The End Times Survival Guide

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 06 Feb 2019

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This is an inspiring book.  The title might seem to indicate that this book will be about prophecy; however, the focus of the book is how we should live in light of the fact that Christ could return at any moment.  He continually points the reader to Christ and the Bible. The ten strategic topics the author covers are meant to help us find grace and hope as we navigate a world that is rapidly moving away from a Christian worldview.  The author writes a very personable and readable way.  Chapter 7 is entitled “Find Your Fraidy Hole”. That particular chapter was a source of encouragement to me.  I also loved Chapter 9, “Tune in to Heaven’s Frequency”.  Just those two chapters alone are worth reading the book.

I am going to be reading this book again because I feel that I need to further mine the wisdom that’s here. This would be an excellent book for a book study group or class to read and discuss together.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
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At first, I was a little disappointed. It seemed that this book was just a quick overview of what a Christian’s life should be, but there was no special reference to Christ’s return. He talked about the Biblical response to worry, the spiritual warfare surrounding us, our need for a connected church fellowship, and our desperate need for prayer. Each of those chapters is good and very convicting, but rather basic. 
Then I started to understand what he was trying to teach us in this book. Hitchcock is trying to focus us on the Bible. He doesn’t want us to succumb to our own indifference or be distracted by false prophets and their hype. So once he has laid the foundation of a strong Christian life in the early chapters, he then goes on and explains the Biblical tools we have to help us survive these chaotic End Times. He also challenges us to understand what God commands us to do in light of His soon return. The last two chapters remind us that we know the end. We know who wins.
This book has an easy conversational style. Hitchcock includes numerous illustration and quotes from numerous Christian authors and speakers. It would be a perfect book for those worried about the future, or those who just wonder how they should live in these increasingly wicked times. By the end, I was deeply comforted and challenged. I believe you will be also. 
The only thing that I found unfortunate in the whole book was the author’s choice of Bible translation. The majority of the book quoted the New Living Translation. However, every time he wanted to do an in-depth word study he switches to another version such as the New American Standard Bible so that he is quoting a literal translation and not a dynamic equivalence translation. I would have preferred if they had used the literal translation for every quote. 
I received this as a free ARC through NetGalley and Tyndale House Publishers. No favorable review was required. It was my pleasure to provide my honest opinions.
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This book gives you ten biblical survival strategies to live out so that you can survive  in a dark world. These strategies bring spiritual vitality, they are not for financial or physical survival.
These strategies deal with a believer’s relationship with other believers, spiritual warfare, resisting the enemy, why spiritual armor is important - how each piece of armor was used by a Roman soldier, and how spiritual armor can protect a Christian from the enemy of our souls.
Reading and understanding the Bible are two other important strategies, along with prayer - knowing what to pray for, how to pray, and why we pray. Jesus taught the disciples how to pray in Matthew 6:9-13, and the author uses this prayer to teach the reader how to pray for others, not just ourselves.
In this book, you will learn how to prepare your mind and spirit for Jesus’ return, because the enemy will try to prevent us from being strong in the Lord, he wants to weaken and destroy believers before Jesus returns.
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Not exactly the Biblical 'prepper' book the cover makes it out to be, this is more of a book about preparing your heart for the end of your life.  It implies that our lives are near to ending, whether due to mass shooting, natural disaster, war, or some other disaster that would take us before our natural death, as we are living in the end times.  Ok.  If I could boil this down to a few sentences, it would be this :  Get your life together.  Be nice to others.  Get a relationship with God.
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