The Silent Sister

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*thank you to Netgalley, Shalini Boland and Bookouture for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

3 stars.

While this is not my favourite book by Shalini Boland, it is still definitely a good read. I enjoyed the storyline and it flowed really well. My only issue is that the mystery side of it felt a bit flat. While I couldn't pin point who the villian was, I had a few guesses up my sleeve and it turned out that out of the ones I'd had a feeling about, that it was one of them. So the shock value and surprise wasn't really there. But the reasoning behind it was not something that I had considered so points for that. Overall I did enjoy this and I would definitely recommend this author.
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I started this late yesterday afternoon and finished it early morning! It’s a gripping book so much so my hands were glued to my kindle! I was still holding it when I woke up this morning! 😂

I absolutely love Shalini Boland’s writing style. It’s easy to read, full of suspense and has characters I can relate to and feel sorry for. The storyline of this novel was VERY intriguing which peaked my interest as soon as I’d read the prologue. The unnerving chapters left me with an eery anxious feeling. I love that about psychological thrillers. It’s what I expect and when you’re reading a book that’s so ‘thrilling’ you can’t put it down you know you’ve found a little gem!
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This is the second book I read by this author and I am starting to understand what I am looking for and what I am not wanting in a read. Unfortunately, just like another one I read, it felt too young adult and like it's been done before as far as the plot goes.
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This was yet again another absolutely fabulous read by this author. An excellent psychological thriller that kept me in suspense right up to the final page.  A massive five star read for me.
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This book was ok, there are others out there better. Lizzy is being stalked, could it beher estranged sister Emma? Read on.
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hank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC of this book in return for an honest review.

I am an avid follower of Shalini Boland's work and have enjoyed all of her other releases.

This one was no exception. The story drew me in immediately and she has an uncanny way of making the reader actually care for the characters, so you're rooting for them to have their desired outcome by the end of the story.

I really enjoyed the dark suspense and the story continually kept me on the edge of my seat.
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was a gripping thriller that took you to every aspect of trying to figure out what was really going on  and what was going to happen next! This was such an amazing book and I can’t wait to see what else is released from this author!
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The Silent Sister by Shalini Boland is a suspense but I didn’t really care that much about the suspenseful parts? There were a bunch of twists and turns to the plot…and I found I just didn’t care that much. I felt myself skimming the closer I got to the end because I just wanted to know how it all turned out but I didn’t want to bother with the details. For me that’s pretty much the definition of a forgettable mystery. 3 stars.
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Thank you NetGalley for my copy of “The Silent Sister” to review.  I’m a newbie to Author Shalini Borland.  I will not give any spoilers.  It was a book I was so glad to read.  I enjoyed the characters and it made me feel like I was in the story.  Such a good book. Highly recommend if you like the mystery/thriller genre.
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Out of the blue someone starts sending Lizzy strange messages who get increasingly creepier.  She has no idea who it is or why they are sending them, after all she’s just an ordinary person, nothing special.  There was a lot about Lizzy’s commute to work and back again, the stock in the boutique and her increasing trouble trying to breathe each time something happened, a bit too much really.  The sisters?  Not too nice I thought, but Frank the cat was lovely!  I liked the cover, the ending and found the book easy to read.  Not loads of suspense this time but that’s fine.  On the whole an enjoyable story by a talented author.
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This book was readable in the sense that I read it start to finish. However, I am not sure if it worked too hard to be a thriller. It kept getting repetitive and although the letters were reported to the police they couldn't seem to find out who was behind it. When Lizzie finds out her sister has been getting the letters too they find out someone has it in for both of them. Even though they have not spoken to each other for years. Towards the end it all started to get a bit strange and tried to shock.
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After a bit of a hit and miss experience with Shalini Boland’s books, I went into The Silent Sister not knowing what to expect but hoping for a thrilling read. Unfortunately my time spent with the book could not be described as thrilling. 

This is a psychological ‘thriller’ centred around Lizzy who starts receiving threatening letters and she realises she has a stalker. My first issue was the way in which the story was written. It’s not very action-packed and became repetitive very soon with us just following Lizzy between home and work and reading her experiences of being stalked but not actually seeing it happen. There’s no fear to be felt by the reader and I felt very detached from the whole thing rather than feeling involved in the story. The plot moves along very slowly, and I felt the policing was lazy and unrealistic and there were numerous coincidental events that just felt silly and that they were just placed there to move the story along and have gullible readers suspecting other characters before the not-so-dramatic finale arrived. 

The reveal itself was not a huge surprise and had no emotional impact on me whatsoever. I was reading the words on the page, but felt nothing. And the epilogue at the end I felt was silly and just left me thinking ‘What?’ Not only that but there were other storylines that we didn’t see closure from and the whole story felt rushed. On Kindle it’s hard to gauge how long a book truly is but I think a paperback of this book wouldn’t be long at all and so it was a rushed and underdeveloped book with not much actual story and action in it, just boring and repetitive descriptions with lacklustre characterisation and a poor ending. Sadly The Silent Sister is a predictable and overall dull read that I cannot recommend.
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I finally got round to reading this! I adored Shalini Boland’s previous book, The Millionaire’s Wife, so I was really looking forward to reading this one.

Lizzy Beresford seems to have the perfect life. Gorgeous boyfriend, great job living in the quiet village of Malmesbury but that’s all shattered when she finds a creepy letter in her house.

More threatening letters and incidents make Lizzy suspicious of everyone around her. Who would hate her this much? She automatically thinks of her sister Emma, with whom she had a falling out years ago but it turns out she’s been receiving letters too.

Who could be targetting them both?

So I have to be honest I’ve been struggling with my reading of late, nothing appeals to me and frankly I’m not enjoying anything but picking up Shalini Boland’s book was just what I needed. She has a great writing style with believable characters that pull you and not let you go until you’ve finished! 

A lot of people will be like, oh no, not another woman being stalked but Shalini Boland makes this slightly tired trope her own.  What was refreshing was the police actually taking the letters seriously, I don’t know how many books I’ve read that the police have just brushed it off and made the character feel like they’re crazy!
I kind of understood Lizzy, even if she wasn’t overly likeable. Her self esteem is a little on the low side and is not one for a confrontation or upsetting people, my problem was she seemed to overreact quite a lot of the time which I found a little frustrating. Also her boyfriend Joe did annoy me with his quick temper and his possessive attitude which made me want Lizzy to just dump him!

I have to be honest, I felt this was a little more slow burn than the Millionaire’s Wife and the majority of the ending was a little predictable which I didn’t mind. My only quibble was the little twist at the end which I didn’t really like but of course that’s just my opinion.

The Silent Sister is a slow burn domestic thriller with believable characters and a realistic setting, a must for fans of psychological thrillers.
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The Silent Sister is one i have been looking forward to reading for a while and i am glad i got to! I haven't read any Shalini Boland for this ( i dont recall) but i know i have more to go and cannot wait. 

When Lizzy finds a distrubing letter in her house one day, it looks old and tattered but it certainly isn't old and has not been sat there a while, which means - how an earth did it get there? Living in a quiet little village it begs all sort of questions as these things just dont happen.

As the letters become more regular with a few other incidents that are set out to destroy Lizzy she begins to point fingers, almost trying to solve the mystery on her own. With the help of the police she is sure she has it all figured out, but as things continue and things are getting worse - it cant be the case.

Lizzy starts to consider the option it may be her estranged sister, they obviously were on bad terms but could she really be doing all this? Did she really want to ruin her life?

With all this going on its amazing what else was simmering in the background, friendships falling apaart, work relationships straining and romantic relationships on the brink. For a quiet little place there is a heck of alot going on.

Whilst i really enjoyed this, and i often thought i had it worked out to find i didnt, so it totally kept me clueless - it didnt bring out the anxious side of me i sometimes get with thrillers, but that doesnt make it any less enjoyable - it was almost a more steady paced thriller as opposed to a more manic one.

Really enjoyable and a great introduction to thrillers if you haven't read much of the genre.
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I dont believe that Shalini Boland can actually write a bad book! 

Anything she puts her name to always ends up a riveting read that I cant put down. 

Her characters are totally relatable- her stories flow unlike no other- never once do her tales feel forced. 

I requested this book based on her name- the story didnt really call to me- but as per usual Ms Boland offers up a story i cant quite get out of my head
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Wow she’s gone and done it again! Shalini really is an exceptional author who’s work never gets samey or boring!

I loved this, Lizzie finds a letter under her floorboards addressed to her with a sinister message, she then begins to be stalked and harassed by the same person who wrote the letter. Who can she trust? Everyone is a suspect basically and I didn’t know who was the perpetrator, I really felt for her but she also made some pretty stupid decisions in the book with I found frustrating lol....which all added to the stress of her situation!

A great read though another “just one more chapter” books full of twists and turns and a great read in all.
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Wow, this book really kept me going. Lizzie as the narrator had me nervous to read this book after hours. With each turn, I was left guessing who could be sending her those pesty letters. The ending, not what I expected at all. The double twist, smh. Makes me nervous about my own sisters, that are close to me. You just never know, do you?

This is my first book that I've read from this author. I will be checking out her older books. Thanks Netgally!!
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Enjoyed this fast paced, tense psychological thriller. Thanks to publisher and Netgalley for the advanced reading copy.
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Shalini Boland always hits the spot with her storytelling.  This is an gripping, shocking good read.
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I’ve read all of Shalini’s books and this one doesn’t disappoint. The storyline had me hooked and I liked the fact everyone could be a suspect and got me thinking about who, why etc. The ending is great, a lovely twist and then ... bang a killer twist, love it. Well done.
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