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This books revolves around a marriage of convenience. The heroine needs to marry someone with a title in order to get access to her dowry so she can get her little brother back from his evil guardian. And the hero signs up for this marriage because she’s willing to give him half to dowry for playing along, and he’s buried in debts left by his older brother. The story was fine but I honestly didn’t love either of the main characters. They were either fighting or getting it on, with really nothing in between. This book was pretty spicy, but I really wanted them to just be nicer to each other outside the bedroom.

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Grace finds herself in a precarious situation since her father’s death. To obtain her dowry and to fight for custody of her young brother, Grace marries Everett Hetherington, the Earl of Westbury. Everett needs money to help his people and to pay his deceased brother’s debts and marries Grace with the agreement that they will split her dowry. They both enter this marriage of convenience with every intention of ending it after an appropriate amount of time, but Everett quickly realizes that his feelings for Grace are stronger than he ever expected. Can he convince her to stay after their contracted six weeks?

I loved the characters and the love story in this historical romance. Grace and Everett complement each other well, and, though they are from different backgrounds, they have so much in common. Both have been maltreated by their family, both still struggle because of the actions of others, and both hesitate to show vulnerability.

Grace doesn’t trust men, justifiably so. Her father and the man she was supposed to marry deceived and manipulated her, and Grace finds it difficult to put her trust in the aristocracy. She also sees the inequities of her world, especially since she is a woman. Everett is a strong and determined man used to being in charge. I love that he sees Grace as his equal and values her opinion.

The romance between Grace and Everett is swoon-tastic! They resist their feelings initially, but their chemistry is undeniable. Grace doesn’t give in to her feelings as quickly as Everett, and it is lovely to see Everett try to convince Grace that his feelings are true. I love how patient he is with Grace, doing everything he can to woo her, even though it seems like the odds are against him.

I also like that both Grace and Everett have strong and selfless reasons for needing money. Grace will do whatever it takes to rescue her young brother from the clutches of an abusive and reprehensible man, the man she was supposed to marry. Everett wants to help the farmers who are suffering because of a wide-spread animal sickness, as well as debts accrued by his now-deceased family. Grace and Everett’s desires are noble, even though they aren’t entirely truthful with each other.

Six Weeks with a Lord is a wonderful historical romance with great characters and a swoon-worthy love story. This is a captivating story that I very much enjoyed, and I can’t wait to read more books by Eve Pendle! Thanks so much to NetGalley, Entangled: Amara, and the author for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

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Grace Alnott needs to marry a peer to get her hands on her dowry and get custody of her little brother. Everett inherited a title, a rundown estate, his dead brother's gambling debt and is desparate for money to find someway to stop disease from spreading through his tenants' cattle. He needs an heiress with a lot of money. The rumor is an heiress attending the ball has fifty thousand pounds. Grace and Everett meet and negotiate on the terms of their marriage. Everett has six weeks to change her mind about their marriage of convenience, but what he hasn't told Grace is a lie of omission. Big mistake Everett! A very gripping emotional book.

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This is Grace and Everett’s story. Her father owned department stores. When her father dies his will says she can only get her dowry if she marries a lord. Everett is in desperate straits and needs to marry an heiress. He is an earl. All she wants is to be able to get custody of her young brother. There are many twists and turns in their relationship.

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Great characters, lots of chemistry, a layered storyline

This is my first book by this author but I was intrigued by the blurb in part because fake relationships are among my favorite storylines.

I liked the similarities in Grace and Everett's situations, both forced to desperate actions because of circumstances outside of their control. I loved that Grace was intelligent and knowledgeable, and desperate to do the right thing by her brother, and I ADORED how dedicated Everett was to his duty and the people he was responding for, whether that was the men under his command when he was in the military or the farmers on his lands. There was a nice chemistry between the two of them, their relationship (as to be expected with this kind of storyline) is a slow burn, but once ignited, very hot indeed.

I'm a little bit on the fence about the plot here. The secret keeping (a plot device I have a personal dislike for) and Everett's plan to get the rest of the money he needed had me cringing. And yes, I know the blurb mentioned Everett's secret, but I was thinking something more along the lines of PTSD, as I could easily see wanting to keep something like that to himself. But...even though I was cringing a bit, I was also on the edge of my seat, reading as fast as I could while I waited for everything to come tumbling down.

Great characters with lots of chemistry plus a layered storyline that had me waiting with baited breath all made for an entertaining read. I'll be keeping my eyes open for more books from this author. 4 stars

B2B Kelly

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This is an engaging historical romance where two strangers come to an agreement to solve their problems.

Grace isn't an aristocrat, but her father's trade is successful and she can afford a decent dowry.

Everett is a spare heir who joined the army. After an accident in the family, he finds himself with a title and the mess that comes with it.

When Grace returns from finishing school, her father's Will pushes her to look for an escape in order to keep her independence and care for her beloved brother, Henry. To do so, she has to avoid Lord Rayner, the cruel guardian who has their future in his hands. She places an ad in the hope of attracting the right candidate. Everett is left to clear his brother's debts and take care of his estate which has been left in disarray. Grace's ad is just what he is looking for. A marriage of convenience with specific conditions is agreed upon, but neither of them is telling the whole truth.

After the wedding, Grace sticks to her end of the bargain and goes to Larksview with Everett. Everything should work out as long as he keeps his hands to himself for a six weeks period. If everything goes to plan, she can gain guardianship of her brother and go her seperate ways. The thing is that they have both misjudged each other. Aristocracy is not to be trusted, but as they spend time together, Grace starts to trust Everett and he becomes aware of her true purpose. He promises to help her, but is not so forthcoming about his own intentions. At the same time, feelings become involved and Everett faces yet another dilemma. He has gained her trust and by accident, she finds evidence of his real plan. She is devastated and as much as he wants to stick to his original plan, he has to respect his end of the bargain. Is this the end or can he salvage what he values the most?

This story brings mix feelings about both main characters. Everett's deceit is quite cutting, but when he realises what he is losing, he does everything in his power to put things right even though, he still might lose what's most important to him. It's a bit surprising that Grace leaves Henry in Lord Rayner's care for so long without knowing the full extent of the situation. She is doing all the right things to get guardianship, but at the same time, giving Rayner the opportunity to thwart her plans. Everything is uncertain for a while, but Everett's efforts work out for the best. It's a captivating story which proves that no matter what, honesty is the best policy. An enjoyable sensual read with plenty of suspense, angst and love.

I was kindly issued with an eARC from Netgalley and the views expressed are my personal opinion.

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Six weeks is t nearly long enough, maybe six decades, that's how much I enjoyed the characters. Why are good romances never long enough. Always seem to be hoping the author writes more, this book was so wonderful I was hoping just that. The characters and story were wonderfully crafted that six weeks with them just didn't feel long enough. Eve Pendle created a wonderful story I just wanted to continue living in despite the plot being completed.

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Six Weeks with a Lord is Eve Pendle’s debut into historical romance, and what a debut! Six Weeks with a Lord is light and romantic, with just enough drama to keep you interested, but not to overwhelm the story. This is my first book by Eve, but I’ll certainly be checking out her future works!

The world building is excellent and the time period is generally accurately presented. With any historical romance, you expect liberties to be taken in describing society, people, and/or behaviours; this is essential to make an interesting story for the general reader. Although this has happened in this book, Eve hasn’t gone so far as to make the story unbelievable for the time period. It is kept nicely in the era, just embellished a little, but honestly, unless you are a historian, or very familiar with the era, you will barely recognise any inaccuracies.

The characters are well developed, I loved Everett it was so nice to see the male lead be the first one to fall (or at least acknowledge it). Grace was a lovely character too, and her obsession with getting her brother back was understandable. Both Grace and Everett were in difficult positions, with both believing they needed her inheritance to fix their problems. The dramatic theme of the book was the direct result of a lack of communication. Even after both Grace and Everett’s erroneous first impressions of each other were resolved, they still failed to communicate adequately and so further misunderstandings were made until it reached a point where it seemed that their issues would never be resolved – unless they spoke to each other!! This lack of communication did become a bit frustrating, especially once everything was all out in the open, yet they still failed to really talk to each other, but this is only a small criticism, and I can say without a doubt that at least it wasn’t boring! The characters of Grace and Everett were likeable enough, and their chemistry together was strong enough, that you still really pulled for them and wanted them to work out all their issues.

Overall, I really enjoyed Six Weeks with a Lord, and Eve Pendle displayed a lot of potential. There were a few writing hiccups, a few awkward phrases, but this is to be expected when writing in a new genre, especially one set in the past with its own unique linguistic rhythm. However, there was nothing to pull me out of the flow of the story, it was easy to ignore or brush over any little glitches, and I’m probably being picky even noticing them in the first place, but I am, after all a Word Nerd!

I’d highly recommend Eve Pendle’s Six Weeks with a Lord to anyone who enjoys historical romances. It was a perfect escapist read: light, romantic, and funny in places. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I can’t wait to read more of Eve’s work.

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Grace Alnott and Everett, Earl of Westbury have one arrangement that is rare.

This book takes us on a very padsionate ride. I liked the plot, characters, and suspense that led up to the ending.

My favorite character was the Earl. This books gets 5 stars and was a great read! I gave an honest review in exchange for an ARC of this book.

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Not a bad book. Well written and the characters were well developed, if a bit predictable. My main complaint was that the two things that saved the day mostly came out of nowhere. They weren't even hinted at before they appeared on the page. This is standard romance formula. A nice diversion with a bit of well-done heat, but no delightful surprises here.

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An unexpected solution for a problem came from an unexpected place. And another problem was starting to get solved in the end but we don't find out exactly how. I wish we did. The book can be read in one day. Trust and secrets goes hand in hand. Good reading.

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This is my first book from this author. I love marriage for convenience storylines and this book started really well but then turned out to be a little disappointing. I didn’t feel any chemistry between the two protagonists and didn't enjoy the story. I will give it two stars for the beginning which I had really liked.

* I received this ARC from NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review*

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This was the first book I had read from this author and I was not disappointed in the least. The hero and heroine are both in dire circumstances, and they strike a bargain to help each other out. A sham marriage better known as a marriage of convenience which will only be for a short period of time. But can a sham marriage lead to something more? Can obstacles against them be overcome?

Read this very well-written story and find out the answers to these questions. The characters are wonderful. The story is enthralling. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I admit that towards the end I was brought to tears. Were they happy tears? I will not say, but you will not regret reading this book. It was wonderful! I'll be reading more from this author in the future.

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This is the first book by this author that I have read. I was very dissappointed in the overall book but the 1st few chapters did capture my attention. I thought that the story about the brother was lost in the make out session of Grace and Everett

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To save her younger brother from an abusive lord, Grace must take her destiny in her own hand and find a peer to marry who will let her have her freedom. Everett Hetherington is desperate enough to take Grace up on her offer, but he has plans of his own, including capturing her heart.
I really enjoyed this story. Both characters were well developed. I loved following both of them as their feelings grew. I really liked the overall story and liked the introduction to some of the side characters. I highly recommend.
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

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Really liked these characters and this story. Lovely romance and family. Will need to look for more books by Eve Pendle because this was really a keeper.

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I don't usually read historical romances but there are times when a book catches your attention. Grace and Everett's tale is one of trust, romance and trying to find love while society tries to put you down. It was sweet, swoony and very good!

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I have been given a review copy of this title through NetGalley and I have voluntarily decided to give my opinion. I love getting to see Grace Alnott and Major Everett Hetherington story they just captured my interest.

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A wonderful story. When her father dies, her young brother is left in the clutches Of a despicable man. She chooses and empty marriage to try to get her brother back. Fortunately or unfortunately she makes a deal To marry a lord So she can get her brother. Well trying to remain cool, they fall in love. A wonderful love story. As with any romance it has a good ending. It’s the good author who makes the story enjoyable This is a wonderful story. Not to be missed

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This is an interesting, amusing and romantic story. Everett is determined to be more responsible and moral than his brother and father, but he doesn't quite do that when he agrees to a marriage of convenience with Grace. Grace won't just give in to her father's machinations, she's convinced that there's a way to get her dowry and her brother without marrying the monster her father chose for her, so she agrees to Everett's proposal, and the stipulations they both want. Nothing is what it seems though, because both are fighting an attraction neither wants. The storyline is tense but sweet and steamy. And the twist at the end is great. It's a very enjoyable read with a very satisfying ending.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Netgalley. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

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