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I found this book much more interesting than I thought it would be.  While the author does as he stated in the beginning and concentrated on only a few star players and the Grand Slam tournaments, the reader will learn much about the sport and some of the other lesser-known players and tourneys.  Having said that, this book will be enjoyed much more by hard-core tennis fans than casual fans.  Overall an enjoyable read.
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I am a long time tennis fan, having played for well over 40 years.  I was looking for a fun book describing the circuit, the players, the tournament, the families, some interesting details of being on tour for a year, etc.  Instead I got an intricate primer of what tennis is, boring descriptions of tennis matches in detail, graphics showing the rankings of players and very poor photos, showing photos of empty courts and sometimes of photos that have been previously published in other sources.

The problem is that the detailed instruction is for people who know nothing about tennis.  But, aside from boring us all to tears, what person who knows nothing about tennis is going to read a whole book on tennis?

Bah humbug
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This is a truly boring and unnecessary book about a recent year on the tennis circuit. While the author obviously loves his subject and knows much about the game, there are no special insights to the top players, the grand slam events or anything else.
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