The Victorian Christmas Brides Collection

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Wow. What a fabulous collection. These are all special, deep and involved stories. Well worth the read, whether it's Christmas time or not. Highly recommended to keep your attention. Not your run of the mill romances.

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Dickens is an author I own many vintage copies of in my library. These 9 stories of Christmas brides during the Victorian Era are right in line with that vintage feel. Each story glides through time right into the 1900's. Charming, romantic and predictable but all with a wonderful Christmas vibe. Grab a blanket, cup of tea and light the fire, both in the fireplace and within your heart.
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I love these collections! Such a bargain for so many great stories. I admittedly stumbled over a couple of these stories that I didn't enjoy, but the majority of them were sweet and satisfying. A great collection for those interested in Victorian romance with a bit of faith sprinkled in.
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I enjoyed all the stories in this collection some more than others. Some of them made me laugh and I even got tears with one. I know I will be searching out all of the nine authors other books. That is one thing I like about collections like this! You get to read a variety of stories. This collection won’t disappoint.

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The women in the Victoria Christmas Brides Collection did not fail to disappoint with heartwarming stories set in Victorian England. In their usual fashion, the female protagonists, challenge the societal norms  of their time.  It is difficult to pick out a favourite story because each story has its unique elements and helps the reader understand the times that they lived in. For instance, Overall, the Runaway Bride Collection is a comforting pick for a cosy winter reading day or night.
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Oh my goodness, this was such a fun Christmas read that really made me feel happy and added to the holiday season. Despite the characters being flawed, as we all are they worked to overcome and make themselves and their world a better place. Very encouraging stories your going to enjoy reading!
Pub Date 01 Sep 2018 
I received a complimentary copy of this book . Thank you. All opinions expressed are my own.
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My Review:
-A Christmas Promise
This novella was a little different from the others in the collection, it was a little hard to follow. And for the beginning, I was a little lost, but it was better in the end!

-Love Brick By Brick
This is a one of a kind story - or for me it is! This is a wonderful and sweet novella that I enjoyed before bed, and on that note, it is a perfect before bed read!

-The Holly and The Ivy
This is a cute novella if a little lacking in depth. I enjoyed reading about Lily, I just wish that there were more descriptions.

-Star Of Wonder
This is one of the sweetest stories I have read! I had never heard of this author before this story and hadn't been sure I would like it but it was an enjoyable story!

-One Golden Ring
Marianna is a sweet character, and I liked reading about her and Tristram. I like how they grew even though the story was short, they were well written and developed.

I will post my review of the last novellas once I'm finished reading them!

(I received this book in exchange for my honest review and was truly happy to provide it!)
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I enjoyed this collection of short stories.  It is a great way to find new authors, and with each story only about 50 pages, it is just the thing if you only have an hour here and there to curl up with a cup of coffee or tea and looking for a sweet Christmas read.

One Golden Ring by C.J. Chase - 4.5 stars
I really enjoyed this story - like-able characters with a past story, some humerus banter and a sweet ending.  It was bitter-sweet to see this end.

Star of Wonder by Susanne Dietze - 3.5 stars
This was a cute story and I could see what would happen with the love story.  There was also a mystery included.

The Holly and the Ivy by Rita Gerlach - 4 stars
I really enjoyed this sweet romantic story with Lily and Andrew.  I liked both characters a lot and the mystery with the letters were interesting, plus I was correct in my guess.  I also included a villain which was handled satisfactory by Andrew.

Love Brick by Brick by Kathleen L. Maher - 3 stars
This was a sweet story with lessons about jumping to conclusions and forgiveness.

A Christmas Vow by Gabrielle Meyer - 4.5 stars
This was one of my favourite stories in this collection of stories.  Christopher and Ashleigh were very likable, stubborn characters and I enjoyed seeing the emotions and feelings develop before they realised what was going on.  There was also a "villain" in Eric, a very unlikable character who tried to get Ashleigh to marry him.

The Sugarplum Ladies by Carrie Fancett Pagels - 3 stars
Another sweet story in the collection.  My favourite quote from this one: "But God's ways really weren't mans's ways."

Paper Snowflake Christmas by Vanessa Riley - 3.5 stars
This was a story which was difficult to get into due to the subject matter, but found it growing on me as I learned more about the characters.  Favourite quote:  "Sometimes, you let go and grow your faith."

Father Christmas by Lorna Seilstad - 3.5 stars
This was another sweet romantic story. What I liked about this one is how the main female character, Beatrix had to learn to stand up to her overbearing mother-in-law and how secrets and guilt could be damaging to ourselves, others and relationship.

The Perfect Christmas by Erica Vetsch - 4 stars
I enjoyed this final story in the collection, especially how Gray had to learn there is more to just the bottom line.  I must say the ending did end differently to what I expected (I thought Mr Sands would have a damaging surprise in store for Melisande).  This is the only story in the collection which felt to short for me and where I would have liked a bit more to the story.
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This was anthology of historical Christmas tales by 9 authors that guarantee good tales and enjoyable reads. Settle in for good Seasonal  entertainment.

Ebooks from Netgalley and publishers with thanks. Opinions are entirely my own.
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God puts his touch on these nine stories of love during the Victorian Age at Christmas time. A time when celebration took on a elegant and grand style. As these nine couples come together in the holdiay season its a emotionally charged atmosphere with couples coming together after long sperations or as strangers falling in love with each other. 

One Golden Ring   CJ Chase   Devonshire England Bristol Exeter Railroad December 17, 1855
Mariana is returning home for most likely the final time. Thristham is returning home  to take over after his brother's death. Still  recovering after almost dieing a year ago he meets up with his aunt and her companion on their way to spend Christmas at home. He's angry because of being turned down years ago by Mariana when he proposed marriage. Mariana helps with the decorating and Tristham lays into her because of his sister. Realizing he over reacted he apologises. A strom sends them into the house. Mariana sprains her ankle. Tristham aunts illness becomes known to the family. He receives advice from his mother. Tristham and Mariana talk late one night, which sends him to have a conversation with the aunt. Mariana realizes she's always loved him. Tristham realizes the real reason his proposal was turned down. They dance a waltz. Another proposal is made and accepted. A family ring is returned to Mariana from Tristham as a wedding present.

Star of Wonder  Susanne Dietz  County Durham England  1875
Celste and Bennett are supposed to be getting engaged . Niether wants to marry so they make a plan to talk to their fathers. They get caught up in getting to know each other and searching for a family heirloom that's gone missing. Celeste is good with children so they enlist their help. She keeps seeing this maid around the house. The bridge is out so everyone is stranded because of a winter storm. They go hunting mistletoe and Bennett and Celeste get to know each other better. As they search for the perfect tree they realize they want to be together and marry. Celeste realizes that she doesn't have to give up love for what she wants to do. She shares her suspiciousons about the missing necklace. All is forgiven and love declared with a proposal. A lost relative is forgiven and a Christmas prayer answered.

The Holly and the Ivy   Rita Gerlach   Winter day  1900
Lily just fainted after attending Dr. Andrew Stapleton's lecture. He helps to take care of her and escorts her and the companions back to their hotel. She invites him to Sunday supper and to look at some love letters she bought. Andrew comes and loves the family atmosphere since he's always lonely. He takes the letters to study them. A man shows up and wants to buy the letters.  Saying he's a go between for Andrew. Lily doesn't know if she should believe him. Andrew returns and Lily asks him about the man. He knows nothing about it and then the man comes back while Andrew is there. They confront him with a maid as witness. An explaination is made to her family. Andrew asks for a private word with Lily's father. An aunt comes for a Christmas visit. A proposal is made & accepted, dreams come true, a kitten causes havoc and a job is taken in America.

Love Brick by Brick   Kathleen L. Maher   Elmira, New York   1857
Rufus and Sarah Ann are at odds over his mother's treatment. They're attracted to each otherand of different classes. Sarah Ann is trying to become a doctor, so she can take care of the kids in the orphanage she grew up in. She thinks Rufus looks down on her because of being an orphan. Rufus wants to get to know her better and asks her to the opera. They're visiting the orphanage, where she realizes he's sweet to the children. They must rush to the hospital. He turns his back against his father and an arrest is made. A misunderstanding and an over heard conversation leads to hurt feelings. When Sarah Ann receives a package that changes her mind. Rufus checks on information about his father and helps them to reconciliation. A marriage proposal is accepted and beautiful saphires are received. Children are adopted and all Sarah Ann's dreams come true, and she's welcomed into the family.
A Christmas Vow Gabrielle Meyer  London England  December 21, 1899
 Ashleigh's epexcting unwanted guests for a Christmas house party. A long ago pact between her and Christophers'  mothers made when they were children. Both have just learned of it just before Christopher and his father arrive. Neither of them wants to get married. Christopher is waiting on word about an investment in the family railroad. A Christmas disaster when they were children starts them off the wrong way. They're attracted to each other & as they spend more time with each other they realize that the other has changed. After Ashliegh sprains her ankle they're drawn together but she perfers another man. When she catches him with her maid, her mind changes. Christopher is called away on business. The other man makes his move. Christopher is almost too late returning, but they declare their love. The future is talked about and they face their fathers and begin to make plans. 

Sugarplum Ladies  Carrie Fancett Pagels  Detroit 1867
Eugenie is trying to decide whether to marry her father's friend. She unfortunately lucky that her father dies before there's an official engagement. When the intended suitor insists that the engagement is valid she heads to see her lawyer. Percy has come to his friend the lawyer for help. Percy tries to find another reason to see Eugenie. He's given an invitation to a meeting that happens to be where she is. They go out for supper and start seeing each other. Eugenie thinks these are business meeting and not dates. An elderly friend tells Percy anything can happen at Christmas. When his family arrive for Christmas he hires her catering ladies to fix meals. His family shows up early. Percy invites Eugenie to the opera. Her old boyfriend shows up. She sprains her ankle. Percy poses a question and is relieved by the answer. Eugenie realizes a mistake. A discussion is proposed. Eugenie gets a look at a document. God makes sure it all works out as planned. 

Paper Snowflakes  Christina Venessa Riley  December 2, 1837 Framingham, England
Ophelia has an unexpeted visitor. Her dead husbands cousin and son's guardian. Geoffry has come to take the boy away as his cousin's will states. She was supposed to have until after Christmas but with a storm coming in he moves  up the date. He's relying on his aunts words and past experience with Ophelia. After a fall and the weather have him staying longer than expected they are able to get reaquainted and get to know the boy. Ophelia is estatic to have more time. An almost fatal accident has Geoffey changing his ways. Ophelia doesn't trust him and his dare to kiss him she doesn't take. The boy wants to go gather greenery. When they wake and he's gpme Geoffry goes looking for him. They leave but come back for a surprise visit on Christmas day. A proposal and acceptance and wedding take place. Christmas miracles and wishes are granted.

Father Christmas  Lorna Seilstad  Blackpool, England  1880
Beatrix is trying to move on but her mother-in-law won't let her and takes over whenever she visits. She's dealing with a leaking roof. Hugh brings his daughter over for piano lessons and offers to help with repairs to the house in exchange for the lessons. It brings them together. They both take contributions to the poor school for Christmas. He asks Beatrix help buying a Christmas present for his daughter. A trip to Hugh's work has Beatrix getting an offer to play at the children's Christmas recital. Hugh reveals his background. A threat is made after they're both at the same dinner party. When Beatrix steps back from their friendship, Hugh finds out why. Hugh writes a letter and borrows Beatrix harp. Beatrix gets a surprise and a another performer. A note reveals the truth about her husband and amends are made with her mother-in-law. An engagement is announced which makes a blended family. 

A Perfect Chrismas  Erica Vetsch  London, England  November 7, 1889
Melisande has worked at Garamond Department Store the last several years. She & her sister both are trying to save money so her sister can go to opera school. Melisande has had a crush on the grandson of the owner. She's entered a window dressing contest for the store hoping to earn more money. She's come up the ranks at the store quickly. Against Gray's advice his grandfather picks Melisande's design. His grandfather can't seem to make Gray understand a store is more than making profits by firing the employees and changing everything all at once. When the grandfather suffers a stroke and Gray must take over and make changes immediately. Melisande's trying to placate the former window dresser and work on her window. She's asked to update the grandfather who rewards her by being taken to a prestigous ball. First they attend the store Christmas party where Gray learns about the employees. Gray realizes that Melisande has changed his life. The prestigous ball is enlightening. The window is revealed and they win the prize. Gray and Melisande delcare their love for each other with a proposal following. 

God makes true love shine during the holiday season for these 9 couples who aren't expecting to find love. These stories are uplifting and make you want to cheer for joy. A peek into the life of a Victorian Era Christmas is enlightening and fun. It just makes you realize how special the holiday season is and that love is never a mistake especially when God helps the process along.
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Easy Christmas read!

This collection of Christmas stories is the perfect Christmas vacation read. The stories are short enough to read in an hour or so, perfect for catching a quick few minutes of "introverted time" while visiting your strange Aunt Clara. Light-hearted and clean, these stories are essentially a "Hallmark Christmas movie" experience on page. While a few stories did not catch my interest, others did, making this an easy put-it-down-pick-it-up-again option. As a plus, it's a safe book to hand your grandmother. ;)

Rated G
--no sex
--no violence
--no language
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This collaboration of novellas is beautiful! Each one is filled with lovable characters and depth. The messages form God are woven intricately within and I was definitely captivated throughout. Four stars and recommendations for sure!
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I love Christmas stories. Whether they’re historical or contemporary, I love reading yuletide tales. But to me, Victorian Christmas stories are extra special. It’s two of my favorite things rolled into one. That’s why I was drawn to The Victorian Christmas Brides Collection from Barbour Books, featuring stories by nine different authors. And this lovely collection did not disappoint. Each author has provided a heartwarming story perfect for the Christmas season. Endearing heroines and chivalrous heroes provide wonderful leading characters for all nine stories. And the Christmas traditions described throughout the book appealed to both the history enthusiast and Christmas lover in me. I thoroughly enjoyed this collection. 

If you love historical fiction and Christmas stories, I think you will definitely enjoy The Victorian Christmas Brides Collection.

All opinions expressed in this review are my own. Thank you to Barbour Books and NetGalley for allowing me to read a copy of this lovely collection full of Christmas cheer.
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Another great collection of stories by a wonderful collaboration of authors. Each story is so unique, yet the collection is woven together seamlessly. 

Thank you to Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.
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“The Victorian Christmas Brides Collection” included novellas about different women and their loves. Set in the Christmas season, they provide a variety of perspectives and personalities. I enjoyed each of them, although it is not the Christmas season just yet. The stories included a definite Christian message, although not preachy or overwhelming. The message was seamlessly woven into each story. I recommend this book for anyone who likes to read short romance novels/stories set during the Christmas season. 

I received this book from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own.
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I enjoy these novella collections and they are popular with customers, but this one wasn't my favorite. The stories just did not seem up to their usual high standard. I did enjoy Erica Vetsch's story and 1 or 2 others, but most of them I didn't care for. Was overall disappointed in this collection.
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The Victorian Christmas Brides Collection is a delightful book of shorts stories by several different authors. I loved all the stories. They are sweet and romantic with something for everyone who wants to read about love with a Christmas theme with all with happily ever afters. I can't pick a favorite as all of them were wonderful. I received this book from Net Galley and Barbour Publishing for a honest review and no compensation otherwise. The opinions expressed are my own
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Nine enjoyable stories from some gifted authors!  Several of these authors I have never read before and this book was a great way to check them out.  I enjoyed some stories more than others and would have liked them to be longer but this is a great book to read a single story when you are looking for a short, sweet story.  Each novella takes place in a different place such as, England, Washington DC, and Windsor/Detroit but all of them are in the Victorian Era (1837 to 1900). Each has an obstacle to overcome to have the perfect Christmas. Can they do it?

I received this book from NetGalley and all opinions are my own.
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Another Christmas Brides Collection from Barbour Books. This time I had the privilege of reading Victorian Christmas Brides and their journey to the alter. What a great collection to have when you need a short read, when not enough time for a full size book! Each of these stories with have you smiling, though there will be some difficult issues, but still heartwarming stories to fill your Christmas with love! 

This copy was provided by NetGalley. The opinions here are mine only!
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I received a copy of this book via NetGalley and Barbour Books for an honest review.
I admit I have not read any of this authors works. That said any historical romance set in Victorian times that have Christmas as their theme is a winner with me. I enjoyed all the stories and just could not pick a favourite as I like them all. I am not usually a fan of short stories as I feel that sometimes they do not contain enough information or depth for me as the reader. In fact they end far to soon. I have been looking for more books by some these authors especially Vanessa Riley and C.J. Chase. For a feel good collection of Christmas stories  I highly recommend this one.
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