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This is a well designed book that has information too. It is helpful when introducing yoga to kids and families. It is useful and we recommend it. It is easy to understand and the details are great.
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it is a great tool to use with the little ones: they're always on the mat, so it is better to have them practice correctly! Some positions are easily accessible even for the toddlers. I really like that they are illustrated with real pictures of diverse kids.
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It's an awesome book about yoga. Parents could use this as a guide to engage stretching with their children together. The book provides clear instructions, tips, and pictures to show the proper postures. All the poses presented in here are basic meaning kids should be able to follow without difficulties. Not only this is a great yoga book for kids, it'd also be a perfect intro book for adults beginners as well. I highly recommend "Yoga for Kids."
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Yoga For Kids is a wonderful book that helps parents introduce their children to yoga and mindfulness in an easy to understand format for children (and adults)!

This book is perfect for families looking to introduce yoga to their children. There are a variety of different poses and techniques, if your children are anything like mine, they will love working their way through the book trying to learn as many as they can.

The section on warming up is very important, I'm glad this is stressed in the book.
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Had I begun implementing yoga and mindfulness strategies as a child, I imagine that my life would have ultimately been very different - specifically throughout middle and high school, and into college. As an overachiever and perfectionist, I valued the idea of working hard and staying busy. This led to a great deal of stress and emotional strife, with no productive outlet for it. 

Yoga For Kids is a great beginning book for kids - and their families/teachers - who are looking to incorporate more mindfulness into their daily lives. The pictures and descriptions of each pose are intentional and thoroughly explained. I loved the sections with suggested modifications, and the tips for grown ups, too! Each pose also includes scripted ways to introduce the pose to children which will help them greatly. 

Overall, this is a great resource for bringing yoga and mindfulness to children, and will quickly become a staple for all who do.
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This book is another excellent DK title about yoga for kids. There are pictures of every move and information for parents along the way. I appreciate that there are kids with special needs and different ethnicities throughout.
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I have been practicing yoga for over 5 years. Not only does it help build up strength and flexibility but it is also great for practicing mindfulness and improving concentration. It has been such a huge help in dealing with my OCD and anxiety. Yoga For Kids by Susannah Hoffman only makes sense. The book discusses in the introduction that kids also deal with stresses in everyday life. Practicing yoga at a young age can help them immensely as they get older. Not only that, but it helps their body physically as they grow!

My kids always love joining when I practice yoga. However, after reading this book, I think it is so important that I make yoga a part of their daily routine. This book is so well done. It is bright and colorful filled with pictures of the kids in each pose. The book introduces poses in a fun way that children will enjoy, along with fun names for each pose. After the few pose introductions, the book gives sample sequences. On each page, there is also a blurb for the grown-ups to give them advice about each pose, why it is important and how to make sure they are in the pose correctly. Also at the end of the book, there is a glossary that names lists all the poses along with their Sanskrit names if the grown-up wants to incorporate that as well.

This book is very short, only about 75 pages. It is only meant to be an introduction to yoga. Overall I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars and I can’t wait to read it to my kids and practice together!

Thank you NetGalley and DK Children for a copy of the book!
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With the right amout of detail so as to quickly understand each pose.

Great design, attractive, clean, and quality content by DK publishers.  The author starts with the basics so we can prepare for practice. Each pose is explained with a sequence of photos, along with an explanation for each image, plus a box of suggestions to adjust the experience to an easier or challenging way. For some poses you can even find suggestions to accompany the children in their learning. Additionally, it has a brief glossary with the names of the Sanskrit poses that I really liked.

My interest in yoga has been growing recently. I have discovered that practicing yoga with my son is an activity that brings us much joy. On the one hand we strengthen our bond, I observe that this gives him a sense of belonging and affection. We have fun at the same time we relaxed, better manage our stress and emotions to keep us healthier together.

Something fundamental as educators and parents is to help them create habits of self-care and self-knowledge. Being more in touch with our inner reality helps us to recognize aspects of ourselves that we want to develop or transform and thereby facilitate our path to a happier life. Children also acquire more body consciousness, are more aware of their breathing and how they can calm their minds and improve their concentration. It is also a useful tool to reduce hyperactivity of ADHD children and improve their concentration and focus.

My appreciation to the Publisher and NetGalley for allowing me to review the book
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I am so happy to have received this copy of Yoga for Kids! It has great step by step instructions and colorful photos of the poses. I was worried that maybe the book wouldn’t have anything new for me to teach my preschoolers, but it did! The poses were fun and engaging for the kids and the sequences were easy to follow.

Here is one of the sequences, the Confidence Sequence….

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Whether you teach a class of little ones or just want to help your own children relax and stretch a little, this book is awesome! My preschoolers always love our yoga time! ❤️

I received this advanced copy from NetGalley and DK Publishing in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. This book was published September 4, 2018. I hope you will check it out!
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What a wonderful guide for children to connect with their bodies with the practice of yoga. Colorful, descriptive pictures and fun font make this book easy to use for kids of all ages. The tips for adults is a great addition.
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This was an awesome intro to yoga book. As a 33-year old yoga novice, I used the vast array of illustrations and descriptions to help my own poses. I will definitely be using this book in my sixth grade classroom during brain breaks.
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I thought this Yoga for Kids book was so cute. It has how-tos for individual poses and then it also has short sequences you can (easily) teach your kids!
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This book is excellent. I have always loved anything DK publishes, and this title is no different. A good beginners guide to yoga, and would be excellent for beginning adults as well as children. The images are clear and the moves well described.
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In the foreward for this book, actress Patricia Arquette writes how "we live in a world of chaos" and "it's important to find ways to heal and combat the fast world".  That is what yoga is.  Yoga forces us to slow down, to breathe deep, to focus on our movements,  to accept ourselves where we are - I have yet to take a yoga class where the teacher does not, at some point, remind us that we are all different and that maybe we could do a pose deeper the day before but, like Susannah Hoffman, the author of this book tells readers that they are doing yoga perfectly for them that day, even if one side is tighter than the other or it's more difficult today than it was yesterday.

This book starts by explaining that in yoga, we often start with "Om"--seated on the mat, cross-legged, leaving everything else behind and focusing on our breath.  And we end with "Namaste" - hands at prayer position, the light in you recognizing the light in others.  It's the message we end with and try to take off our mats back into the chaotic world.

The first poses are warm up poses, simple things like shoulder stretches and side stretches, which encourages a warm up before getting into more complicated poses.  There are two pages explaining how to do each pose. After every few poses, Susannah Hoffman shows the reader how to put it together in a sequence or, as we say in yoga, "how to flow".

There are pop-ups on some of the pages for grown-ups to tell them what the pose is doing and how to make sure their child is doing it in such a way that they won't get hurt.

The photographs in this book are beautiful and very engaging and inviting, they made me want to get up and do yoga!  I loved how they used different kids of different ages and abilities and several kids with Down syndrome.

I thought this was a great introduction to yoga for kids ages 7-12.  I would definitely consider buying this for the library.

I would like to thank Netgalley for my digital copy.
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A very cute and informative yoga books for kids of all ages! My 6 year old daughter loved it and enjoys us doing it together. It's a great bonding tool.
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This well-designed guide to yoga newcomers is full of the colorful, varied layouts and the cheerful models we’ve come to expect from DK Books, but it’s the voice of the author and her obvious comfort in explaining things to children that pleased me the most.

Her primary goal appears to be the child’s understanding, and to that end she doesn’t try to teach any new words for body parts, or even any unfamiliar terms for the poses themselves. (Her one exception in the word namaste, which the included glossary defines with, “Respectful way of greeting someone. It means ‘I see the best in you.’”)

Hoffman breaks down almost every pose into three or four steps, and the accompanying pictures show the child in that step of the process. Inset boxes may show some variant, but they’re as likely to be an accommodation to make the pose easier as they are to be a more advanced option. I appreciated the balance.

The text was minimalistic, limited to invoking an image or giving instruction. I felt it was like the environment you’d find in a studio, one of respectful stillness, with enough instruction to keep the group together, but no extra chatter to distract your focus.

With each pose there was also a small inset with a note “for the grown-ups…” These notes explained the purpose of the pose, and often included a comment about their specific usefulness for a child-aged body. Sometimes they gave coaching-type advice: “Try to encourage your child to concentrate on filling up their rib cage when they breathe in. You can do this by placing your hands on their back and asking them to breathe into your hands.”

I think my favorite feature of the book was how, after several poses introduced one at a time over a two-page spread, we were given a progression of these poses, with instructions for how to move the body in order to fit the sequence together. It’s a beautiful bridging exercise, showing the children (and their grown-ups) how the poses can fit together like words in a sentence. 

I recommend this book to caretakers with kids of any age. The instructions are so accessible I had no difficulty translating them to real life.

(This review was based on an advance copy provided by Net Galley, but not influenced by the provision.)
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Great visual resource for parents and teachers of children! This book goes through many different yoga poses and phrases that children can read and be taught by reading this book. As a parent and educator, I would definitely recommend using this book as a resource to get your children to learn about yoga and how to effectively use it in everyday life situations.
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I'd been searching for a way to include my son in my nightly yoga practice but most books and videos are focused on adults. This book helped me to work with my son to relax before bed and make bedtime more peaceful and fun. 
Thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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This is an excellent instructive yoga book for kids. The written and visual instructions are easy to understand, and as with all books published by DK the layout is beautiful and clean, though still fun for kids. I love the inclusion of many different children in the photos!
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One element of this book that I really appreciated is the diversity among kids represented.  The books is very well organized and would be easy for students to use independently.  This would be a great addition to our elementary school library.  It not only teaches readers how to properly complete poses but also includes whole sequences.  Yoga for Kids covers many different poses and could be useful for adults as well as kids!
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