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Diary of a Witch

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I read the French version of this as well and I have to say reading it in your native language you understand a lot more.

I didn't pick up on the rhyming in the french version so I liked that.

But why use the word fusty? Even as an adult with a good vocabulary I had to look it up. Just seems out of place in a children's book.

Overall really funny! I loved it! Would definitely recommend for people with young children.
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What a cute little book. The illustrations were bright and colorful. The digital copy I had was missing the last couple pages but I was able to read most of the story. This will be a winner at our storytimes.
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The illustrations are to die for! This rather - ahem - unattractive witch is tired of casting spells on princesses and wants to reinvent herself. She tries hairstyles, clothing changes (leather mini-skirt and red stilettos, thank you very much), and thinks she'll apply to be a fairy.

The pictures are spooky but funny and complex. Children (oh heck, even adults) will have fun noticing all the little things - the Lizard Egg and Skunk Extract Shampoo. ACK!

She loves her cat but would like a nice young fella. Perhaps it's time for a freshen up?

[My Goodreads review includes an Illustration of her green breath making birds fall out of the sky!]

I love the idea, I love the illustrations. I believe this is originally from Argentina and has come to NetGalley by way of CrackBoom books and Chouette Publishing in Canada, and I'm pleased to see it in the marketplace.

I don't know how it read in its original language, but in English, the poetry lets it down. It would take very little to fix it so it's more natural, less awkward, and has a more pleasing lilt. It may seem like a petty point, but just imagine Dr. Seuss books without those rhymes to go with his wacky artwork. 

So I've dropped off a star, but the illustrations and the idea are so good, I'm delighted to thank NetGalley and the publishers for letting me enjoy a preview copy.

For more illustrations, see Jennifer(Jen/The Tolkien Gal)'s review on Goodreads. She has more patience than I with pictures! Thanks, Jen!
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It began pretty well! I was enjoying the rhyming tale very much, then- the book ended abruptly. Too abruptly. Maybe some pages were missing on the Kindle version??? The illustrations were a hoot! I think kids will enjoy the story, but it really needs an ending....
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I need a sequel, now!

This is a diary of a repentant witch, who decides to turn her life around from wickedness to wonder, while still embracing her quirky charms. [Look I did a joke, mom]

I enjoy how there is an illustration on the left page with a diary entry on the right. It's such a well structured book. The illustrations are dark but not gloomy - Potteresque and so sweet. I love that the lightning gets brighter as the book goes on - it's a wonderful way to show character development.

"It's really not very nice to have hairs on your chin and crazy fizzy hair."

She doesn't enjoy what she eats or does anymore. There's some really funny stuff - she wants to try out high heels and a black leather miniskirt.

And you know what, she wants to settle down and find a man in her life and it is so cute. I love that a witch gets a happy ending. This is the kind of kid's book I'd love to read to my kids someday. But hey, she has her cat.

She then sets out to get a job as a princess/fairy. She denounces the whole deal with Hansel and Gretel, and even gets indirectly involved with fairy tales. Ultimately, she decides on a holiday.

Why is this book only 30 something pages? Our witch needs a spin off series! I'd love a series with more middle-grade level writing, maybe around 200 pages with occasional illustrations. Children and I would eat it up!
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I read this book to my little cousin and she thoroughly enjoyed it. The illustrations in this book are stunning. They are vibrant and detailed, and surely will hold children's attention. The use of rhyming also makes the book appealing and was quite funny in some bits. 
This would be a good book to read to children at any time of the year--but Halloween especially. This book seeks to teach children that people can do anything they want to and can change if they don't like something about themselves. I would freely recommend this book to parents for their children. 
*I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review*
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I am an elementary school art teacher and I read to my students all the time. The pictures in this book are awesome! They are so colorful and details. I just love them. The book written like a diary with short entries. This is a rhyming book which kids love. The witch is just looking for her perfect match. I would for sure purchase this book to read to my students in October. Cute!
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This was a really cute story about a witch that is tired of being mean and scary. This would be a good book to read during halloween.
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This title is due to be published by Chouette Publishing on 28th August 2018. I read an ARC via NetGalley.

The initial premise of the book is what appealed to me initially- a story of a witch who is fed up of being scary and mean. She wants to change her life. Secondly, I love the illustrations. They are bright, detailed and humorous - I think children will have a giggle at a witch dressing up in a mini skirt and heels!

The book is written in rhyme - again, something I am a fan of, so in theory I should have loved this book.

Unfortunately, I felt there was something just not quite right. The rhyming couplets were a bit hit and miss. An example I found was ‘flowery and fairy’. Because of the inconsistent rhyming, I was unsure as to whether these were supposed to rhyme or not- and if they were... well they don’t!

Similarly, castle and hassle as rhyming couplets are lost on anyone who isn’t Northern! The content and the rhyme don’t seem to flow- neither is quite hitting the mark.

I feel as though I’ve been quite critical of this title, and while I think that it definitely needs some fine- tuning before publication, it still has potential.

Children will love the idea of a witch trying to be something she’s not. The rhymes need tweaking but again, children  will enjoy the rhythm this produces when it’s done well. Finally, the illustrations are this book’s saving grace. They are truly beautiful and it would be a shame if they weren’t published in one form or another.
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Diary of a Witch is a children's book about a witch that is tired of scaring everyone, and aspires to change her job and her life in general.

While the illustrations were vibrant and fun and the story was set in playful rhymes, this is a book that I have some objections over. 

Witches are depicted in a certain way, admittedly, but trying to relay the message that someone cannot change because of their looks is very sad and not a good life lesson. In this story, the witch is sad because she believes no one will accept or like her because of the way she looks, and when she decides to change jobs, she tries to do it by changing her wardrobe. While that might be useful, how about showing children that it's the brains and love of things that actually matter the most?

Secondly, I am very much used to books having some kind of life lesson. I tried very hard to find one in this story. Unfortunately, I found none.
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I do a lot of reading to younger kids and I got a few giggles out of them and myself while reading this book! I believe that all children’s book have some sort of lesson and this book I can say has one too! I thought that the title of this book was quite catchy and so I thought why not give it a try! I think anyone with a child should give this book a chance! I think this would be a great book to read during a Halloween party at school. I was very impressed. The illustrations were also wonderful, very eye catching for children and even adults!
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