Last Call

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This is book 6 in the Mack's Bar series.  With Mal missing, Mack and her bar stool friends are eager to solve the latest case. police detective Duncan Albright asks for her help with a shooting, and the victim turns out to be the bad guy that Mal was investigation. The police think Mal is the shooter but Mack and the gang know he's in trouble.  I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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The definition of cozy is this book. It was neat to meet such amusing characters and being in a fictional environment that was this cozy. Mack is one tough cookie, and from how it sounded she had a rough book 5 in solving that case. In this book though we see her healing and still active in protecting those she cares for. She handles the case with ease and smoothly assists the detective in closing the case.

I would easily go back and read the other books, especially book 5 as it seemed to leave Mack a bit tender in this book. It was easy to read this book without the background knowledge. Mack and the crew are delightful and will charm the socks off the reader!
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I had a hard time getting into this book. I understand this was the fifth book in the series. Even though I never read the first 4 books this story definitely felt like a filler story. There was way too much detail on Max's condition and the pacing was a little slow for me.
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Last Call is an amazing addition to this already wonderful series.
Mack is a bright, down to earth character who always looks for the best in people.
She has overcome some tragic events in her life, and these events have made her become the person she is today.
This book captured my attention from the beginning and kept me on the edge of my seat until the end.
This story shows Mack and Dalton, her boyfriend, in a different light while investigating a murder that leaves a small child vulnerable.
I can't say enough about this book, I enjoyed it very much and would recommend it to any reader who enjoys a well told story.
I volunteered to read and review an ARC of this book provided by the publisher and NetGalley.
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Last Call by Allyson K. Abbott is the sixth A Mack’s Bar Mystery.  Mackenzie “Mack” Dalton has been asked to be a consultant for the Milwaukee Police Department. Her synesthia has helped solve several recent cases and Duncan Albright calls her his secret weapon.  Duncan is called out to a murder scene and Mack joins him for her first consulting gig. They find Sheldon Janssen dead from a gunshot wound and his little girl hidden in a secret room.  Mack is surprised to discover that the little girl, Felicity has undiagnosed synesthia.  Mal O’Reilly’s blood and fingerprints are found at the scene, but no one can find him.  It turns out that Mal was working undercover at Wade Klein’s construction company and Janssen was Klein’s right-hand man.  They do not know if Mal has been badly injured or if his cover has been blown?  Sonja, a Capone Club member, brings the group a case to solve.  Caroline Knutson has been griping about her husband for quite some time, and suddenly Oliver turns up dead.  Instead of grieving, the widow is updating her look at the salon with a pleased countenance.  Mack and Duncan team up with the lead detective, Roberta Dillon to make sure Oliver did not have help getting to the great beyond.  As if Mack does not have enough to keep her occupied, the O’Reilly clan is working on the bar’s elevator and, to keep them safe, they have moved into her apartment.  Come along to Mack’s Bar, pull up a stool, grab a bite to eat along with a refreshing beverage and help the group solve the two crimes in Last Call.

Last Call may be the sixth novel in A Mack’s Bar Mystery series, but it can be read alone.  The author summarizes the first five books in the series (the cases in each one).  We learn about Mack’s synesthesia, how she inherited the bar, the Capone Club, updates she has made to the bar, and her relationship with Duncan.  If you have not read the other books, it will spoil it them you. However, it is has been a while since you read a book in A Mack’s Bar Mystery, you might find it helpful.  I thought the story was nicely written with steady pacing throughout (for the most part).  I did feel that the frequent explanations of Mack’s synesthesia interrupt the flow of the story.  It is obvious that the author did her research on synesthesia from the way she presents the information and the amount of detail included. The two crimes were interesting, but they were not complex.  The way one of the murders was executed was unique and clever.  There are good clues to aid readers in solving the cases before the solution is revealed.  The members of the Capone Club are mentioned in the book, but we spend little time with them.  It can be difficult to keep all the characters straight (there are so many with the bar employees, Capone Club, O’Reilly family, police officers).  I thought the ending was sweet and romantic.  A majority of Last Call felt like filler.  I would have preferred the author focus on one murder mystery.  The way Last Call ended makes it seem as if it is the last book in A Mack’s Bar Mystery series.
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Oh my goodness!  I was reading a Mattie Winston mystery earlier this summer and was excited to diiscover that Annelise Ryan also writes under a pen name, of Allyson K. Abbott.  So I started this series.  I love the way the author reveals the story to the reader, there's an interesting situation, combined with the medical background that works with law enforcement.
With a twist in this series.
  Mack our protag is a bar owner, who also doubles as an independent consultant to the police based on her observations experienced through her condition, called synesthesia, or basically enhanced emotional experiences that involve more than one sense.  
In this scenario, Mack is juggling multiple situations; she has one case with a juvenile who happens to have synesthesia also who may be involved with a family member's homicide;  a case that is questionable based on what the members of her Capone Club have discovered through local news; a bar renovation; and a friend who is MIA and may be involved in one of the homicide cases.  The story is intellectual, flows freely and is fast paced.  Can't wait to read the rest of the series!!!
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This is book six in the Mack's Bar Mystery series. I have read the previous books and enjoy the entire series. This book can be read as a stand alone if you have not read the series as the author presents the back story well for any new reader. 
Thank you for the ARC which does not influence my personal review. 
I highly recommend this entire series. 
We return to our protagonist and her unique set of crime solving skills. Mackenzie “Mack” Dalton owns Mack’s Bar in downtown Milwaukee and has a neurological condition called synesthesia, which causes her to experience sensations in multiple modalities,  This makes her a great  asset to Milwaukee Homicide Detective Duncan Albright and  also to her crime-solving group, The Capone Club, which are  amateur sleuths and a couple of detectives. The current DA, recently invited her to work with them on a consulting basis. Previously, Mack received letters with puzzles that she must solve within a specific timeframe to prevent the death of people she knows and cares about and she’s currently recovering from an accident that prevented her from making it to one of those locations. She wears many hats and takes her crime solving very seriously as she does her gifts that enable her to solve crimes.  When her detective boyfriend receives a call about a murder, Mack uses her gift to find a child hiding on the scene. She is ready to solve this case and in the process puts herself in danger once again. 
I like  Mack as she is savvy and independent. She is good at solving crimes detail by detail with her unique gifts. . I enjoy the supporting characters and the location of her business and town. All in all this has all the elements of a excellent cozy series. I enjoyed reading this book and the sleuth kept me guessing into the night.
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Princess Fuzzypants here:  Mack is a different type of detective which makes this a different type of mystery.  It still has the twists and turns and characters that make for a riveting story but it is Mack’s gift or curse, that lifts it above the crowd.  Mack was born with a neurological condition whereby she experiences her senses differently from the rest of us.  When she smells something, she will often have a visual reaction as well.   Every sense is doubled up, so to speak.  It caused her no end of challenges as a child until she was diagnosed and allowed to develop her abilities.
Her talents make her a valuable asset to police, once they can get beyond the skepticism.  Her greatest advocate is her boyfriend and the two of them have three separate but connected mysteries to solve including two murders.  In the course of the investigation Mack finds a child who has a similar condition on top of so many other factors that conspire to islotate her.  Thankfully Mack is able to connect and help the little girl.
I love Mack.  She is a fascinating character who has allowed her differences to define her in a totally positive way.  I love the characters who surround her and I loved the clever twists that are wound into the narrative.  All in all, I could not put the book down.
I give five purrs and two paws up.
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Strong cozy series with an usual milieu and protagonist. Mack Dalton owns a bar in Milwaukee a setting that is developed and used to great advantage in this series. However, it's her synesthesia that has gotten to her to be official consultant for the police. Synesthesia, a neurological disorder, has her experiencing every sense in at least two ways.  Sounds can be tasted, smells can have visual manifestations, etc. Using this, she can become a human lie detector or recognize it something is changed or missing. 

She has used the synesthesia to help solve crimes in the past, including her father's murder. Helping her solve crimes is a cast of bar regulars called the Capone Club. Sufficient exposition is provided to make this an acceptable entry point into the series, but I'm betting you'll want to go back and read more. 

Highly recommended.
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Mac Dalton is using her unusual talents as a consultant to the Milwaukee Police Department. After much skepticism, the police are grudgingly convinced that she can be of help to them in their investigations. Mac has a neurological condition called synesthesia; she perceives sights, sounds, and smells differently from most people. For example, she "tastes" the sound of detective and significant other, Duncan Albright's voice as the flavor of dark chocolate. Mac has helped him with investigations, but never with department approval. Mac is still actively managing and living above the bar left to her by her father but is glad to use her condition to help others. Synesthesia has never been easy to cope with, especially as a child. Her regular bar patrons, members of the "Capone Club," a group of crime enthusiasts, have always encouraged her to use her abilities.

Her first day on the job calls Duncan and Mac to the scene of a shooting, that of a somewhat shady businessman. Mac's feels that something is going on in the house that isn't visible to the eye and her perceptions lead her to a hidden room. Inside, they find a little girl, one who appears to live there. There are no signs of abuse, but the girl is non-verbal. Mac's interactions with the girl indicate that she is autistic and might possibly be a fellow synesthete. Other signs at the scene suggest that Mal Reynolds, a friend, and an undercover cop was at the shooting, but where is he now? Mal was undercover investigating a construction company; one that the dead man was also working for.

Last Call feels like the final book in the Mac's Bar series. I have enjoyed most of the books, primarily for the portrayal of Mac's condition. It's a condition I was only vaguely aware of, and it's a fascinating one; one that I am happy to not have. Mack barely escaped being institutionalized as a child because her widower father refused to let that happen. Mac's affinity for the little girl is entirely understandable in that context. However, I have always had difficulty keeping the multiple ongoing characters distinguished and even more were introduced in this book. It is time to bring the series to an end, and Last Call wraps it up well.

Thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books for an advance digital copy. The opinions are my own.
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Mack's synesthesia makes this series unique and it's why the Milwaukee PD has finally brought her on as an official consultant.  She's very good at solving murders (especially- and this is my quibble with the book- the less complicated ones.). She's got a fun team to work with, the Capone Club of amateurs who hang out at her bar.  She's also got a nice love interest in Detective Duncan Albright.  I've only read one previous installment and think you would be fine starting with this one you haven't read any of them.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  This is a cozy with a twist.
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Last Call is probably my favorite of the books in this series so far. I never really connected with Mack, but events in this book made her seem warmer and more approachable than in past books. There is a new character introduced which may be why I found Mack more likable.

If you're new to the series the rehashing of Mack's synesthesia and past crime solving may be helpful, for readers of the past 5 books it could be a bit tedious, because there's quite a bit of it. Since it's been a while since I've read this series it didn't bother me and was actually helpful.

I received my copy from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
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This is an engaging addition to an interesting series. Mack's disease is a benefit for the police. Some of the details bogged me down, which is why I gave it four stars instead of five. Of course, if this is the first one read, the information does help. A sweet ending. Good combination of two mysteries being solved.
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In this latest edition  of  the  mack's bar series has Mack assisting  the  police  in a shooting  investigation using her synesthesia . Things take a turn when Mack and her boyfriend  and detective  Duncan Albright, realize their friend and fellow cop whonwas working undercover may be involved .   Mack finds a hidden cubby in the victims house and it revesls a child who appeared tto have witnessed her fathers murder.  It complicates things when they realize the child has a form of autism.  Mack is the only one who can comunicate with her.  Mack and Duncan work together  to  piece together  what  happened  and to clear their friends  name. 

I really  enjoyed  this  book .  I loved mack's interaction with the young girl, Felicity.  I also liked watching her relationship  with  Duncan  develop more. I hope there  are more books in this series.  The ending  was good but felt very final.  I highly  recommend  this  series.
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The latest in Allyson Abbott's series is absolutely terrific, just like all of the previous books.  My biggest concern is the title - 'Last Call'.  Please tell me this isn't the end of the series.  There were some resolutions that hinted at an ending.  Please no, let it go on!  Mack is the most interesting protagonist about which I read.  I'm anxious to know there will be more.
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Last Call by Allyson K Abbott is the sixth installment in Mack's Bar Mystery series but can be read as a standalone.

This is the first book in the series that I have read and I must say it has a few spoilers from previous book.
Mack has inherited a bar from her father along with few old time patrons who together with her get together to work on cold case. She is also a consultant for the local police force. On the one year anniversary of her father's death, body of the businessman is discovered. Her friend Mal is missing and his prints are on the gun.
Mack has a condition called synesthesia which help her solve cases.
I have found at times that descriptions of her condition disrupts the story. I loved the fact of the club that gets toghether in the bar to solve cases and has both amatuer and professional sleuths in its midst.
Story is very suspensful with many twist and turns and the cases are very interesting and well presented.
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This is a really good series, and this book is no exception.  Love the main character, Mack.  Her extra sensory perception provides a positive element to the mystery.  The restaurant/bar and investigative club also adds a different dimension  to this interesting and exciting cozy.  Looking forward to the next installment. Thanks for the advance copy, great read.
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I was very disappointed with this book. The mysteries were fairly pedestrian and I was extremely uncomfortable with the portrayal of a young girl with autism. It felt like a filler book. The first five books were great but this is a pale imitation.
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Mack Dalton is now a consultant to the Milwaukee police department in the 6th installment of Mack's Bar series. Mack accompanied Police Detective Duncan Albright to his next case. They find a businessman shot from behind. The gun lying nearby and their friend Mal's fingerprints are on the gun and Mal is missing. Mack informs the officers that there are two different types of blood present. Her synesthesia allows to point out several items. Mack finds a hidden room and young girl who appears to be autism and possibly has some form of synesthesia. At this point, the tale has several twists and turns as Mack and Duncan attempt to find answers. Who is the girl? Where is Mel? The Capone Clubs bring another puzzler to the police attention. Did the victim died a natural death or was he murdered? I  highly recommend this book and series. Recipes for cocktail drinks are included.

Disclosure: Many thanks to Kensington Books for a review copy. The opinions expressed are my own.
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Terriffic series with interesting characters—especially the Capone Club—and twisting plot. It lagged a bit here and there but well worth your time
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