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The atmosphere, characters and the plot for all these books are fab.  You definitely have to read the whole Liv Bergen series!!
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I was so thrilled to finally see another Liv Bergen mystery on the horizon. It scared me to find out that it would be the last novel in the series, but I was hopeful it would put a rest to all the questions that had been burning in my mind since my introduction to the series. Jeremiah's Revenge did that without question, but I also felt like the story was written much, much differently than the others. It felt like it moved over into romantic suspense rather than sticking to the mystery, thriller genre. The story was missing that complexity and head scratching suspense that I have come to enjoy from Sandra Brannan. Overall, I still enjoyed it like I have enjoyed every other Liv Bergen novel. I dropped everything to read it and I'll definitely be revisiting the series when I'm over the fact that there won't be another Liv Bergen story releasing!
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I love the Liz Bergen books!  While looking for a new series to read, I stumbled, literally I tripped over one of her books, into Sandra Brannan's books.  Ms Brannan has done an excellent job of maintaining her characters while gradually expanding their history.  So you not only get a great mystery to figure out, you join familiar characters in their lives.  Even without knowing of Liz' unusual family, you will enjoy the "mystery" with it's unusual ending.
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It was perfect to go straight from book 6 to this book as this book begins on the same evening as that one ends on.  It was seamless to go from one to the other.  And to remind readers this is a series where the mystery is self contained in each book, but I suggest starting at the beginning with this as there are major character developments that go from book to book.  

There were two storylines going on at the same time and it seemed pretty easy to keep all the things straight in each one.  I loved in this book the major focus on the character development and the mystery was there but the relationship and change in Liv was the big focus and I enjoyed really focusing on her.  

I think this one has become my favorite in the series.  The pacing was incredible.  I read this book almost completely in one sitting and I love when a mystery/thriller is one that makes you stay up late or wake up early to read it.  

I wonder how many more Liv Bergen books there will be.  I would love to see Sandra Brannan start a new series with a new main character and maybe in a new setting and see where should could go!
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The characters weren't as well-rounded as they might have been and the plot depended on way too much exposition.
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10 plus shining stars- I have now finished all books in this series so far and Liv is by far one of my absolute favorite characters in a very long time. Every one of the books builds on each other in perfect chemistry and development. This is the one that puts the other books in the shadows. The chemistry and interaction between Liv and Streeter develops and strengthens but will they do anything about it now? Read this amazing book and find out the twists and surprises you can uncover. Thank you NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book.
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This was my first book in the LIv Bergen Mystery series. I liked it and it could be read as a stand alone. The suspense was real, the characters were well developed and the story held my attention until the end. I have a few complaints. The first was that the author gave us a lot of detail on facts that were unnecessary to the story, for example all of Liv's siblings full names and their meanings. Second was the fact that Liv was an FBI agent and yet was very naive about a lot of things. She withheld essential information that might have kept her and Streeter safe and aware of potential danger. Also for an FBI agent, she did a lot of things to put herself in danger like answering a door without checking who it was after being followed earlier in the day. She also knew there was a dangerous criminal on the loose and yet when she had a car accident she didn't take any safety precautions when dealing with the person who hit her thereby putting herself and her protection in danger. I just didn't buy a lot of the situations that she got herself into. I liked the book and will probably read more in the series but I wish the characters actions were more true to what they were supposed to be.
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Fast paced twisted thriller. Good strong characters both good and evil. Two stories in one both detailed well and both resolved.
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The Liv Bergen mysteries are not only well written, they are interesting to read. It's not all Joe Friday and "just the facts, ma'am." I know, I'm dating myself there. As I have progressed through the series, I have learned things about a part of the country I have never had the pleasure to visit. I have learned about mines and quarries. I have met a large family whose full lives are a model for us all. No, they are not perfect, but they seem to genuinely like each other, love each other, and respect each other. These are not hard-boiled cop books, they are mysteries as seen through the intelligent eyes of a puzzle solver.

Never discount anything in the Liv Bergen mysteries as trivial. Sandra Brannan will pick up the thread somewhere along the way and run with it. Back in book two, Liv mentions her nephew Noah, just one sentence. At the time, I knew there was a book with Noah in its title and I wondered then if one plus one would equal two.

Bad things seem to happen to and around Liv; however, in the end things work out for the best. That's not to say the end is a happily ever after, but it is a satisfying conclusion to the story just ending. Literary license makes it possible for stories about these places with small populations to circle back to the large Bergen family. In small towns, everybody knows everybody else and most of each other's secrets. Cold cases in this part of the world seem not all that common in general terms, but finding links that tie more than one such case to another is law enforcement officer's dream. Perhaps not one, but multiple cold cases can be solved by pulling on the right thread.

I also like the fact that Sandra Brannan takes the time to show compassion to the less fortunate among us. Again, no Joe Friday, but a nod to real caring for those less fortunate. And, she does it in such a way that the overall story is enhanced. I don't know that I've seen any other author weave such individuals into the very heart of a murder mystery and have it work out so successfully.

At the end of SOLOMON'S WHISPER, there is a question and answer section that is well worth reading. Ms. Brannon explains the Biblical references in the titles and how she uses them in ways that make her books not Christian fiction. She talks about her process. The best, for me, was reading that she 'sees' her books as movies in her head. I have to say that turning any of these books into a movie would work for me. I always enjoy getting inside the mind of an author I enjoy reading.

I would be remiss not to remind you that this is the fifth book in the Liv Bergen mystery series, and that you will be doing yourself a big disservice to start here. Go get book one and read your way through. You will be glad you did. I was!
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Liv Bergen Mystery Series
Book 1 - In the Belly of Jonah
Book 2 - Lot's Return to Sodom
Book 3 - Widow's Might
Book 4 - Noah's Rainy Day
Book 5 – Solomon's Whisper
Book 6 - Jacob's Descent
Book 7 - Jeremiah's Revenge
by Sandra Brannan

The Liv Bergen Series by Sandra Brannan will split audiences, either loving or extremely disliking the books.
On the positive the books are faced paced, with a modern female lead. The gripping story line twists and turns like a snake on a mission. 

On the negative, after the first, the books fall into a pattern, with the spice losing its flavour quickly. The second and third books are a much harder read.

The first book in the series “In the Belly of Jonah”, introduces the characters Liv Bergen, amateur sleuth, and her love interest, FBI Agent Streeter Pierce. 

They investigate the gruesome murder of her summer intern Jill Brannigan. More murders are quick to follow, by a madman with an appetite for human art.


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Thanks Netgalley for a ARC to read and give my opinion.

This isn't supposed to be released until June 5.... but here we go. Hell's bells this was good. Liv Bergen is my hero. I absolutely loved this book and I could not.....NOT put it down. This is where Liv and Streeter finally get together.....spoiler but we Knew it was bound to happen. In this book Jeremiah Coyotes Cries is out on parole and going after the one man who put him behind bars. Like killing his first wife wasn't enough. Streeter and Liv though are the heroes in this book with five stars of thriller action. If you loved the others then this will not disappoint!
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