Son of Man: A Biography of Jesus

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Interesting to an extent, but at some point it starts feeling like the author is trying to colour facts with his opinions. I also had an issue with the tagline, it is a little arrogant and presumptuous. It is an informative read as long as you keep an open mind to account for the author's interpretations.
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I picked this up as a companion to a class I was taking online about the life of Christ.  As I read, the story of the gospels really came alive with all the added details about the context and culture of the first century.  Was eye opening and added an entire new aspect to the life of Christ.
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This was a great mixture of the scriptures and details that explain why Jesus did and said certain things within His life. Even as one who has studied the Gospels many times, I found this mixture to be revealing and captivating. From details about the conditions that lead to fishing in certain areas of the sea of Galilee to the descriptions of the three floggings that the Romans used each detail was woven into the tapestry of the Life of Christ in a beneficial way. 

This is a book that will be a good read for someone who is just coming to understand Jesus as the Savior of the World as well as one who is well into their journey of faith.  Harris has hit a home run with Son of Man: A Biography of Jesus!
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If you are looking to connect the Gospels into one continuous story, look no further! This book combined the Gospels, and it also added some information to help the reader understand the context of what was happening. That being said, the author did not add or take away anything from the Gospels. I highly recommend this book if you want to read the Gospels as one story without verse numbers, and so helpful content to assist in understanding the familiar stories.
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A must read for anyone interested in religion in general and Christianity in particular. Good read, would recommend.
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Son Of Man: A Biography Of JESUS is a great book about JESUS.  It starts out talking about John the Baptist.  The author is very detailed - he told me things I forgot about - things like with John - he was filled with the HOLY SPIRIT while he was in the womb - there were only two others that were filled with the HOLY SPIRIT in the womb - can you guess who they were?  It was Samuel and Samson.  Did you get it right?  He goes into details like exactly where John the Baptist Baptized and Witnessed.  He tells exact geological information of where things happened - so much information you may not - most likely not have known - it is so wonderful this book - there is Scripture for everything.
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I've read a number of gospel adaptations from those of ex-vampire writers to more controversial ones (yes, Norman Mailer, I am talking to you.) 

This version smooths out a timeline and manages to tell the story of Jesus plus weave in fascinating tidbits about the culture of the time. I now know more about 1st century house construction and 3 part fishing nets than I ever did but it (just about) always adds to the story rather than distracting from it. I read this to my daughter before bed (as she always wants a bible story to help her go to sleep)

Will it convince skeptics looking for proofs and disproofs? I don't think so but as a Christian it's been a pleasure reading an adaptation that entertains and teaches at the same time.
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I am so amazed by this book!

This is a chronology of the life of Jesus that reads much like a novel. The author has included cultural, religious, historical, and geographical information to help place us in the time and setting. I have found all that information very enlightening, especially since I'm going through a study of one of the gospels right now. There are a few suppositions in the story, rounding out people's thoughts and actions but the words and actions of Jesus are from scripture.

The book is written in present tense, which I normally don't like, but in this case I'm finding it enjoyable!

The Epilogue quotes John 20:30-31; 21:25 and there's an Appendix with scripture references for each chapter, including OT references. I do wish there were citations for the additional information the author has added.

I would love to share this book with those who are seekers and want to know more about Jesus.

My thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book on their behalf. This expresses my honest feelings about this book.
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A well researched and chronological look into the life of Jesus. This will be particularly useful for my A-level students who have to look at the authority of Jesus and what he means for Christians.
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I appreciate reading this sort of material as it broadens my mind and helps me view things from a different perspective. I always feel that books on religious figures who are no longer alive to give true meaning to their words and actions from centuries ago, can be extremely contentious, and for good reason. They are merely interpretations by the author and are no more valid than anyone elses opinion on the subject.

I have a bit of an issue with the tagline too - "Would You Like to Know Jesus as Those Closest to Him Did?" I am of the thinking that you can know Jesus as a character in an elaborately plotted fiction story, but you cannot know the person. The fact that I don't really believe he existed is more than a little problematic here!

What I did like about "Son of Man: A Biography of Jesus" was that it arranges the Gospels chronologically to help the reader see how, and maybe more importantly, why things unfolded as they did. It also tells Jesus's story in the context of his culture. The geography, climate, politics, racism, social norms, religion, traditions, economics, morality, language, and customs of the second temple era play key roles in this narrative. What emerges is a holistic, historically accurate dramatization that provides a 360-degree view of Jesus and his world.

I'm afraid that Henry H. Harris rubbed me up the wrong way, so to speak. I noticed in his Goodreads biography it states "Henry H. Harris knows Jesus. He has been Henry’s constant companion for more than fifty years."                                for some reason this makes me even more of a sceptic.

It was well researched and accessible, Harris did a great job in that respect. It did teach me more about the Bible and the time and place in which it was written, so it wasn't a wasted read. As most of the Holy books are open to interpretation, most of the opinions within are merely conjecture.

I prefer any religious books I read to be objective and I guess you cannot really achieve that when the book is written by a pastor. This is more for those who already believe and would like the Bible to be put into context, not for those who wish to read an analysis of the stories and surrounding circumstances. This is more of a biased study that assumes that the Bible stories are actually true and that all of the events actually happened.

Many thanks to BooksGoSocial for an ARC. I was not required to post a review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
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