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A really excellent installment to the October Daye series, a pleasure to read from start to finish.  Looking forward to what happens with the selkies.  My only critique is that Tybalt's staying away from Toby felt really forced.
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October Daye is still hurting from the aftermath of her mother's latest betrayal; for one thing, her fiance, Tybalt, has been avoiding her because of the damage he took at Amandine's hands. But when Toby's daughter is kidnapped--again--she springs into action. False trails uncover long-forgotten secrets, including a stunning one about Toby's family. Twists and turns and an ending always in doubt. With a bonus novella dealing with the aftermath.

A very satisfying twelfth entry in the series.
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If you're not reading this series, obviously don't start with this one (12 books in!) If you are following along, this is a continuation of the Toby Daye story with some ties to the very first one where Toby's human husband was left behind along with her child. Other than having more to do with her old life, the new life is not quite progressing because of her fiance's PTSD and some unresolved issues with other family members. There will be more books coming I will be glad to read.
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I love love love this series. I wasn't super excited to see another "Gilly is kidnapped" plot, but I was pleasantly surprised. As always, love the characters and the writing style. The bonus novella in the back was great, too!
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How is it possible that this series grows stronger with every book? In a genre that tends to suffer from story lag over time, October Daye seems to be getting even more interesting. Clearly, the author has some sort of J.K. Rowling-level of long-game going on. 

Having just survived the abduction of her fiance, October's world is again shaken when her estranged human daughter, Gillian, goes missing. All evidence points to Faerie's involvement, and Gillian's human father and stepmother are having difficulty setting aside their hatred of October to help.

Ms. McGuire writes a captivating mystery, with enough clues to leave the reader whacking their head and saying "UGH I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN!" when the mystery is revealed. I loved the ending, but it's not possible to discuss it without spoiling it completely. There's also a fascinating novella at the end that recounts the end of the book from the viewpoint of another character,

This is a series to keep reading.
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Phenomenal! At first I was uncertain about another kidnapping involving Toy's daughter, but this was a great adventure, testing the characters in profound ways. I also loved the addition of the short story at the end. I hope to be seeing more of Gillian, and definitely can't wait for the next chapter in Toby's life.

I will be featuring this title on my Curl Up With A Good Book Friday blog when I return in the fall.
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Night and Silence by Seanan McGuire
Dark, atmospheric and brooding. Those are my favorite words to describe the October Daye series. Taking place in modern day San Francisco, these fairy film noir novels are some of the best Urban Fantasy available.
Night and Silence is the twelfth installment and while the novel stands well on its own, the series is best read in order to enjoy the character progression and avoid spoilers.
All is not well in Toby’s world. After her mother’s last betrayal, Toby’s self-gathered family is in a state of crisis. She is worried and heartbroken and uncertain how to help her loved ones heal. What she needs is a distraction. What she gets is accused of the disappearance of her human daughter, Gillian and involved in trying to locate her.
What seems like a case of a missing college student rapidly devolves into a faerie instigated affair that will require all of Toby’s skills to solve.
As usual, McGuire’s writing is wonderful and the narrative is well paced. The story is full of surprising twists and turns and this novel will certainly turn October’s world all around. One of the best aspects of the story and of the series is traveling all over San Francisco with Toby and  her friends.
I’m a huge fan of this series and the author’s work.  I highly recommend this installment. 5 stars.
I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This is an excellent addition to an already wonderful series. While this has some repeat themes that are common from the author and the previous book in the series, Seanan tells this story anew with added depth and detail. Every character I have come to love makes their return to the page all the more vibrantly and I adore them even more. 
One common theme in this book is a recovery from previous trauma. None of the characters have come out of their journeys the same as they were before. This is a detail I love to look for in a book and Seanan doesn't disappoint.
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While I love this series and its layers of story and complexity built over time, this isn't  my favourite of the series.  Spoilers to follow.  The repetition of Gillian's kidnapping and subsequent "choice" was not compelling to me .  I hope to see her as a character with more agency in the future..  i did very much appreciate the view of Janet's mythic shenanigans from faerie's perspective
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SO GOOD. We finally get some answers to the questions that have haunted us all (& I would gleefully like to declare that I was right in my theories re: Amandine’s heritage) and I now have some spectacular new theories re: the quest to find Oberon & who’s pulling the strings behind it all. 

Toby & Tybalt were spot on perfect, the extra novella with Gilly was A+, and my only real complaint is why do I need to wait so long for the next book?
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The latest adventure of October Daye picks up shortly after the last and deals with some of the fall out from that as well as introducing a new drama.  More of October's past and family history is unraveled, all of the regular cast make an appearance, and plenty of action combine for a fun and fast read. Great for fans of the series, but NOT a starting point for newcomers.
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I'm biased because I love this series, but this was a page turner! I literally could not put this book down. A very strong addition to the October Daye series.
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Look, this is book 12 in a series. If you love October Daye, you're going to love this book. If you haven't heard of October Daye, for the love of Oberon please go read Rosemary and Rue instead of picking this up. 

But man, this is everything I want in an October Daye novel. The emotional found family drama, the magic, the stakes, the dramatic status-quo-shattering revelations... the biggest downside to galleys is that there's no one I can talk to about this until September! If you're an October Daye fan, you don't want to miss this book. I especially appreciated how well it dealt with the fact that last book involved some serious trauma for all involved. This book features the characters coping in various ways, working through it, trying to reconnect and everything. It's a fantastic ride, and I heartily recommend it.
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OMG!!! I loved it! Best book in the series since The Winter Long. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to think going into this. The blurb didn’t excite me. Gillian being kidnapped again and Tybalt taking off didn’t sound appealing. The plot tied things together and brought issues to light in such a good way despite the sadness of it all. This book is a game changer. Things will be really different from here on out.

Toby deeply loves her daughter. That has never been in doubt. I haven’t always agreed with the way she handled her relationship or lack thereof with Gillian. But I always understood why she made the choices she did; she thought she was doing the best she could to keep her daughter safe. Obviously Toby would have done things differently if she had known how things would work out. In hindsight she clearly should have realized anyone close to her, human or not, would always be a target. I am very curious to see where things go now that certain things have been brought to light.

Halfway through there was a huge revelation. HUGE. My mind was blown. I never ever had a clue. It made perfect sense but it was hard to wrap my head around at first. It was twisted and has made and will continue to make things complicated. 

The Luideag was around a fair amount. She made plenty of cryptic comments that left me wondering exactly what they mean. Every time Toby learns something important it seems to unravel more things that need to be solved. This did not end the way I thought it would but in a good way. The best way to describe the ending is tragically happy.
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After the tragic and heart bending end of "The Brightest Fell," I have been foaming at the mouth for the next book to come out and somehow restore Tybalt in Toby's life. I bawled my poor little eyes out over Tybalt bolting on Toby. I was ecstatic to find the story starting off on the sour note of Tybalt leaving to Toby facing her friends concerns about their relationship and what she had planned to fix it. But then kismet happens, as it always does with Toby, and she's faced with yet again another problem, but one far more likely to break her heart entirely if she can't figure out the clues. Cookie crumbs lead her on a merry chase and more problems arise than solved, but never fear because her dependable squire and fetch are just a shout and scream away. New people are thrown into the mix and forgotten villains return to cause more heartache and trouble than maybe Toby can handle. Luckily Tybalt slides right back in from the shadows and saves her yet again. But there's only so much he can handle and his hands are tied with everything but keeping Toby safe and breathing. You will be absolutely floored with the emotional twists and turns this book achieves. I can't be more happy with this book. It was a balm to the emotional upheaval that the last book ended with and I look forward to more October Daye stories.
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In the newest October Daye novel, Toby is still dealing with the aftermath of her mother's blackmail plot from the previous book - The Brightest Fell.  She and Tybalt are on uneven footing and just when she's trying to get that worked out, her ex-husband Cliff shows up on her doorstep to accuse her of stealing away her mortal daughter Gillian.  Toby, along with May and Quentin, are now trying to chase down who kidnapped her daughter and the trail will lead to unexpected places and reveal secrets long buried.

Every time a new Toby book is published, I can't wait to get my hands on it.  Night and Silence has some particularly great reveals as Toby learns more about her own family.  I was a little concerned about Tybalt when the story started (oh please don't ruin that relationship because it's divine), but trust Toby, she will not back down and will right it mid-way through the story.  I can't say enough nice things about these books: great characters (sarcastic heroes are my favorite), well plotted (each new book offers more insight into Toby and the world around her) and real relationships (Toby's self-created family and her relationship with Tybalt).  If you are looking for a modern faery tale with a twist, please check out this series.  I cannot recommend it enough.
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Toby is back in this latest installment of the October Daye series. Still reeling and recovering from the events of the last book, Toby and company are laying low and thinking about what the future holds, even as Tybalt seems to be withdrawing from Toby. When Toby's human daughter goes missing (again), she is in a race against time to find her-and there are many twists and turns along the way. A solid entry and good choice for libraries with a strong demand for fantasy and urban fantasy.
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Night and Silence is the 12th novel in this series and is still as excellently written as the first. McGuire is brilliant at creating characters and worlds that you just don't want to leave. Toby is a flawed and wonderul hero for this series. She is the glue that holds the story and adventure together, but over 12 novels we come to love all the side characters too. Thank you to the author for writing a story that is quirky, strong and page turning.
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Fantastic new addition to the October Daye series. Seanan McGuire brings back familiar faces in this new book in the series, significantly changing the game on her main characters. Highly recommended.
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Electronic ARC provided by NetGalley.

I love Seanan McGuire and I love this series.  "Night and Silence" is a big book for Toby.  She and her allies are still reeling from Amandine's actions in the previous book.  Tybalt especially is having a difficult time dealing with what was done to him, and as a result he has been pulling away from Toby.  This is the absolute worst time for a new crisis to emerge, but of course since this is Toby she can't exactly expect to have time to heal.  When her mortal daughter Gillian is kidnapped Toby will do everything in her power to find her, no matter what stands in her way.  

I was pleased and a bit surprised to see the story return to Toby's relationship with Gillian.  I felt that it was somewhat resolved way back in "One Salt Sea", although that resolution left a lot of things feeling rather unsatisfied.  We get to see more of Gillian here, and more of her other parents.  We also get some rather enormous revelations about Toby's family, and some very surprising shake ups to the status quo that leave me really excited (and a little bit apprehensive) to see what's coming up next.  I still love all of the characters and the world surrounding Toby.  I was not expecting the things that happened in "Night and Silence" and I'm almost sad at this point that I read the ARC since that it means I have to wait even longer to see what happens next.  

(This book also includes a bonus novella from Gillian's point of view, which is a great insight into both her as a character and into some of the things that happen to her in this book.  We also get a few extra ominous comments from the Luidaig.  The novella is a really good addition to the book, filling in a few of the missing pieces nicely.)
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