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Edward Willett introduces the Worldshaper; Shauna Keys shapes worlds and she is about to enter a maze of Shaped Worlds as the Adversary destroys her world.  Can she follow Karl to other worlds and save them from the Adversary?
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Are you a fan of pop culture? Do you love when your books refer to your favorite things in veiled or outright terms? In Worldshaper, the first book of Edward Willett‘s new fantasy portal series, you get seamless current world references woven into new worlds.

Worldshaper is crafted brilliantly by providing subtle hints that the world Shawna Keys lives in is not our known world. A low-key reference to a professional lacrosse team, kite-fighting as a college sport, and lunar colonies provide the first hints. Over the course of the book, we discover more about the shaping of worlds and the degrees to which that occurs. This creates interesting philosophical questions for Shawna, and us as the readers.

“I’d always thought individuals mattered, that anyone could change their life and their future through hard work and hard choices.”

While there are deep questions about life and death, violence, and politics that you can ponder while reading Worldshaper, there are also lighter things to consider.

“…what reader wouldn’t love to find herself in a world she had previously only visited in her imagination…”

I loved this book and can't wait to continue on with the series. I think there is so much potential as Shawna explores each new world (and each world's Shaper). I want to see more of those chaotic and/or literary worlds and see what other pop culture references Edward Willett can weave into the story based on Shawna's life. 

Pick up a copy and let me know if there is a fictional world you’d want to live in or what small, subtle things you’d Shape into a changed copy of our world.
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WORLDSHAPER had a very intriguing premise, the set up is there for something really incredible, but unfortunately the characters and actual plot line didn't always live up to that amazing premise. Don't get me wrong the story was enjoyable, but unfortunately in a mediocre way leaving me searching for the greatness I felt could be there. At times it really felt like critical information was being held, with no real reason behind it. I kept waiting for the pay off of explanations or reasons by the end, but unfortunately they never came.

The characters are intriguing and full of potential, but again pieces felt to be missing. Shawna is your typical powerful heroine that didn't know she was powerful, which is a common storyline in this genre. However the problem was that the reasoning behind her memory lapse/lack of knowledge was withheld and I felt it detracted greatly from the story. I wanted to be given so much more than I was, and it just made her character feel half formed. She never got to grow enough in my eyes and her quirky personality lent to so much I think. Karl, her supposed savior wasn't much better as he just felt to be a unthinking soldier rather than a solid addition to the story. Any time Shawna questioned anything he became irate and all but threatened to leave her to die. It just left a bad taste in my mouth.

And also speaking of being half-formed, the Adversary, the villain, wasn't really fleshed out at all. He's supposed to be this terrifyingly evil man, and yet, which he does do a few things, honestly I just felt like he was the opposition rather than a true villainous force. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't root for him, but I didn't really feel any true animosity either, which made it harder to attach to our heroine's plight.

All in all WORLDSHAPER is a book with an intriguing premise, but had a rocky start to this series. I am interested in seeing where things head next and I hope much more will be revealed in the next book.
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This is not the place to write scathing reviews of books which do Montana wrong, or which ride the "meta" train way, way too far. Suffice it to say, this book ticked none of my boxes, and actually penciled in a few new ones to leave blank. This is unfortunate; I really wanted to love this book, based on its premise.
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This is a book that was filled with great ideas that were not utilized. Basically the story is what self help guru’s market, you can mold your world into what you want. However in this story that is true in the literal sense not the metaphysical. Also the heroine is a grown woman with a life. She’s 29, has friends, family, a business, and a boyfriend. The problem was although Shawna is this creator she has no power over her creation. Her enemy who spends so much time talking about how powerful she is has no problem continuously kicking her butt. Also although she is grown and has things to fight for and enough life experience to put her foot down and not follow some stranger without making demands of her own, she doesn’t. She runs and runs and runs, following Karl around like a lost teenager. But the worst thing to me was the worlds. What we got to see were slight variations on our reality, but much more interesting places were discussed instead of visited. Then to top it all off it ends in a cliffhanger. I wanted to like this book but there were too many flaws. I highly doubt I will continue with this series.
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I found this book while cruising through Netgalley.  I was looking for an urban fantasy novel and was immediately captivated by this intriguing cover.  Then the blurb hooked me, and I knew that I had to read this book!

Unfortunately, it wasn't as wonderful as I'd hoped.

The Good

The author has a wonderful writing style.  There's descriptive detail, but not too much descriptive detail.  (I hate when a story gets bogged down by pretty writing.  Just tell me what happens!)  I also liked Shawna.  The book is mostly written from her point of view, and I enjoyed being in her head.  True, she does make extremely lame jokes that, at times, becomes annoying (think Jazz Bashara of Artemis only not nearly as bad.)  But for the most part, Shawna was a heroine whom I could root for.

The Bad

This story, which is marketed as a fantasy, is more of a sci-fi.  Although, there isn't any science to explain what's going on.  There are vague references to some kind of nano-technology, but it's all very unclear how Shawna is able to shape the world around her.  The way she shapes her world, too, is puzzling.  She could have made all kinds of cool things in her world (I would have wanted a talking dragon or something.)  However, the best she comes up with is green-tooth instead of Blu-tooth technology, and a professional lacrosse franchise.

The characters, too, are very disappointing.  Karl is Shawna's otherworldly guide, but he had no personality.  The Adversary is evil...I guess.  He does some destructive things, but honestly, Shawna and Karl do as much or more damage to innocent bystanders than he does.  Additionally, Shawna was supposed to be a powerful world shaper, yet she couldn't remember any of her training.  In fact, she forget that she even was a worldshaper.  While this makes the story more interesting, the reader never finds out why she forgot in the first place as Shawna and Karl rarely question her memory loss.  I kept wondering why Shawna forgot.  Wouldn't that be important to know?

What really disappointed me, however, was the actual plot of the book.  Shawna and Karl are on the run from the Adversary.  That's it.  They run.  A lot.  They never set traps for the Adversary.  They never fight back.  All they do is run.  There are also points where the story builds to a climatic scene only to fizzle out.  When Karl needs to shut a portal, he just shuts it.  There's no drama.  No edge-of-your-seat battle scene.  Nothing.

I finished the book hoping that something interesting would happen.  It never did.
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I need book two now. Please. 

Warnings: some harsh language, death of a horse, and a terrorist like murder at the start of the book, plus a terrible cliffhanging that leaves you wanting more

There is so much to love about this book. Like the fact it references Tolkien at least three times, if not more. Or perhaps the fact it referenced Doctor Who. Or maybe the fact that it’s got a sarcastic wiseass smartmouthed main female character who actually stops to think ‘what-if’ every once and a while. Or perhaps there’s the fact that there are so many interesting ideas in this book that it’ll make your world spin. (Sorry. Poor pun, but this book is full of puns and cliches similiar, and I couldn’t not pass that up.) 

I really loved this book. Karl wasn’t my favorite character, but he eventually grew on me. I found him somewhat questionable, actually. The main bad guy known as The Adversary is a fascinating character that I sometimes want to strangle. What is it with people wanting complete and utter control over everything? He clearly didn’t have a good childhood. 

There’s a lot to like in this book, but Shawna’s character is the best. I liked Brent, the few times he showed up (Shawna’s boyfriend) and I liked Aesha (cool name!) and her mother and all the characters, and the references to various fandoms that I just love. The Emerald City was mentioned a couple of times, as was King Arthur and his Knights, not to mention a favorite poet of mine Robert Burns as well as Robert Frost…

Seriously. There’s loads of references, terrible puns, sarcastic characters with witty remarks, cliche upon cliche. Edward Willet is fast becoming my favorite author. I have another book that I need to read of his called The Cityborn…where was I? Ah, yes, the book! 

Imagine if you can shape worlds purely from your imagination. You’re only allowed to have a limited bit of power to shape those worlds, you can’t change yourself, and if you run out of power for good then that’s it, caput, the end. Such an intriguing idea! I wish that I could do such a thing! The only way that I can come close to that, however, is by writing. 

Shawna is a Shaper, one that Karl believes is the most powerful Shaper in existence aside from Ygrair, a woman who sent him on a quest to fetch a powerful Shaper. To do what, I’m not entirely certain, as Karl is very cagey about what’s going on there. He explains everything to Shawna, who is apparently supposed to know all about this stuff already. For some reason, however, she’s blocked it completely from her mind. Karl, frustrated, tugs her along and helps her to escape the Adversary who wants to kill her so that he can completely control the world that she’s created without any sort of interference at all. 

There’s much adventure within this book, plenty of fun and excitement. There’s scary moments for the characters, lots of life or death situations, and there’s also one scene where a horse is killed by accident. So if you’re a horse lover as I am, fair thee warning.

I was kinda reminded of the Magicians by Lev Grossman in regards to this book. While on a completely different scale, this book still had that same flare in regards to how imagination is used. I wonder if the author’s read the series, because there is a character named Julia towards the back end of the book too…

I really really enjoyed this book, and thank DAW tremendously for sending me an ARC. I finished it in four and a half hours, and hope to have book two soon because it left off on a terrible cliffhanger. I’m giving this book a well deserved 5/5 stars, and crossing my fingers that book two comes out soon!
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Worldshaper by Edward Willett is the first book in his new Worldshapers series. The description above tells it all on how this story starts off: For Shawna Keys, the world is almost perfect. She's just opened a pottery studio in a beautiful city. She's in love with a wonderful man. She has good friends. But in a moment’s notice, everything in her world literally changes.  She and those surrounding her brutally attacked, and a strange man points a gun at her to kill her.  In Shawna’s mind she screams in terror “this can’t be happening…it can’t be happening”.  Within a second, she has turned the clock back hours to early morning before the attack; but those who got killed, including her best friend, just disappeared, no longer existing.  What just happened?  How did Shawna move the clock back?

Shawna turns to someone she just met, Karl, who has been trying to help Shawna remember her past, when she was trained to be a worldshaper.  Karl explains that Shawna created this world she lives in to be perfect, and all those surrounding her are fact her own creations.  The man who attacked is out to kill her, and kidnap Karl, in order to take over this world, and move on to other worlds so that he may rule them all…he is called Adversary. 

Karl convinces Shawna she must leave with him to find a portal for another world, because Adversary is shaping those in her world’s minds to think that she is a terrorist.  Together they are on the run.  What follows is an exciting adventure where Shawna with help from Karl, will learn how to use the powers she has to shape things on her own, since she remembers nothing from where it all began.

I thought Worldshaper was a good storyline, and very different than most fantasies that I have read.  I did have some mixed feelings, as there were slow and somewhat redundant parts.  I realize that most first books in fantasies give a lot of details in their worldbuilding, though I found it interesting, it did lose me a bit along the way. Worldshaper did catch my attention, and I intend to read the next book to see where this will go.
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