The Inbetween Days

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This book reminds me to appreciate the people around learn life lessons. This is a must read book. I feel like people enjoy this read.
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Graydon House and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of The Inbetween Days.  I was under no obligation to review this book and my opinion is freely given.

The story begins with main character Rosie Cooke stepping in front of a bus, resulting in a coma and many questions as to whether it was intentional.  As her younger sister Daisy searches for the truth, Rosie herself travels in the inbetween with the help of people from her past.  As Rosie discovers where she went wrong, will Daisy uncover the truth behind the collision with the bus?

The problem with writing a book that has a similar theme to other publications or movies is the pressure to do it better.  Unfortunately, The Inbetween Days misses the mark for me.  With so much of the time in Rosie's past, the emotion behind what is happening to the woman is largely absent.  The revelations that Rosie experiences about her life would have been more gripping had the book not been back and forth between time and perspective.  I was not drawn to the character or her story, nor was I pulled into Daisy's personal drama.  Books like If I Stay and A Christmas Carol were stronger than The Inbetween Days overall and I could not help playing the similarities over in my mind as I read.  For these reasons, I would be hesitant to recommend The Inbetween Days to other readers.
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An uplifting life affirming story about the little things in life!

WOW! This book was an unexpected gem of a story! A book about how it is the little things in life that can make the biggest impact... how sometimes your small actions can influence not only your own life but that of others... how little acts of kindness can spiral into big successes... just think about it the next time you give that stranger a smile it might alter the course of their life and for the better... kind words to a stranger might lead to a great invention... telling your BFF that her new haircut is fabulous might lead to her meeting the man of her dreams that night, you just gave her that much more confidence.... just saying it’s those small things that can impact a persons day, of course it could happen adversely as well, but we’re staying positive here! Don’t worry this is not a philosophy book, it is a well-crafted story that will give you a really positive vibe about life and make you want to run out and be thoughtful about your interactions with others....

Eva Woods has written an engaging and beautiful story that sucked me in from page 1... Rosie is hit by a bus and put in a coma... she has no recollection of the accident, the events leading up to the accident,  she has no memory at all... we the reader are privy to her inner thoughts as she begins to piece her past together... this part of the book jumps around and can be a little jarring at times, Rosie does not regain her memory in a linear fashion... she also has a bit of a spiritual guide to help her puzzle The pieces of her life back together... this part of the book slightly reminded me of “A Christmas Carol,” could also be that I was reading it at Christmas time.... rosie’s sister Daisy also plays a very important part in this book... not only is she right by Rosie side willing her to come back to her, but she also has her own life issues to deal with... I thought how the sisters stories were woven together was seamless and perfect...

Both Rosie and Daisy were tremendously likable characters, I truly adored both of them! The way the story unfolded made for a compelling and addictive read... Eva Woods has crafted an exquisite thought-provoking story...

 A story that will tug atboth your heart and your head, full of beautiful imagery and wonderful characters! Recommend!

 🎵🎵🎵 Song Running Through My Head 

Yesterday I got so old,
I felt like I could die,
Yesterday I got so old,
It made me want to cry
Go on, go on,
Just walk away
Go on, go on,
Your choice is made
Go on, go on,
And disappear
Go on, go on,
Away from here
And I know I was wrong,
When I said it was true,
That it couldn't be me,
And be her in between,
Without you,
Without you
Yesterday I got so scared,
I shivered like a child,
Yesterday away from you,
It froze me deep inside,
Come back, come back,
Don't walk away,
Come back, come back,
Come back today,
Come back, come back,
Why can't…

*** many thanks to harlequin for my copy of this book ***

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This book begins with an event that is a possible suicide or a possible accident: a girl steps off of a curb into the path of an oncoming bus. As this girl, Rosie, exists in a coma, her family gathers around her trying to make sense of why this has happened. As they gather, episodes from the past come to a head as they try to understand Rosie's life and choices. Meanwhile, Rosie visits her memories with a bunch of spiritual guides, a she tries to reclaim who she is and what choices she has made. In the three days that follow, Rosie and her family must come to terms with how their actions have far reaching effects for both good and evil. As I started reading this book, I wasn't sure that I would enjoy it but as the story wove its way together, it became much richer, exposing how each of our actions have intended and unintended consequences and how these actions and our influence can extend far beyond what we know.  A thought-provoking, interesting read!
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The Inbetween Days by Eva Woods is a fascinating story about a women in a coma, and her relationship with her sister and parents.  Once I started this book, I could not put it down.  I absolutely loved it.   It was filled with drama, hope, and love. Strongly recommend.  

I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Title:   The Inbetween Days
Author:   Eva Woods
Genre:   Fiction
Rating:   4 out of 5

Rosie Cook wakes up in a hospital, having been hit by a bus, but no one knows she’s awake. Everyone thinks she’s in a coma, on the verge of death. Rosie can’t remember anything:  who she is, what her life is like, or how she got hit by a bus. She just knows she wants to live.

Then Rosie starts remembering things:  a fight with her sister, a walk on a beach, the day her brother was born. But why these memories? And what do they mean? Rosie has trouble facing what the memories reveal about who she was before she woke up, but if she doesn’t make sense of them and figure out who she really is and what she wants, she may never get the chance to try.

The Inbetween Days is touted as emotional and comic, but I wouldn’t really say it’s a comic novel. There are some funny moments, and every page is full of emotion, but it’s not a humorous book. Rosie wasn’t a very happy person—or a nice one—and her memories are not usually happy ones. However, the story follows Rosie’s change from a person she can’t stand, to one filled with hope and promise, and this is truly an excellent read, although Rosie’s sister, Daisy was the one I really related to.

Eva Woods is a writer and lecturer. The Inbetween Days is her newest novel.

(Galley provided by Graydon House/Harlequin in exchange for an honest review.)
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The Inbetween Days is a novel about a woman in a coma fighting for answers and second chances.  Rosie is stuck in between consciousness and memories.  After being hit by a bus, Rosie struggles to make sense of her past, her memories, and what her future will be.  Unsure what to make of the memories that come flooding in, Rosie must decide whether to fight for her life or to let go of what is lost.  
Highly recommended. 

*I received an advanced reader's copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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A beautifully written story that will stay with you long after the last page. Absolutely pick up this winner of a book and prepare to loose yourself in the stoey. Happy reading!
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Clever premise for a novel and one that motivates readers to self-reflect about what truly matters and the fragile human condition. I also appreciated the modern twist on a character's opportunity to revisit one's past and examine the details, choices and outcomes of all the moments that shape who we are and how we live our lives. Brilliant characterization, poignant introspection and overall a moving story that I won't soon forget. 
Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for a complimentary advance copy. All opinions stated here are my own.
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4.5 Stars

The Inbetween Days by Eva Woods is a heartfelt story of love and redemption. The dual timelines and alternating points of view make the book interesting. Rosie, the main character is very relatable and the theme of family is strong in this contemporary novel.

It is always a little bit unsettling when a book starts off with the protagonist in a coma. As Rosie fights to come out of a coma, she also tries to piece together how she wound up getting hit by a bus. She is visited by ghosts of her past who show Rosie a collection of memories that bring insight into how Rosie’s life became so unhinged. I especially enjoyed Rosie’s interactions with her dead grandmother. She is such a fun character that adds some humour to the narrative.

Rosie is a character that has many flaws. She hasn’t always made the best choices and is struggling to unravel the mystery surrounding her accident. Her character shows so much growth and she also realizes how her actions have influenced so many people in her life.

Readers are also given the perspective of Rosie’s sister, Daisy. Daisy is pretty much the opposite of Rosie and is a little more tight-laced. Her desperation to find a way to help bring Rosie out of her coma is so gut-wrenching to read about. It really shows the importance of sisterhood and the strong connection between the two characters.

The Inbetween Days is the second Eva Woods book that I have read and loved. Woods really seems to understand how to create realistic characters who grow and evolve. I look forward to reading more of her books!
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I was sucked into the story after reading the first paragraph. The story was reminiscent of The Ghost of Christmas past. The protagonist, Rosie is lead through a series of memories, while in a coma, after a possible suicide attempt. The cast of characters were likable and endearing. The story flowed well and continuously tugged at my heart strings. While Rosie appeared to live a flawed life, her behavior inspired those she interacted with to lead their best lives. The conclusion of the story kept me on the edge of my seat and the ending wrapped up the story nicely. 4 stars!
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This novel happens over a period of 3 critical days. Rosie Cooke has been hit by a bus. She now lies in a coma and the doctors fear that if she doesn't awaken within a period of 3 days her chances of coming back without serious consequences are few, if at all. The question is, was it an accident or was she trying to end her life? No one knows, not even Rosie, who can hear almost all of the time, but is unable to move or speak. She doesn't remember, at first anyway, not even her name or what happened. Her younger sister Daisy is determined to find the truth. Did they all fail Rosie... or did Rosie fail Rosie? This shows how human we all are, in good and bad situations, and how familial relationships GET to a complex stage.  

I enjoyed getting acquainted with Rosie’s family. The characters are well developed. I’m a sucker for sister stories, and love stories, as in true life they can be complex. We get that here and more. While Rosie is in this “in-between stage” of life and oblivion, she is "taken" to times in her past that she can view, like a movie... when she was a child, a daughter, a sister, lover or friend. As slowly Rosie's past is revealed, we can see why certain incidents in her life influenced her actions. She herself is able to see that if she had handled things differently, a totally different outcome would have transpired. 

The novel will have your emotions in overdrive. Anxiety, fear, hope and sadness... yet it is not depressing. It is engaging, at times humorous and hopeful, written with entertaining and believable dialogue. Rosie herself will frustrate the reader, you will see how often she was her own worse enemy, but you will find her relatable, likable and you can't help rooting for her to WAKE UP!  

I loved it and give it a strong 4-star rating. Now I want to read Something Like Happy. Woods has a new fan.  My thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the ARC and the opportunity to read and post an unbiased review.
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The Inbetween Days
by Eva Woods
HARLEQUIN - Graydon House Books (U.S. & Canada)
Graydon House
Women's Fiction
Pub Date 22 Jan 2019

I am reviewing  a copy of The Inbetwwen Days through Graydon House and Netgalley:

Rosie Cooke is in between consciousness and death.  Some say that when you’re near death your life flashes before your eyes but Rosie remembers nothing at first not even how she ended up in a coma, not at first anyway.

Before long some strange starts happening, Rosie starts visiting moments from her past, a vacation at the beach, a play rehearsal, even the day her brother was born.  What she doesnt understand is why these memories, and what do they mean?

As the memories come together and each piece of the puzzle comes into focus Rosie struggles to face the picture her life forms.  With every look backward she comes to the realization of what life might be.  A relationship with her sister.  The opportunity to pursue her passion .  A second chance at love, the opportunity to pursue her passion.  Rosie May just discover she has more to live for than she realized.

I give The Inbetween Days five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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I am still in awe of this novel. It is beyond a moving, emotional journey that your heart foes on as you travel through the memories of a young woman in a coma. Reading of the mess that she saw of her life, of the pain she inflicted on others and of how her very existence and mistakes caused such ramifications for others is amazing to the senses.
This is truly a not to miss novel.
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We've heard it said that someone is their own worst enemy.  In this book Rosie comes to see that yes, things in her life have not always gone well, but she has had plenty of joy and plenty of chance to make something of herself.  It has been her choices that have held her back.

The book begins with Rosie being hit by a bus.  Was it suicide or an accident or...?  As Rosie lies in her hospital bed, the doctors give her three days.  After that, they tell her family, it will be time to make some decisions.  She will need a tracheotomy and a feeding tube, and will be moved to a long term care facility, unless, of course, she wakes up.  Rosie is in a coma, but can hear them; she cannot communicate with them.

During those three days Rosie is visited by people who have been in her life but are now deceased.  As the ghosts in A Christmas Carol do, they show her episodes from her past.  But why these episodes?  

At the same time, Rosie's sister, Daisy, is trying to figure out if this was a suicide attempt, or not.  She gets Rosie's phone, searches her apartment and follows the clues to people who meant something to Rosie, the same people Rosie is visiting.  

While this book did not grab me emotionally the way Woods' Something Like Happy did, I enjoyed it and give it a B+.
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The Inbetween Days by Eva Woods is a poignant yet ultimately uplifting novel of healing.

  The Cooke family rushes to the hospital after learning Rosie has been struck by a bus and is now in a coma. Sister Daisy and mum Alison are wracked with guilt since they have not spoken to Rosie since she caused a scene at Daisy’s engagement party. Rosie has been estranged from her father, Mike, but he never hesitates to stay by his daughter’s bedside.The doctors have informed her family the next three days are critical for Rosie’s future. 

  As Daisy searches for the truth about the circumstances of her sister’s accident, Rosie revisits painful yet pivotal moments in her life. She is guided by a cast of ghostly people who urge her to work out the meaning of these memories so she can wake up from her coma before the three day recovery window closes. Will Daisy gain a deeper understanding of her own life as she gains a better understanding of her sister’s? Can Rosie figure out why she is seeing a seemingly random selection of memories from her past?

  Rosie is aware of what is going on around her as she frantically tries to force herself to wake up from her coma.  When her first “visitor” escorts her back to her past, she does not understand the why she is returning to these painful memories. With each subsequent trip down memory lane, Rosie grows more and more distraught as she sees what a mess she has made of her friendships and relationships with loved ones.  Fully realizing her ghostly guides are figments of her imagination, Rosie nonetheless begins to understand what she stands to lose if she does not emerge from her coma at the end of the three crucial days in her recovery.

  The Cooke family  has been unhappy for a good number of years but they all deal with their issues in different ways. Rosie speaks her mind and this has lead to a breakdown in her relationships with her mother, sister and father. Her personal and professional lives are a bit of a muddle and Daisy is greatly saddened  by what she finds as she tries to make sense of what happened the day of the accident.  As Daisy uncovers the somewhat sad truth about Rosie, she begins to rethink her own decisions.  But will Daisy find the courage to take the steps she needs to find happiness? And will she find the courage to confront her parents about their role in their family’s dysfunction?

  The Inbetween Days is an emotional and thought-provoking novel that is quite captivating. Rosie is an extremely sympathetic character and readers will root for her as she traverses her unhappy past in hopes of discerning why she made so many disastrous choices.  Daisy is desperate to understand her sister and in doing so, she must face the truth about her own choices.  Eva Woods will keep readers on the edge of their seats as she brings this riveting novel to a heartfelt and gratifying conclusion.  I absolutely loved and highly recommend this deeply affecting story.
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An entertaining novel that dissects a life hanging by a thread.  Rosie’s life has been filled with a lot of drama and sadness.  Her guilt over things that have happened - her fault?  With the help of departed friends and family she revisits her past to make sense of where she is now.  A good reminder of how our words and  actions affect those around us.
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I’m a sucker for sister stories, so I was excited to receive an ARC of The Inbetween Days. Rosie and Daisy are barely speaking to each other when Rosie is involved in a tragic bus accident, and ends up in a coma. Daisy becomes terrified that Rosie tried to take her own life, and mourns their strained relationship. Rosie, on the other hand, embarks on a Christmas Carolesque review of her life. 

Both sisters are compelling characters, and I was definitely curious to see where Rosie’s memories took her. But their relationship never seemed strong enough to hang this novel on, even via flashbacks of their childhood. Rosie is a creative wild child, and Daisy the one trying to win her parents’ approval and do everything “right.” Sometimes opposites make for a dynamic friendship, but in this case, all I felt was wistfulness, mostly on Daisy’s part, that she hadn’t tried harder to know her sister. 

There is a defining moment in Rosie’s life that I thought should have been more front and center. It seems so important to her entire family, but was treated with kid gloves throughout, almost as if the characters themselves might break from the heartbreaking memories. 

I liked the message of second chances and redemption, and the idea that a life not seen as outwardly successful can change so many other people’s lives for the better. 

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an arc.
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The Inbetween Days by Eva Woods was beautiful, brilliant, and uplifting! 

How can I describe this book? It truly makes you appreciate being alive and what life has to offer each and everyone of us. 

Eva Wood writes an emotional story that hits close to your heart with words that flow ever so beautifully across these pages. I was intrigued and pulled in by page one. The art to her words that create such beautiful imagery as you read each and every page. 

The storyline is absolutely heart-breaking. My goodness did I feel for Rosie. Being hit by a bus and diving deep into a coma. But, having to make decisions due to being in the "gray area" to see if she can come alive again. 

Eva has such a way with the complexity of her characters in this novel. She explores her character's past and present, unwinds each and every secret, and the complexities of how humans think and tick. 
I could not get enough of this beautiful and emotional storyline! 

This came at the right time in my life. It made me thankful for my life a little bit more and I hugged my fiance a little bit tighter 
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Let me start with the writing style. Eva Woods managed to create this lyrical tone in the book that made the words flow off the page. She created deep emotion in a short time and created a story that hits close to home, regardless of who you are or the experiences you have had.

The story itself was absolutely breathtaking. To have to go through what Rosie does is heart wrenching. The decisions she has to make and the things she has to see are so vivid, that you feel like you are right there in her position. 

Eva Woods is a master at writing complex and emotional stories about families. With The Inbetween Days she delves into her characters' pasts and their present, unravels the secrets they keep, even from those they most love. She explores the complexities of human nature, the questions we women often ask ourselves. Can we live with our most difficult choices? What really is love? The answers are not easy.

A powerful novel, intense, and moving. You can't help but find yourself taking note of the people and things that make your life worth living, after this experience.
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