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Create Your Dream Life Now

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Thank you HCI Books and Netgalley for an ARC of this journal workbook.

This journal/workbook is perfect for reconnecting with your true self and delving into what you really want your life to look like.  It is very easy to read and complicated,enter with beautiful, bright artwork.  There are lots of examples of how you can ‘create your dream life now’ by setting SMART goals, meditating and being creative.  

Darren encourages the reader to have courage to take action to manifest your dream life  NOW. 

This would also make a wonderful gift as the fonts, artwork and colours are divine. 

Thank you for this ARC in return for my honest opinion.
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I have started visualising and writing down all the things I would like in my dream life since reading this book. I definitely think the beautiful artwork and advice really do help in creating the life your meant to have.
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A lot has been written and discussed about manifesting your destiny. The concept of visualising your life the way you want it to be and thereby manifesting your destiny has gained trajectory in the recent years. Yes, the publication of the bestselling book, The Secret may have had a role to play. But, the truth is that a lot more people have taken to living more consciously than they did before and believing that they have a more active role to play in their lives. 

Create your dream life now: A workbook and guide for manifesting your destiny written by Darren Marc and illustrated by Joan Coleman is a workbook that guides people in a step-by-step manner to manifest their destiny. 

Section 1, Let’s Start Creating gently leads the reader into birthing their dream by talking about intentions and goals, and then moving on to creating vision boards, Since this is a workbook there is enough space to write down your goals. There is space to note down goals related to different aspects of life: Personal, health, family and romance, fun, career, finance and spirituality. 

Section 2 concerns Daily Spiritual Practice. Goals have been set, but one needs to achieve them! This is where daily habits come in. This section illuminates some active meditations, affirmations and creative visualisations, that aid the process of fulfillment of the goals. The section on affirmations is also quite comprehensive, with a few good affirmations to incorporate in your daily practice. 

The book also emphasizes on the role of meditation in manifesting your desires. It talks about white light meditation, mantra meditation, japa meditation and mindfulness medication with a brief introduction to these. On the same lines it talks about yoga. At first, I could not comprehend why meditation (or even yoga) should be an integral part of a workbook that talks about manifesting your destiny. However, the premise of the authors, as they explain here, is that meditation cultivates mindfulness that ultimately filters into daily life and enables the person to consciously choose thoughts and actions that support specific goals in life. 

Once the reader understands these concepts, the reader is led to write down his or her morning and evening rituals, which obviously are based on the concepts explained so far. This is the action sheet that ensures that the reader puts into practice what he or she has learnt from the exercise. To supplement these rituals, there are also some well-defined health tips given, which will work along with the spiritual habits and rituals for more holistic development. 

Section 3 contains the 12 Keys of Conscious Creation. These are philosophical concepts that have been defined ‘operationally’ in this book. Then, there is space to note down how exactly the reader will imbibe these concepts and make them a part of his or her life. For example, one of the key concepts of conscious creation is being in the present. The book defines what that means. Then, it nudges the reader to write down how he or she will be in the present at all times. This activity kind of orients the reader towards the ‘keys’ being expressed, and encourages the reader to imbibe these in his or her consciousness. 

Section 4, A Little More Inspiration adds on some more practical tips, and then eases the reader to now start independently applying the concepts learnt in the book. 

I like to think of this workbook as a medium of gentle handholding in the path of setting and achieving goals. It is also visually quite delightful. If you’re buying the e-book, you’ll need to print it out since the book requires participation from the reader in terms of writing and noting down some points as the reader reads along. It is a record book as well, which you can keep going to from time to time in the journey of manifesting your destiny.
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I really liked this little book. It has some gorgeous illustrations, inspirational quotes and simple but effective exercises to help you on the path to your dream life
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Interesting concept and actually quite informative. However, the fonts inside kinda hurt my eyes, I think it is better to have two-three uniformed fonts. I like the blank pages/lines used as exercise. The topic itself, turned out, I already familiar with so nothing new to me.
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Firstly, I just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to read this book. It is absolutely amazing. It is a beautiful book filled with so much wisdom and step by step activities to reach a higher self. We may not be perfect, but we are human and that is okay. This book is truly wonderful!
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"Create Your Dream Life Now" is a very cute interactive journal/self-help book with whimsical art. Although the artwork is very sweet, the content is extremely simplistic, and definitely for and absolute beginner uhh the realm of self improvement and self-help. The book would make an adorable gift for a young teen girl, but for anyone who has read anything related to self improvement, visualizations, or positive thinking, the book would be far too beginner level. A special thanks to the publisher who provided me with a free electronic copy of the book via NetGalley. I was not required to write a review of any kind. The opinions started here are my own.
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Thank you to Netgalley and publisher for a copy of the electronic copy in exchange for an honest review.

The title of the book "Create Your Dream Life Now" drew me into this book, along with the colorful fun illustrations on the cover.  I read it electronically and cannot wait to purchase a physical copy of this book so I can work through the workbook pages and jot down my own ideas.  It is beautifully written and illustrated and the main  premise of this book is to start living your dream life NOW! Not when you lose weight, not when you win the lottery, not when you retire - but NOW.  It is possible and this book will get you on your way!

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A wonderful guide for those interested in creating their best lives. The book starts off with positive affirmations and they are sprinkled throughout. There are also worksheets to help you write your goals down and even the creation of a vision board so that you can see the visions you have for yourself rach day. There are lots of prompts to keep you engaged and so that you can learn more about yourself and what it is YOU want to accomplish. This isn't the typical self-help book it is fun with a bit of whimsy, and engaging while also thought provoking. It can be enjoyed by a tween figuring herself out, piecing together her thoughts and dreams. Or a woman who is looking to get more out of life. The woman who still has that one dream but life got in the way. This book can help you see it through.
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What a cool little book!  As an ebook, it doesn't have nearly the same affect that it would as a hard copy.  So, I highly recommend you go purchase a physical copy of this title.  I love the prompts and the space it gives you to think and create.  There are also fun exercises that you can do, meditation guides, and much more.  Love it!
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Although there is probably an audience for this workbook, perhaps among those who follow the author, I did not find it particularly inspiring or engaging. As far as content, the vast majority was not new to me and is available elsewhere.

FYI - I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This is a wonderful,very thoughtfully written book.  It is visually beautiful,and it is filled with wonderful exercises and suggestions,focusing on goals,yoga,prayer and much more. This book is a gem. I love it, and I am very grateful to the publisher and netgalley for the opportunity to read it. Thank you.
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A really great workbook for brainstorming! Lots of prompts involved for someone of any age to enjoy and help get inspired.
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I believe this is a beautiful book, full of great ideas. However, the message is presented in a beautiful format which I am sure adds to the message. Because I had this in the kindle format I felt as though the message was diluted somewhat. I’d urge anyone thinking of getting this title to splurge on a physical copy
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I wasn't familiar with the author prior to receiving this book so I wasn't sure quite what to expect. I do think this workbook would be a better fit for the author's existing audience and I think it will do well with attendees of the author's classes and retreats. There are some good worksheets to complete, helping the user to hone in on what they want for their life. There are also guided meditations. While this workbook isn't the best fit for me, I can see that there is an audience for it and I hope it finds that audience.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book. All comments are my own, unbiased opinion.
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