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This poor witch is fed up with all her witchy requirements like wearing long black robes and eating toads-eyeball soup. She'd like to break free, and have some fun . . . preferably in a red sports car with some nice young man. She just wants to be loved. Is that so wrong?

Despite the knockout illustrations by Laura Aguerrebehere, this title had some problems. I wish that instead of being written in rhyme, the text had been more like actual diary entries. The ending was also a little abrupt. If she's going on vacation, why not have a little drawing of our girl on a beach, ideally being served an eyeball-free cocktail by a hot young stud?

On the whole, I liked the book, but it could have been much better.
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Cute new take on witches and how they feel about stereotypes they’re subjected to. Some of the rhymes don’t quite work.
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This seems like a great idea for a book... but it has a few problems.

First, it's a translation. Unfortunately, it's also a rhyming book, so the resulting rhythm is off. The other issue the translation brings up is in the illustrations. There are lots of labelled things (books, jars, bottles, etc.) and they were obviously changed from the original... but it's not seamless. In places, the labels just look like they were slapped in with a standard black font, and they stand out. This is a shame, because the illustrations are great! They're the best part of the book: silly, goofy, and full of emotion and fun.

Second, the format of the book is supposed to be a diary, so there's no real progression of events... and this leads to a bit of confusion. The witch talks about how she's tired of being a scary witch and would rather get a job as a fairy and live in a castle or something. But immediately after that, she starts talking about how she cursed Sleeping Beauty, so I wasn't sure what to think.

Third, the book just ends. I kept pressing "next" on my reading app until I realized I was on the last page. There was no real ending or resolution, just the witch saying she needs to go to the beach (which is accompanied by a hilarious illustration of her in a bikini, hairy legs and all). I think part of the problem is that, since there's no actual story, there's nothing to indicate when the book is actually at an end. This may be a peek at a witch's diary, but it's like we just got to read part of it before she burst into the room and turned us into a toad.

All that said, I think this book will have appeal for those who like picture books about witches. It's worth taking a look for the illustrations alone.
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"Diary of a Witch" written by Valeria Davila, illustrated by Laura Aguerrebehere, and translated by Monica Lopez presents as a series of short rhyming poems that express a witch's dreams to change her ways. The illustrations portray the witch (with her little cat) exploring new possibilities. Both the premise and the compelling illustrations can provoke conversation with young readers.

A good read for the spooky month.
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I absolutely LOVE the idea behind this and thought the illustrations and page layout were amazing. I'm docking down so much because this felt really incomplete. The story just kind of randomly ends without any sort of wrap-up or conclusion. Definitely not a fan of that. I also know this is a translated work, but I felt the English translations were really stilted and could have used some revision. Overall though, I highly recommend this. I thought it was adorable and such a cute take on witches that I've never seen before.

Thank you to NetGalley and CrackBoom! Books for an advanced reader copy. All thoughts and opinions are, as always, my very own.
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I received a free ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

The pictures in this book are fantastic. They are so bright and detailed. The book is set up just like diary entries. The text is cute and rhyming. It's a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it!
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I recieved a free copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book was sweet. The pictures were funny and well detailed. I can imagine kids loving it. The rhyming was good. It made me, a full grown adult smile, which is always good especially with such a simple book. I will most likely buy this book for me friends kid at christmas.

4 out of 5 stars
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This is a hilarious book, great for Halloween.

I love the illustrations: how they spill to the white space of the side page. I love their detail and playfulness that adds humor to the already funny text. 

The text flows in rhythmic, rhyming lines. You read fast but then you stay longer on the page to enjoy the elements provided by the illustration. Each page is delicious.

I love the premise of reading fantastical creatures diaries. It sparks the reader's imagination. It's surprising and an exercise in empathy to read the thoughts, intimate feelings and dreams of stereotyped characters from traditional fairy tales. We leave their widely held but fixed and oversimplified image and discover new depths in their characters.

"Dear Diary,
I'm writing to tell you I'm weary.
I've been a wicked witch
for too many years,
and it's making me teary."

There are multiple mentions to stories well known as The Sleeping Beauty and Hansel and Gretel.

This witch is not bad at all and she wants to change her way of leaving, the traditional one that everybody knows. She wants to be different: go on a date, live a romance story, dress pretty and feminine clothes. 

I’ll never find a suitor 
with this fusty breath. 
Surely brushing my teeth 
wouldn’t hasten my death?

(It's a good time to remember kids of the advantages of brushing their teeth).

She's looking for a new job in the world of fairy tales.

I’m going to get a new job
as a princess or a nice fairy
 so I can wear a pink dress 
and a crown that’s all flowery. 

And she longs to travel the world on vacation.

I need a real break 
and am craving a trip. 
And if I eat out all the time, 
I’ll give those beastly potions the slip!

Even witches need a rest sometimes. She´ll have to work hard for Halloween but I guess she'll spend Christmas in a tropical island, in her striped swimsuit.

I received this book as an eARC from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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What a delight! The children are going to love this book. The story itself was a heartwarming tale about a witch who doesnt want to be scary, and mean anymore. She wants a change of career from her devilish ways. I found the writing to be okay, but I wasn't a fan of the simple ending. On the other hand, I would honestly pick up this book for the artwork alone. The art was simply stunning, and the colors were fun and vibrant. They included a lot of small details that I know  children will just love. 

A huge thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for sending me a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I truly appreciate it!
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This illustrations in this book are amazing. My grandson loved them and spent time looking at each page and talking about it. This witch is writing in her diary about how she wishes her life were different. She wishes she could get rid of the black clothes, stop riding a broom, find a man etc. One page has a diary post, the page beside illustrates what she is thinking and writing about, it is quite humourous. The flow is a bit stilted, perhaps because it is translated, but that did not bother my grandson at all. The reason I am only giving this book 3 stars is because it does not seem finished. My grandson kept asking me to turn the page and I told him there was no more. He got quite upset and even though he enjoyed what we did read, he was upset by the ending. If there was something added to make the story seem finished, I know it would easily be a 5 star read for us
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I really hope this is only a partial book, because if this is the full thing, it sucks.  The story ends with no warning, which is why I think it’s a sample galley.  I can not decide if this is an adult parody book, or a kids picture book.  I need an ending to tell me.  It goes against what most books try to preach about pretty is on the inside, and be yourself.  Once again, I need the ending to form a full picture.  Until I get one, this is not a great review, but that’s because the 17 pages I have read so far, are not great.
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Fun illustrations, and very cute rhymes, but somehow the whole thing felt incomplete.

I received a free copy trough netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Are you scare of witches?  After reading this diary with delightful illustrations, you will find them not scarey.  It’s a great book for children who are afraid of the witches in fairy tales.  I found myself smiling big smiles as I read the diary.  It’s a delightful book!
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Told in rhyme, this is a witch telling her story to her diary.
The wallpaper front page has a few sketches of scenes, such as broom, hat, cauldron, cat, but there’s also a hilarious shot of a jousting knight after a running spellcaster. See what happens when you forget your broom?
This redheaded witch has a heroic honker.
There’s an early shot of her reading about 80s glamour while complaining about her frizzy hair. Then she ditches the robe for heels and a leather miniskirt. . . kinda disturbing. The fact she’s in a fast car with a younger man might indicate her version of a midlife crisis.
So, basically she’s reexamining her life, trying to decide if being bad is a bad idea.
It’s cute, and not at all scary, but then I doubt it was meant to be.
3.5 pushed up to 4/5
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This is a cute story from the point of view of a witch! She wants to be different and have other opportunities. Very cute pictures as well!
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This illustrations in this book are just fabulous. A witch is writing in her diary about how she wishes her life were different, and the pictures of her committing her witchy deeds as well as trying on red high heels and a leather mini skirt or a fairy costume are just too cute and hilarious. The story is fun too, though it tries too hard to force a rhyming scheme and ends up having an awkward rhythm as well as trying to force rhymes like "fairy" and "flowery." If it were written in simple prose rather than trying to be poetic, it would be a five star read for me for sure! As the text has an awkward flow and sometimes doesn't make much sense (trying to force rhymes again), this is still a solid, fun, 4 star read. Would make a great bedtime story around Halloween (or anytime!)
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First I would like to thank Netgalley for this advanced digital copy. I really loved this book! I loved all the illustrations and the story line was amazing. I am a witch fanatic! The story follows a witch who writes in her diary of how tired she is being a witch and tries to be everything else. This book would be amazing around the Halloween season. I will be looking for this book to add to my spooky bookshelf in August. I highly recommend this to kids of all ages especially ones who love witches!
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Per parafrasare il titolo di un romanzo di qualche anno fa, se NON fossi una strega!

Come fare infatti se una vita di verruche e malefiche pozioni ormai ti sta stretta?

Se non desideri che trovare un altro lavoro, comprare un costume da bagno e prendere il sole sul lungomare?
Può essere una sfida - una sfida vera.

Da documentare rigorosamente in un diario, senza vergogna, senza timori.
Bellissime illustrazioni accompagnano un diario che è un esempio - di cosa, non si capisce bene. XD

Un libricino pieno di ironia, da regalare e regalarsi - perché, se c'è speranza per una strega, c'è speranza per tutti. ;)
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A really lovely and cute books for children. The illustrations are awesome.
Highly recommended!
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC
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This is an odd little book, about a reluctant evil witch, who wants to reform. 

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-590" src="" alt="" />

She talks about the things she wants to change, how she really wants to be a good witch, and do good things.

It was cute, but did not have a satisfactory ending. It ends with her saying she has to go on vacation.

<img src="" alt="" />

She decides she wants to go on vacation, and that is it, game over.

#DiaryOfAWitch #NetGalley

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
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