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Hiding is an intense and gripping story about perseverance, survival, love, retribution and hate.

Since Rebecca’s parents have died in an automobile accident, she and her siblings have been living with their reclusive and secretive grandparents in a remote mansion in Scotland. 
There are many secrets to uncover and many questions to find answers to for Rebecca. Why are her grandparents reluctant to talk about the accident? Why the certain incidents she can remember from her past don’t match with what she has been told? Why can’t she have friends over? Who is Uncle Neil?  

We leave Rebecca in Scotland and join Keller in America, who is on his way to watch his father being executed. “I want to know if my son can see me”; those are the last words he hears his father utter before being injected with poison. For Keller there is one path left. The path to revenge. And he is prepared to dig as many graves as it takes to get what he wants. 
Soon he will be on his way to Scotland. He is on a deadly mission and nothing and no one is going to stop him from succeeding.

Thanks to Jenny Morton Potts, Cahoots Publishing and the NetGalley for an advanced copy of the book.
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Thank you Netgalley for the opportunitY to preview Jenny Morton Potts' new book Hiding.
It is with great pleasure to share my thoughts on this book.
Two people who live an ocean apart have something in common....
Their lives intersect, their families weave together, and there is something that can destroy them as well. 
The book goes back in forth in time so you really get to know the main characters and will begin to wonder how their lives will join together..but wait.  The characters are well-developed and interesting.
This is very well written and although I wasn't sure what was going on in the beginning, the ending got me really good!
Great read and I recommend!
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