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Anna Strong and the Revolutionary War Culper Spy Ring

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The book was very good. A fun read for the young student learning about the REvolutionary WAr and looking for a fun read about the Culper Spy Ring.
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Excellent read for young readers who are studying or learning about the Revolutionary War. Fun, engaging and educational book about spies - my kids really enjoyed it!
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Anna Strong and the Revolutionary War Culper Spy Ring is the third book in the Spy on History series. Each book in the series features a spy from American history. I've read and thoroughly enjoyed them all.

With this third book, we've gone back in time to the Revolutionary War. Anna Strong and her husband lived on Long Island under the occupation of the British and were part of George Washington's spy ring. When Anna's husband was arrested, Anna took over so the spy network would not be broken. She communicated to her contact with her laundry, hanging certain colors to communicate certain information. She traveled into New York City multiple times to relay information.

The Spy on History books are a great way to get young readers interested in history. They come with activities in back and a message to decode.
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A few years ago I read the Spy on History book titled Mary Bowser and the Civil War Spy Ring. We all enjoyed it so much, both the story and the puzzle hidden within the pages of the book, that when I found Anna Strong and the Revolutionary War Culper Spy Ring, in the same series, I knew we wanted to read it. And we certainly enjoyed it! When I first opened it, I suddenly realized I had read about a dozen pages, and I really didn’t have time for it. I read it aloud to the children later, and they were just as drawn in as I had been. This is quite a fascinating story, and it also has a puzzle built in, although with the ecopy we received we really couldn’t solve the mystery. We’ll have to get a hard copy one of these days!

The story begins with Anna Strong’s husband being arrested by the British in New York on suspicion of being a spy for the Americans. What they didn’t know was…they had left the real spy behind! When would they discover the truth? When Mr. Strong and the children fled for safety after his release, would Anna and the baby be safe as they stayed behind to take care of the house?

The ways Anna worked out to gather information, and get it to General Washington were very interesting to read about. Sometimes she was in a lot of danger, and other times there was humor. There was always tension, as she worked hard for a cause she believed in.

The historical note at the end really adds to the book. I always like to know how much of a work of historical fiction is true. This book is a great addition to a study of the American Revolution, and it is also great for children who love to solve puzzles. If it is as good as the Civil War book I mentioned earlier, it is really good. A couple of my teenagers spent a couple of hours apiece working out the codes and ciphers in that one.

I received a free ecopy of this book from NetGalley and chose to write a review.
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Great subject and decent introduction to this segment of history, especially for younger audiences. The version I read (epub) didn't download all the pictures, so maybe try another electronic version. Interesting and recommended for fans of American history. 

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This was a fun book about Anna Strong and the role it is believed she played in the Culper Spy Ring during the Revolutionary War.  I think this would be great for students studying the Revolutionary War.  What I also liked was the secret message hidden in the text - a fun addition.
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I loved this book! But then again, I love this whole series. I knew of Anna Strong from the show Turn on AMC, so I was really excited to delve into this book and see what it had to say. My history loving heart couldn't be more overjoyed. This is going to be great to use in my homeschooling classroom when my students are just a bit older! The story is easy to read and follow, the cover is gorgeous, the illustrations really bring the entire thing together. 5 out of 5 stars. I can't say enough honestly. I'm just so excited and want to learn more about this woman now! Thank you, Netgalley and Workman Publishing!
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Thanks to NetGalley and Workman Publishing for allowing an advanced read in exchange for an honest review.

When kids are studying historic events, they love reading historical fiction about that time period. This book will keep them focused on the war in an effort to crack the code and solve the mystery at the end of the book.  
We will need to have multiple copies in our library to keep up with the students who will want to read this book.
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This is a really engaging informational book for children, following Anna Strong's spy efforts for the Culper Ring during the Revolutionary War. The historical note at the end explains that the identity of the lady spy isn't certain but Anna Strong is considered to be the most likely possibility, and the book follows what Anna's spy efforts likely would have been like. It was cool to read about her signaling system and how the Culper Ring helped to thwart Benedict Arnold's traitorous plans.

I read an ARC via #NetGalley. All opinions are my own.
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This book is a Children's Historical Non fiction book which talks about a group of spies called "The Culper Ring" which was formed by a couple Americans called during the Revolutionary war against the British under General George Washington.

It's quite descriptive for a child's level yet very much to the point and very well written.

In the end you are left to solve a letter that the lead Anna Strong had given to one of his Ring members. It's not only informative but also very enjoyable for a light read but I couldn't solve the letter in the end, thank God the answer was there but I simply couldn't understand how we got it.🙈
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This was an educational and interesting read for children who love to read about the Revolution or spies in general. Though it would have been interesting to see what will be going in the envelope when it is published.
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