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Death Rope

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Last updated on 05 Jul 2018

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Thank you to NetGalley and Oldcastle Books for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this new book by Leigh Russell.
This is a really good book and centres around DS Geraldine Steel (formerly DI Steel) and it is set in York. The book starts off with the death of a man and the fact his sister didn't believe his death to be a suicide. There are little scenes going on in the book and they are all neatly pulled together at the end building up to the final conclusion. They all flowed so well. I was totally pulled in from page one to the last page. Although it is a police procedural book , you are not bogged down by great intricate technical explanations and so the story flows really well which is refreshing.  . I also like that Leigh puts a list of acronyms at the front of the book for ease of reference , to save you having to flick through the book trying to find its definition (I wish more authors did that) . I am now off to get the rest of the Geraldine Steel series. Overall this book is  really well written, excellent gripping story. Brilliant

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