Night of Miracles

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This is the follow up to one of my favorite books of 2018, The Story of Arthur Truluv, and continues following some of the main characters after Arthur has passed away. Upon reading this book, it occurred to me that I loved the first one so much because of Arthur. Berg's development of his character was so complex and charming, it was hard not to fall in love with the man. While the others in this story were likable on their own, it just wasn't the same. This book was middle of the road and made me nostalgic for the story in the first. *Advance copy provided by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.
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This author rarely, if ever, writes a sequel.  I loved the characters from the first novel and greatly enjoyed this follow up.  I missed Arthur Truluv in this book though.
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Berg has a phenomenal ability to place you within the heart and mind of any of her characters--no matter how different character that is from your own experience.  Her novels are big-hearted, showing how acts of kindness leave a legacy and reverberate through a diffuse group of people.  I tend to read darker novels, and sometimes you need a Night of Miracles to remind you of the goodness in the world.
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The follow up to her sweet book, The Story Of Arthur Truluv, brings us right back to Mason, Missouri, to catch up on where everyone’s at.  We find out more about Maddy and Lucille, and a few more characters are added to the story.  I loved this book just as much as Arthur’s book, with my only criticism being that I think the title isn’t very fitting.  In the grand scheme of things, that’s a minor problem to have!  This may be one of Berg’s more “Pollyanna” type books, but I don’t mind one bit.  It’s not a bad thing to escape to a world where people can be good, and life doesn’t have to be so dang hard.

Note:  Special thank you to the publisher and to NetGalley for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I was a huge fan of The Story of Arthur Truluv. This one took longer to draw me in. I think part of the problem was the large cast of characters and how each chapter switches from one to another. It just takes awhile to get them all straight in your head.
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Although it is not necessary to have read The Story of Arthur Truluv, before reading this one, as it can be a stand-alone, it would probably help understand and appreciate this one.  I have not read that book and found myself sometimes wondering about what was going on as well as hoping/looking for back story that just was not there.  Still, a reader can read this as a stand-alone, as I said. 

Lucille and Maddy are off on a new adventure.   Lucille, at the tender age of 88, is conducting baking classes.  Maddy makes just a cameo appearance in the book, but she still is there.  Due to her age, Lucille advertises for a helper, and Iris, a girl from Boston, comes into the picture, though Iris knows nothing about baking. Still, Iris can help out with some of the jobs Lucille prefers not to do or perhaps can no longer do to her satisfaction. A number of interesting, new characters who live in the area are introduced into the story, each with his or her own tale. Their stories are bound together and to Lucille and her life, and each in his or her own way is endearing. I enjoyed the way the author could bring each and every one of them to life and to make their stories mine. That said, I found it all a well-done but still just a bunch of stories loosely bound together. Still, as I said, the author can bring them all to life and somehow make them all come together for a fascinating and interesting book. I am reminded of Maeve Binchy who has a similar ability. I received this from NetGalley to read and review.
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I haven't read  "The Story of Arthur Truluv" but I think I have to, if only for how much I enjoyed this book. 
It seems that there are some mention of the characters from Arthur Truluv, but not to the point where I was lost reading this book. 
its a heart warming story with lots going on and how people can tie together in love and friendship.  I really enjoyed it,. 

Thank you NetGalley for the ARC.
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I did enjoy this book but did not realize there was another book that should be (maybe?) read before hand so that you can get the full spectrum and appreciation for this book. Nonetheless i enjoyed it.
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Please note that this novel is the follow up to [book:The Story of Arthur Truluv|32918898].

This novel takes up several years after the ending of the first book.  Lucille is still missing the love of her life and Arthur.  Maddy is a single mother and getting her education in another city.  She and her daughter come visit with Lucille, and keep each other going.  This novel also introduces several new characters in Mason, Missouri.  We have newbie to town, Iris who gets a position helping Lucille with her business, and makes friends with a man in her building. Monica, a diner waitress, is pining away for the man in Iris's building, who is a regular in the diner.  He has has a crush on Monica, but neither is brave enough to tell the other.  In regular Elizabeth Berg fashion, this is a well written engaging book.  I definitely liked the first book better as Arthur was such as great character and i loved his chemistry with both Lucille and Maddy.

I listened to this one on audio, which is read by Berg, and is really well done.

***I received an eARC from NETGALLEY***
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Personable characters  and a story that invited me in. I enjoyed the baking pursuits and the realistic progression of the relationships. Elizabeth Berg is one of my favorite authors. This book might be one of my favorites of hers.
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This is the sequel to Arthur Truluv (which I loved, no pun intended). Lucille is the main character in a small town that is dominated by quirky characters. Elizabeth Berg is so adept at creating plots and characters that you become invested in.
This book is a sweet treat and just a 'feel good' read. 
I received an Advance Review Copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
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A fabulous story of friendship and the choices we make. A multi layered plot and characters so feelable. It's funny,serious and heartwarming. Everything you expect from Elizabeth Berg. I truly enjoyed it.
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This book was an excellent followup to Arthur Truelove.  I was glad to see all of the loose ends in  “Arthur” resolved.  It was very uplifting and a simple read.
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Thank you to the publisher, the author, and Netgalley for giving me an ARC in exchange for my candid reviquirew.

I loved the characters in this book. It is a love affair with elderly people. It is about appreciating the experience and personality of older people in your life. It is about unlikely, quirky characters who love and appreciate others while not being related. It is about choosing your family and not just the ones that you are born with.

I would love to live in this small town in Missouri. I would love to be friends with any of these lovely, quirky indiivduals. 

I am reminded of the book "A Man Called Ove", but in a different way. Please read, you will love these people.

I loved this book so much, that I went back to read book one of this series.
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I loved this book! Sometimes you need a "Hallmark" story, a laugh with old friends, and to hope with new ones. “That is the gift of love, not only that you have somebody but that you are changed by somebody….People need something to depend on. They need something to love.”
     I am not a fan of Romance fiction or chic lit. Night of Miracles shares stories of wonderful, quirky characters. Anxious, hopeful, afraid, sad, jealous – Berg nails the emotions without becoming ponderous.
    Lucille is back and makes me smile out loud. “Lucille will not give up her baths. No. In the tub, she is what she thinks being stoned must be like: she enjoys a feeling of timelessness and wide content. A float-y, perfumed detachment….After Lucille eats the cake, she weighs herself in an effort to to have a second slice. It does not work, which she might have predicted, and so she does have a second slice.” 
     Berg’s writing shines with gentle, unforced humor. “Iris is an animal lover, but spiders and centipedes don’t make the cut.” A simple phrase sets a scene, “a yellow plate that is perfect for morning.” Food descriptions might make you drool. “Thank the Lord for green pastures, blue skies, and butter that is 83% butterfat. The scent of the cake is so rich it makes her shoulders rise up and her hands squeeze into happy fists.” (I’d love to see recipes included!!)  
Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publisher for granting access to an arc of this book for an honest review. I will visit Lucille and gang again!
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A book about a community of strangers who come together to build a family.  Elizabeth Berg does a great job of blending characters and generations together and telling the story in such a way to make the reader feel as if they are in Missouri, watching their neighbors and enjoying their everyday lives.  
Although this is a continuum of the Arthur Trulove story, you won't need the first book to follow the characters.  As they move forward to build their lives in the community, you'll fall in love with Lucille and her friends and co-workers.  With a little of a Gilmore Girls atmosphere, this book was not only a good read, it will stock with me for awhile.  I've added it to all my friend's TBR stacks.
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I loved The Story of Arthur Truluv, so I didn’t hesitate to add Night of Miracles to my reading list. 

I’m so glad I did.  I loved this book.  I loved visiting with the characters again and visiting with Mason, Missouri. 

After the death of her dear friend and roommate, Arthur Truluv, Lucille starts a baking class to keep busy.  They become so popular that she hires Iris, a person who has just moved to town.  Even though she doesn’t have any baking experience, Lucille feels something towards her. 

A new family moves next door and Lucille takes their son, Lincoln, under her wing. 

I enjoyed all of the new characters that were introduced in this book.  I loved the friendships that developed.  

Such a charming book, in a charming town, with charming characters.  It’s a book that makes you feel good after you read it.  A book where you don’t want to leave the characters or the town.
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Just as much as I loved The Story of Arthur Trulove, I loved Night of Miracles just as much. I enjoyed getting to see what happened with Arthur's neighbor Lucille and with Maddy and her daughter Nola. Elizabeth Berg knows how to write heart-warming, heartfelt stories that can pull anyone in. While the death of Lucille was sad, the fact that Maddy finally found love, as did some of her other friends shows that the circle of life is real.
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This lovely book intertwines the lives many fun and quirky characters! Lucile is an 80-something year old who teaches baking classes. Iris, who is searching for a new life following a divorce, moves to Lucile's small town and becomes her new assistant. Iris's neighbor, Tiny, and Monica, the woman Tiny adores from afar, are also key characters. Elizabeth Berg does an excellent job of having these, and many other, individual characters tell their stories to the reader. I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to her next!
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