was a little bit slower than the previous book in the series, but the information is pertinent, particularly if you're just stepping into the series at this point. However, it picks up about halfway through, and from then on it draws you in as Claire searches for her husband. As with Morgan's previous book, I enjoyed the characters and the plot - and it also has a happier ending, just as China Blue did. Casual readers of historical fiction or WWII will likely enjoy this piece. 

Special thanks to NetGalley & publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This story deals with a Canadian lady, Claire who set out to find her husband, 
Alain Mitchell who goes missing just after his shell shock treatment is over. 
In addition to this Alain is accused of treachery and being hunt by Intelligence agencies. 
Having worked in SOE during WW2, she is courageous, smart and careful in each step she takes. 

The story went on a slow pace,during the first half just introduces a lot of characters Claire 
reunites with after a long time and helps her one way or the other. Alain's grandma was one hell 
of a lady who is really brave, strong-willed and witty,inspite of her age. The lag kind of bored me. She 
then meets Thomas, her colleague during WW2 times and together they set out to find Alain. Around 
the middle,once she really started with the investigation, I felt that she gets the evidence just 
too easily.But the twist was amazing. The best part is the climax. I loved and got thrilled during 
the climax where everything gets sorted out. Finally it has a happy ending.
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Claire is going through a tough time mentally after dealing with the war when she finds that her husband has dissapeared. Each level to the storyline about why he is missing was captivating and wanted me to keep reading for more.

Riveting story! I have to say, I have not read any other novels by Morgan so I am missing more to this story, but I thoroughly enjoyed it despite that.
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