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I loved this book so hard!
Hazel is quirky and prone to being a klutz and teaches Elementary school and is switching over to her friends school. When Hazel comes face to face with a past crush she decides they will be best friends instead of going that whole I like you route. Josh remembers Hazel and is intrigued by her from the start. Things happen and they are both single and to get Josh back out in the dating world they decide to set each other on double dates. That's what best friends do for each other right? The chemistry between these two is cute and hot. The banter between them is even cuter. After several interesting dates what happens next is worth reading! I loved this read it was refreshing, funny and sexy and the characters were not your typical billionaire! This was a huge winner for me, it has a great flow, laughter and well rounded characters, Huge hit for me!

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This was one of the best contemporary romance novels I've ever read! I'm usually not a huge fan of the genre, but Josh & Hazel's Guide was just so fun and different from all the usual books I see in this genre that I couldn't put it down. Both characters were well thought-out and felt real, rather than like caricatures of actual people, which tends to be a big critique for me with other books in this genre. I also loved how naturally their friendship and relationship progressed. The end of the book threw me off a little, but I think it overall worked.

I've read some of this author's previous works, and I think this one is my favorite so far!

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I enjoyed this one very much, much more than I anticipated with the level of Hazel's antics...normally that would have become tedious for me but CL managed to keep me on Hazel's team...I think that has a lot to do with Josh, he is just a delicious hero on all levels! 4.5 stars

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This was so good!! Christina Lauren really knows how to write romantic tension. This was the ultimate friends to lovers trope.
This had potential to be a 5 star romance but the ending totally killed it for me. I just wasn't into what happened at all. But the first 3/4's of the book were amazing.

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This was a cute book that concluded with a somewhat serious ending, which I liked and appreciated. Sometimes I find it hard to relate to stories like this: single twenty-somethings having trouble communicating and dating in general. The characters can come off as flighty and annoying to me. I continued reading because objectively, the relationship between Josh and Hazel was interesting, funny, and obviously going somewhere. By the last page, I enjoyed how both characters stayed true to themselves but some qualities had evolved, making them more likeable for me personally.

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I think that this book just probably isn't the type for me. I found the characters, especially Hazel, to just be too over the top, I would have enjoyed this book more if any of it seemed plausible to me, but even the storyline was implausible. I'm not adverse either to reading spicy books either, but this one just hit me wrong for some reason, Because I didn't really care for it, but also think it's just not my type of book, I'm probably not going to put a review on my blog because I don't want to unfairly give a low rating for something that just wasn't for my. I know she's a popular author that lots of people read.

Update: I hadn't quite finished the book when I wrote those comments (I usually don't do that and this is why). After completing it, my rating would go up. Her quirkiness finally didn't bother me so much, and she felt more like a real person might be (although a little unusual). The outcome was fairly predictable, but I like that. My rating would go up to a 3.5.

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4 Wine Glass #Review of Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren

Christine Lauren is sure to delight readers with their latest romantic comedy, Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating. I thoroughly enjoyed this charming and campy friends-to-lovers anecdote!

Hazel and Josh first met in college, and each time was an encounter that neither will forget! Seven years later, their paths have crossed again. Hazel, now a third grade teacher, is still the impetuous, free-spirit she has always been and Josh continues to be the perfect package. How can Hazel not crush on this sweet and sexy physical therapist? She knows that two people as opposite as them though can never work, her parents were prime examples of that delusion. So what better way to help a friend out, and remove him from the "available" shelf, then find Josh his Mrs. Right? What ensues is a hilarious sitcom of blind dates gone wrong and an uphill battle of burying their ever present attraction to each other.

Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating was a delightful story with a refreshing and colorful cast of characters. I finished this book in record time because I simply could not put it down! Hazel was such a true-to-herself, quirky character. The kind of person who isn't afraid to laugh out loud. I adored her. Josh is the yin to Hazel's yang. The calm to her storm. The dialogue between these two characters had me alternating between giggling and swooning with each page. Their disastrous double blind dates was hilarious, and I loved how each debacle just brought them closer together. I also admired how Josh supported Hazel being herself, no matter how crazy he found her antics to be. Another aspect of the story that was astounding was the supporting characters. Between Hazel's mom, Josh's mom, and best-friend/sister Emily and her husband, there was never a dull moment. Delving into this story was truly a rare treat!

I'm not usually a fan of rom-coms, because sometimes they can be a bit ridiculous. However, Christina Lauren hit this one out of the park. The characters were lovable, the story-line was engrossing, and there wasn't any unneeded drama to frustrate the plot. Bottom line, you need Josh and Hazel in your life!

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This was gearing up to be a new favorite; however, Christina Lauren added a plot point that could have been omitted in the last 15%. This a wonderful bestfriends-to-lovers because it develops both of those things throughout the book. I completely relate to Hazel as a character.

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Can we please talk about the blurb for Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating? As if getting a new book from Christina Lauren wasn’t exciting enough, I was eager to get my hands on this book before I read a single sentence. I mean, a foul-mouth, unfiltered heroine with a tendency to repel the opposite sex? Who wouldn’t want to read that book?! I’m thrilled to note that the book’s attention-grabbing blurb translates to an endlessly entertaining, outrageously funny, compulsively addictive page-turner. And that’s mostly thanks to Hazel “I can only keep what’s hidden below the tip of this crazy iceberg for so long” Bradford. Two words: comedic gold.

After her unconventional antics and larger-than-life personality left an indelible impression on Joshua Im in college, Hazel reunites with her idea of the “Perfect” guy when discovering that her former TA is her best friend’s brother. Fast forward to Joshua getting cheated on by his longtime girlfriend, Hazel’s newfound mission to make him her new best friend, and a slew of awkward, ill-fated double (blind) dates, and Josh and Hazel find themselves developing some very non-friendly feelings towards each other, complicating their once-easy, strictly platonic yet tension-filled friendship. Together, they are a hilariously hot mess, but that’s exactly what makes their story so much fun to read.

While the quirky storyline and the slow-burning romance kept me glued to my Kindle from start to finish, it’s the characters of Josh and Hazel that are utterly enchanting. The pairing of a more thoughtful, pragmatic hero with an animated, infectiously energetic is the very definition of an opposites attract romance, and I love that both characters are not only acutely aware of their differences, but they embrace them wholeheartedly. Their candidness is refreshing, their eccentricities are endearing, and their rapport had me laughing aloud nonstop.

A word of warning before starting Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating: DO NOT READ THIS IN PUBLIC. And especially don’t sneak in reading time at work. You will cackle. Loudly. People will stare. But you mostly won’t care because it’s just so damn good. This book is sexy, swoon-worthy, and oh-so-dreamy. It will tug on your heartstrings, make you laugh yourself silly, and leave you feeling completely and perfectly satisfied. Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating is hands down one of the best – if not the best – books I’ve read this year.

*complimentary copy provided by publisher for an honest review

Rating: 6 Stars

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WOW what a book full of laughter from one page to the next. I cannot remember the last time that I have read a book where I actually laughed so much. Hazel Camille Bradford is one hell of a character. You are given her description at the beginning of the book and just in the prologue you start to laugh at the list of things that she has done, be it sometimes with too much alcohol, or typing a letter to her T.A. in college while still being out of it after she had her wisdom teeth removed that were impacted, the T.A. is Josh Im who is a few years older than she and when they first met when she was a freshman she vomited on his shoes, second time won’t say read the book but funny, then comes the e-mail and his response both of which are great. Now seven years later she is a third grade teacher and believe me reasoning really makes sense and it fits her. She is going to her friend’s house for a brb-q because she will be changing schools in the fall and you should also be at the house Josh. Turns out that he is her friend’s brother and they had just never ran into each other. The rest of the night is funny, but the story really picks up when her apartment is flooded and she needs a place to stay for a while and she moves in with Josh. There are hits in the head miniature golfing, burnt pancakes, a lock that got broken but she didn’t do it, and multiple setting the other up on dates that don’t work out. What you have is a very funny story and two people who are trying to find themselves and not change for the sake of change. A wonderful story and a must read.

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I received this ARC way back in July. I started to read it on the way to SDCC, but my flight anxiety got the best of me, and I couldn’t focus on the book. August brought way too many personal adjustments and starting back to work, so here I am, a week after the novel released staying up way too late last night reading and writing this review.

And I have to say, all these things lined up so I would read this novel exactly when I needed it most! I’m not spoiling this one for y’all, but it’s one of my FAVORITE tropes ever. As soon as I realized what was going on, I was this gif. Seriously.

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Sooooooo adorable. This book saved me after I couldn't finish another horrible Romance galley. This is how you do a great Romance! Sexual tension, Funny banter, great characters and of course well written sex scenes. I already have the next Christina Lauren waiting on my shelf. YAY!

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Delightful and delicious. Never have bad dates been so much fun!

For Hazel, life is for living to its fullest but she also learned at an early age that not everyone likes or appreciates her level of zeal.  Hazel is just like her mother and Hazel's world tilted on it's axis the day her father told her mother to act like a normal person. It never stopped Hazel from doing things that she feels compelled to do or say, but since that moment, Hazel has tried to surround herself with people who -- okay, maybe they don't always appreciate her antics, but they accept Hazel the way she is.

Unfortunately, Hazel too has had her share of boyfriends who love her zaniness for awhile, but once they realize that Hazel never hides who she really is, they walk away from her.

When Hazel realized that her friend Emily's brother is Josh Im, the boy who Hazel always saw as perfect in college even after she puked on his shoes, she is determined that she and Josh will become BFFs. It is a good thing since Hazel's apartment becomes flooded and she needs to find a place to stay and Josh just happens to have an extra room...and a whole lot of patience. So in the next few weeks of living together Hazel gets her wish and she and Josh become the best of friends. So much so, that she convinces him that they need to double date in order to each find some romance.

But it seems that the more they double date, the more they realize that they are simply going out to spent more time with each other.

In this story, Hazel is the friend you have always wanted, the one who will drag you outside of your comfort zone kicking and screaming if necessary, but there is no way you won't have fun with Hazel leading the charge.

Hazel and Josh are absolute polar opposites but they fit perfectly together like puzzle pieces.  They make the perfect couple.  It is the fearless Hazel that hesitates to act on her growing attachment to Josh.   Hazel still sees Josh as the ideal man and her biggest fear is that someday he would look at  her like her father looked at her mother and it would break her.

Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating is a sweet romance  and you have a delightful time experiencing  Hazel's quirky look at life.

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I loved the story of Josh and Hazel: another great romance from Christina Lauren! For readers who are already fans of this duo, it's a definite yes. If you haven't read Christina Lauren before, get ready for a spicy story of both friendship and love. I loved Hazel's wackiness, confidence, and stubbornness alongside Josh's more straitlaced ways.

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I received a copy of this book from NetGalley to review.

Hazel Camille Bradford knows she is a lot to take-and frankly, most men aren't up to the challenge. If her army of pets and thrill for the absurd don't send them running, her lack of filter means she'll say exactly the wrong thing in a delicate moment. Their loss. She's a good soul in search of honest fun. Josh has known Hazel since college, where her zany playfulness proved completely incompatible with his mellow restraint. From the first night they met-when she gracelessly threw up on his shoes-to when she sent him an unintelligible email while in a post surgical haze, Josh has always thought of Hazel more as a spectacle than a peer. But now ten years later, after a cheating girlfriend has turned his life upside down, going out with Hazel is a breath of fresh air. Not that Josh and Hazel date. At least, not each other. Because setting each other up on progressively terrible double blind dates means there's nothing between them...right?

Oh my goodness. If you are looking for a book to make you laugh and forget about everything in the world but this story then you do not want to miss this book. This is the story of Hazel and Josh who are polar opposites as far a personalities go. They could never date as they would drive each other nuts. More so Hazel would drive Josh crazy. Hazel just tells it like it is. If it pops in her head it is coming out of her mouth but Josh is the exact opposite and super reserved. He literally does not know how to take Hazel most times. This is the love story of two people that never in their lives could see each other together but the getting there makes for one amazingly funny read that your going to love.

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I am such a huge fan of this dynamic duo Christina Lauren. These ladies sure know how to tell a story and pull you in. I was consumed with this book from start to finish. I loved this book from its cover to the amazing story.

Hazel and Josh met when they were in college. Hazel is fun, says what’s on her mind and isn’t going to change who she is to make someone like her. She is a breath of fresh air and I loved her character so much. Josh is serious and has a good job. Him and a friend starting up their own business. Josh and Hazel haven’t seen each other in ten years. When they meet again at a backyard party they are both surprised.

Josh and Hazel end up becoming good friends and decide to help each other find the perfect match. Only their double dates don’t go as planned and they end up talking more the entire dates. They had the best non-dates with each other that had me laughing. These two were both trying to fight what was happening between them.

Words can’t express how much I loved this book! I laughed so much and just really enjoyed the story and the characters. I highly recommend this book!

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I think this is one of my all time favorites by the infamous romance duo. Lately, I felt like their books were going a little down hill for me. I am jumping with joy so see that I was completely wrong. I felt personally connected with Hazel. I felt personally connected with Josh. The story was adorable and I loved it from the start. This book is the example of why I have always remained a loyal fan to these incredible fan. I can’t wait to read what they have next

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CLo does friends to lovers really well and this was no exception. Hazel is an unconventional women, she lives and loves by her own rules. One might say she has a big personality. Hazel knew Josh in college and had some interesting interactions with him. Nothing romantic came to be though. Fast forward 7 years and they reconnect. They vow to be best friends, well at least Hazel does.

Over the course of a good portion of the book, Josh and Hazel attempt to date other people while denying their attraction to each other. They go on some hilarious and disastrous double dates. I was there for every single moment. I loved watching their ‘ship evolve from people who knew each other in college, to friends, to lovers. I was VERY invested in their relationship and it worked for me.

A few gripes.
Hazel moves in with Josh for MONTHS after there was a small flood at her apartment, it seemed like a really long time.
There is a lot of referring to Josh and Hazel by their first and last names. It was weird to me.
Lastly, I wasn’t thrilled with how Hazel was described. She was described as a maniac, crazy, and a hot mess. I was not a fan of this. I was bitching about it on Twitter, as one does, and Brie (@racblog) brought up that perhaps CLo was trying to subvert the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope by making making the eccentric woman the main character as opposed to a support character just there to drive the emotional advancement of the male protag. And maybe that is the case. But I still didn’t feel great about the way that Hazel was characterized. Once I moved on from that, I enjoyed the book a lot more.

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This book is amazing! I fell in love with Hazel and her out of the box uniqueness. She’s quirky and I’d love to have a friend who could bring her level of fun into my life.

Friends, family and whole ton of great romance! This is my first Christina Lauren read and I’ve become an instant fan. A true friends to lovers, laugh out loud read that you just want to live in and get lost in the story full of crazy mishaps.

Hazel’s level of crazy is so refreshing and you can’t help but love her and fight against the world that wants her to conform to normal. Normal is overrated and boring...with Hazel in your life...boredom is never a factor!

A great flirty fun read!

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Josh and Hazel knew each other in college. Well, sort of. She puked on his shoes and he TAd her anatomy class. She decides that they will be BFFs. But then they lost touch for seven years.
Hazel is trying to stay cool at a party full of teachers that she wants to work with when she announces that Josh has seen her boobs. To the entire party. Luckily, he rolls with it.
Told in alternating first person, this book walks us through the summer and to the end of the year as Josh and Hazel go from friends, to dating buddies, to dating, to love.
was an okay book. I didn't love the ending and Hazel was a little too "too" for me but I think regular Lauren readers will not be too upset.

Three stars
This book came out September 4

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