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Death Rope

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Last updated on 16 Dec 2018

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My review is written with thanks to Katherine Sunderland at No Exit Press for inviting me on the tour and for my copy of the book through Netgalley.
When a woman enters the police station adamant that her brother did not kill himself, Detective Sergeant (DS) Geraldine Steel is allowed to investigate, but only on her own time.  However, when two other members of the same family are also discovered dead, Geraldine's team realise that the deaths could be suspicious. Can they find out who is responsible before their own lives are in danger?
Having reviewed Class Murder in March, I was pleased to read more from this series. Geraldine Steel is determined and works on her instinct, often putting herself in dangerous situations to solve the crimes she investigates. She also has a vulnerable side, and I am pleased that Russell allows the reader to see this, as this makes her a more accessible character that I felt able to root for, even if she does sometimes break the rules!
For the first half of Death Rope, the case looks fairly cut and dried. But, as anyone who reads crime novels knows, that wouldn't make a good plot! There are some small clues placed strategically throughout the novel, but even so, I was racking my brains to think who could be responsible. As the investigation reached its conclusion, Death Rope became a tense race against time and I was gripping the edge of my seat reading on to find out what happened.
As with Class Murder, Death Rope is set in York. Having lived in York myself, I recognised several of the locations and enjoyed Russell's descriptions of these.

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