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Shades Within Us

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I took a chance on this one, hoping that the science fiction approach to stories of immigration would be interesting and also hoping that the stories would be balanced.  Turns out they're fairly preachy and seem intent on showing a one-sided view of current immigration issues around the world.  The stories are told from the immigrants' point of view and can't be taken for anything more than what they are.
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I really liked the different migration stories. I loved hearing from different authors and their point of views in migration and how they interpreted in their stories.
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Now, I think it’s important to recognise that I’m a white lady who has never lived more than three hours from where she grew up, therefore there will be a layer of nuance to these stories that I can’t hope to pick up on. I’m reviewing this from my own experience and my own perspective (though I always try to be as unbiased as possible) and I urge you to read other reviews as they will doubtless have had a different experience when reading this. If I come across any that are particularly poignant I will link them below.

The range of stories, settings and characters in this anthology is, simply put, exceptional. From stories about climate change to time travel to alternative history, this book has them all. I think it would not only work for those who like to dip in and out of things but also for people like me who like to read things in one go.

I liked that the authors each took such a different approach to the theme, it just goes to show how complex and intersectional the idea of borders and migrations are. This collection does a great job of conveying that intricacy.

Normally, I would pick a favourite story but in this instance, it would be impossible to choose as the stories are all so different.

I think this is a collection that has to be read to be believed. I cannot recommend it highly enough, whether you enjoy short stories or you’re looking to find out!

My rating: ⅘ stars

I received a digital advanced review copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
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Interesting collection of stories that touches on the ideas of identity and belonging that is very prevalent. This is such a good that I would recommend to everyone as I think they are very important.
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ARC Copy...extremely interesting collection of stories depicting tales of migration/movement across borders of many kinds and the genres literally from range various garments of sci-fi, fantasy...genres don't even have category fitting for an anthology about messing with borders.
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