Night and Silence

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Night and Silence
By Seanan McGuire
DAW (4 Sep 2018)
October Daye series

Settings / Time Periods: Present day San Francisco area, mostly.
Point of View: 1st person
Main character: October “Toby” Daye, a changeling Hero Knight who is frequently in way over her head.

What genres could this book be categorized in? Officially, it’s urban fantasy. It is a bit of a fairy tale, and also an adventure, and a mystery, and a love story. And probably a few other things, as well.

Plot: October Day’s ragtag family still hasn’t healed from Amandine’s betrayal, and now her estranged human daughter is missing… again. Gillian’s human family accuses Toby of being the kidnapper, though one of them may be hiding deep secrets of their own. Can Toby save Gillian in time? Who remembers Gillian? And what old foe is hiding in the shadows setting traps?

Comments: I really love the Toby books, and am always waiting impatiently for the next one. The latest adventure does not disappoint, in that I laughed a lot, I cried more than once, and I got mad enough to yell and scare the cats. I’m not sure what I can say without spoiling something because it’s Toby and everything is connected to everything. There are several old acquaintances reappearing, for good and for ill, a new Tybalt along for the ride, and you get to see May Really Angry. It’s SOOOO good! I can’t recommend it enough. And the short story at the end is a whirlwind of its own.

Is there violence? Yes. It’s Toby. There is punching and stabbing and gnashing of really big sharp, pointy teeth. Toby bleeds a lot. Some other folks bleed, too.

Is there romance? There’s a couple of significant mostly-hetero relationships shown, including one that’s learning to heal and one that’s having some serious issues. There are also several less-central non-hetero relationships.

How to the characters view sexuality? Sex is referred to as a normal, natural part of life. There is no sexuality on-page above G rating, although there are occasional reference to other activities.

How does it rate on the tests?
Bechdel? With flying colors.
Mako Mori? With flying colors.
Ellen Willis? With flying colors.
Tauriel? With flying colors.
Racial Bechdel? Yes.
Deggans? Yes.
Vito Russo? Yes.

Did you enjoy reading it? Yes. I always love the Toby books, and this is another whirlwind roller-coaster that leaves you both exhausted and wanting more Right Now.
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I received an ARC through Netgalley of Seanan McGuire’s newest book, Night and Silence, coming out on September 4th, 2018. 

Night and Silence is book 12 in the October Daye series. With the way The Brightest Fell ended, I was eager to see how this book would start…

In the last book, Amandine has Toby searching for August, Toby’s long-lost sister; in this book, Gillian, Toby’s daughter is the one that goes missing. Her allies are struggling with their own trauma and the consequences from her actions in the last book make it hard for Toby to gather enough resources to get all the help she needs. 

It starts on a more melancholy note and being that the last book ended with trauma on all sides, this isn’t a surprise. Conversations are had while she rescues the wildlife that is still cropping up from Chelsea’s jaunts into the locked realms and Toby being Toby… is trying to retreat and at the same time, hold on to all she loves. 

Scars run deep on all sides of the family for this and Seanan writes a beautiful understanding of how things aren’t magically fixed, but it takes time to heal. Not just the main characters being hurt, but also the fallout for the ones that surround them. Tybalt is damaged and struggling and his Court is feeling the effects of it, too. 

This book was a ride and there are a number of questions that were answered that have been hanging around since the early books in the series! There was a moment I had to stop reading because I was so thrilled at what shoe had dropped and it’s a doozy.  We’re going to have a whole new source of information now, if people are willing to trust the character to ask. 

You get some more understanding of the deeper parts of the story and parts that have been simmering in the background. There is a lot revealed, but at the same time, there are ever so many more questions that make you that much eager for what is coming next.

As before, my favorite “is this a giant red herring or is Seanan sitting on this?” theory hasn’t popped up yet, but I have a feeling we got another hint and it’s glorious. 

The selkies have popped up again and the question of “when” was asked and it’s ever so close now. There are so many issues that are going to set the world on fire and I am eager for it. I have a soft spot for the selkies, especially with all the short stories we’ve gotten of them that have explained more and gave more of that rocky background and the rockiness continues. 

I foresee a lot of tough choices in the future for a number of characters and some of those choices and concessions have already popped up at the end of the book. It’s going to be a long, hard road, but nothing Toby ever did was easy. 

The short story goes well in hand with the rest of the book and it’s amazing. I don’t want to spoil any bit of it at all, but it raises so many questions, gives so much away and you’re left with your mouth open at what could be. 

All in all, an absolutely fantastic book, with a lot of hints of this and that; with Seanan’s impeccable knowledge of fairy tales and folklore, of locations and connecting everything from all her books to a seamless whole.
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When October “Toby” Daye, knight errant in service to the Court of Shadowed HIlls finds her ex-husband and his new wife on her doorstep, she knows it can only mean trouble.  Toby’s mortal daughter Gillian has been taken and not only is she in danger, but it could also bring to light secrets that Toby needs to stay hidden.  Along with her closest friends and fiancé, Toby sets out to discover who in faery knows of Gillian’s existence and why they would dare to threaten her.  But as more clues unfold, the mystery only becomes deeper and the list of who and what Toby can trust becomes smaller.  An amazing story full of fae politics, lore, and magic that keeps the pages turning from beginning to end.
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This series just gets better and better.  I love the characters, and the family Toby builds for herself.  The hints that McGuire gives regarding Toby's ultimate destiny are great.  The Luiseag is probably my favorite character, but there are so many to choose from.  Can't recommend this series enough.
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Sometimes when a series goes on this long it starts to feel formulaic or repetitive. But not the October Daye books. McGuire always manages to find another angle, another piece of the world, to keep the reader enthralled.
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The story starts with Toby not seeing anything of Tybalt and Jazz having problems sleeping from what Toby’s mom did to them in the previous book. When Cliff shows up on her doorstep with his wife in tow looking for Toby’s daughter with Cliff, Toby’s world is cracked. Toby thought after making Gillian fully human and having no contact with her she would be safe and never remember when she was kidnapped by Rayseline.  Now Toby is racing around the city following a trail of Gillian’s blood and what she finds leads to things she never thought would happen.   The coda short story at the end is lovely and bittersweet as well.
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Seanan McGuire continues to be one of the foremost authors of fae-centered urban fantasy.  Her novels are unique in that her portrayals of the many kinds of fae and changeling are deeply rooted in folklore and legend.  Her characters are simultaneously more real and more magical for their depth and complexity. Readers are not simply viewing a new world, they are being submerged in it.  Despite Night and Silence being the 12th novel in the Toby Daye series, the novel is as captivating as any of its predecessors.

When Toby’s ex-husband and his new wife arrive at Toby’s door accusing her of kidnapping her daughter Gillian, there is no question of her not taking the case.  The question is why was she taken and if it was one of Toby’s enemies, who knew of Gillian’s existence. At Gillian’s dorm, Toby finds an assortment of curiously powerful charms designed to repel fae - marshwater work, and a thin blooded changeling obsessed with Toby.  Along with her allies, Toby tracks her missing daughter, in the process discovering secrets where she least expected - in the home of her ex-husband- and facing challenges from a dangerous enemy with a score to settle.

Night and Silence features many of the characters we’ve come to know through Seanan McGuire’s novels.  We also get to know Gillian’s stepmother, and the reason behind her vehement hatred of Toby. In some ways, the plot is relatively straightforward, but it in no way detracts from its appeal.  McGuire’s richly descriptive writing and her unique characters have a lot to offer readers. As a bonus, a short story retelling the end of Night and Silence from Gillian’s perspective is included.  Night and Silence is an excellent addition to McGuire’s series, and is certain to satisfy fans and newcomers alike.

5 / 5

I received a copy of Night and Silence from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.

— Crittermom
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Seanan McGuire continues to amaze me in that after so many books in a series she still manages to have more in store for her characters without Mary Sue-like power ups or to reduce them to mere caricatures of themselves. I still care about what happens to her characters as they continue to grow, change, take steps backwards and forwards. A pretty impressive feat since most series suffer sorely after only a few books. It takes a very talented writer to keep hitting the pool and coming up with fresh stories and not feeling like parts of the book are recycled from previous ones, especially as readers are updated in the "picture so far" to keep up with the story. Not a lot of rehashing, which I seriously appreciate. Kudos! I still regularly recommend this series and look forward to adding more titles to my own private collection. I'll be purchasing a paper copy of this when it comes out, my highest accolade.
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I loved this installment of Toby Daye. My heart breaks for her and all she goes through. Her Kitty is still damaged from the last run in with her family and here we go again. But the new mess that lands in her lap was one I never expected. I can't wait to see what happens next.
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For me, this has been the most stunning tale in the series so far. More questions, more answers, leaves me wanting MORE. As a bookseller, Seanan makes handselling a breeze, and literally never disappoints. Just a fantastic entry in the October Dayne series! THANK YOU!
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A really excellent installment to the October Daye series, a pleasure to read from start to finish.  Looking forward to what happens with the selkies.  My only critique is that Tybalt's staying away from Toby felt really forced.
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October Daye is still hurting from the aftermath of her mother's latest betrayal; for one thing, her fiance, Tybalt, has been avoiding her because of the damage he took at Amandine's hands. But when Toby's daughter is kidnapped--again--she springs into action. False trails uncover long-forgotten secrets, including a stunning one about Toby's family. Twists and turns and an ending always in doubt. With a bonus novella dealing with the aftermath.

A very satisfying twelfth entry in the series.
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If you're not reading this series, obviously don't start with this one (12 books in!) If you are following along, this is a continuation of the Toby Daye story with some ties to the very first one where Toby's human husband was left behind along with her child. Other than having more to do with her old life, the new life is not quite progressing because of her fiance's PTSD and some unresolved issues with other family members. There will be more books coming I will be glad to read.
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I love love love this series. I wasn't super excited to see another "Gilly is kidnapped" plot, but I was pleasantly surprised. As always, love the characters and the writing style. The bonus novella in the back was great, too!
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How is it possible that this series grows stronger with every book? In a genre that tends to suffer from story lag over time, October Daye seems to be getting even more interesting. Clearly, the author has some sort of J.K. Rowling-level of long-game going on. 

Having just survived the abduction of her fiance, October's world is again shaken when her estranged human daughter, Gillian, goes missing. All evidence points to Faerie's involvement, and Gillian's human father and stepmother are having difficulty setting aside their hatred of October to help.

Ms. McGuire writes a captivating mystery, with enough clues to leave the reader whacking their head and saying "UGH I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN!" when the mystery is revealed. I loved the ending, but it's not possible to discuss it without spoiling it completely. There's also a fascinating novella at the end that recounts the end of the book from the viewpoint of another character,

This is a series to keep reading.
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Phenomenal! At first I was uncertain about another kidnapping involving Toy's daughter, but this was a great adventure, testing the characters in profound ways. I also loved the addition of the short story at the end. I hope to be seeing more of Gillian, and definitely can't wait for the next chapter in Toby's life.

I will be featuring this title on my Curl Up With A Good Book Friday blog when I return in the fall.
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Night and Silence by Seanan McGuire
Dark, atmospheric and brooding. Those are my favorite words to describe the October Daye series. Taking place in modern day San Francisco, these fairy film noir novels are some of the best Urban Fantasy available.
Night and Silence is the twelfth installment and while the novel stands well on its own, the series is best read in order to enjoy the character progression and avoid spoilers.
All is not well in Toby’s world. After her mother’s last betrayal, Toby’s self-gathered family is in a state of crisis. She is worried and heartbroken and uncertain how to help her loved ones heal. What she needs is a distraction. What she gets is accused of the disappearance of her human daughter, Gillian and involved in trying to locate her.
What seems like a case of a missing college student rapidly devolves into a faerie instigated affair that will require all of Toby’s skills to solve.
As usual, McGuire’s writing is wonderful and the narrative is well paced. The story is full of surprising twists and turns and this novel will certainly turn October’s world all around. One of the best aspects of the story and of the series is traveling all over San Francisco with Toby and  her friends.
I’m a huge fan of this series and the author’s work.  I highly recommend this installment. 5 stars.
I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This is an excellent addition to an already wonderful series. While this has some repeat themes that are common from the author and the previous book in the series, Seanan tells this story anew with added depth and detail. Every character I have come to love makes their return to the page all the more vibrantly and I adore them even more. 
One common theme in this book is a recovery from previous trauma. None of the characters have come out of their journeys the same as they were before. This is a detail I love to look for in a book and Seanan doesn't disappoint.
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While I love this series and its layers of story and complexity built over time, this isn't  my favourite of the series.  Spoilers to follow.  The repetition of Gillian's kidnapping and subsequent "choice" was not compelling to me .  I hope to see her as a character with more agency in the future..  i did very much appreciate the view of Janet's mythic shenanigans from faerie's perspective
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SO GOOD. We finally get some answers to the questions that have haunted us all (& I would gleefully like to declare that I was right in my theories re: Amandine’s heritage) and I now have some spectacular new theories re: the quest to find Oberon & who’s pulling the strings behind it all. 

Toby & Tybalt were spot on perfect, the extra novella with Gilly was A+, and my only real complaint is why do I need to wait so long for the next book?
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