Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Seek

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My feedback here is late to the party.  I enjoyed this book, but it was relatively forgettable.  I'd recommend it to others as a quick read.
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I adore classics. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is at the top of my list of recs when people ask which one I could read over and over. Therefore, when I seen this title I had to read it! The cover was also stunning and everything that I could ever want when cover shopping. (We all do it and I at least admit it.) 

I did not love this adaptation as much as I had hoped for. The author does do a pleasant job of staying true the mystery that surrounds the first novel, however, there is just something missing to tie it in together successfully. We find the story opening to the fast approaching closing date to the inheritance of the Jekyll Estate. There is a conflict that arises from sudden appearance of a man claiming to be Jekyll though we know from experience that both "men" have perished as they were the same man. Turns out that the imposter is a Jekyll relative but not the man himself. 
My biggest peeve was the unhinging of the narrator and would be inheritor Mr. Utterson. the rapid deterioration of his well being and credibility seemed forced and unnecessary to me.
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Deeply creepy and compulsively readable, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Seek is a fantastic read. I couldn’t put it down.
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Et si L’Étrange cas du Dr Jekyll et de Mr Hyde de Robert Louis Stevenson ne s’était pas terminé par la mort du bon docteur ? Et si, sept ans après les événements, un homme prétendant être Henry Jekyll reprenait possession de ses biens ? Tel est le point de départ de Dr Jekyll and Mr Seek d’Anthony O’Neill, un court roman entre suite et pastiche du célèbre texte fondateur du fantastique.
Ici, le narrateur principal est Gabriel Utterson, le juriste qui avait enquêté sur les agissements de Jekyll et de Hyde avant la fin tragique du docteur. Et qui depuis devait hériter de son client. Le voir réapparaître n’arrange donc pas ses affaires personnelles. Gabriel Utterson va donc mener une croisade personnelle pour prouver que ce Jekyll 2.0 est un imposteur alors même que les autres proches du scientifique semblent convaincus que celui-ci est bien de retour.
Similaire dans sa structure au texte original de Stevenson, Dr Jekyll et Mr Seek est un jeu littéraire plaisant qui se lit plutôt vite. Malgré sa fin plutôt ambigüe, le style de l’époque est assez bien respecté hormis l’un des rêves d’Utterson au ton peut-être trop moderne. Pour pleinement apprécier ce livre, mieux vaut avoir lu le texte de Stevenson auparavant. Comme ce dernier est désormais dans le domaine public, il se trouve à petit prix en poche voire gratuitement en numérique.
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It's a good read, but a little slow paced in parts. I am glad to have had the chance to read it though.
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We all know the tragic yet cautionary tale of Dr. Henry Jekyll who brewed his potion that transformed him into the monstrous Mr. Hyde. Shows you that sometimes the monster within brought out by your addictions can lead to your own demise. This short story takes place seven years after the events of the original and is as shrouded in darkness as the original.

Bodies begin to pile up again after a mysterious figure claiming to be Henry comes out of the shadows, we follow Mr. Utterson as he tries to uncover the truth. Is Henry still alive? Or maybe, just maybe, Mr. Utterson has more to hide than meets the eye?

The author does a fantastic job bringing back the dark atmosphere from the original and catching us up-to-date on the events since Dr. Jekyll's death. However, his handling of Mr. Utterson was much to be desired. I won't spoil it except it's as if he has a personality change from the original to this sequel. 

Do I think it was a good sequel? It was adequate, but he needed to research Utterson more.

To those who enjoyed the original tale, I recommend this but do so lightly or you may get offended by how characters were brought back.
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This book is an interesting read for both fans of the original and newcomers alike. I hadn't read the original in several years, but found it easy to catch up with what was happening. An interesting look at what happened "7 years later" and a new mystery afoot.
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Gets under your skin just a little bit as it moves quickly along to it's unsettling conclusion. Has Henry Jekyll really returned? Is Utterson really going mad or is Jekyll an imposter? Written in a style similar to the original book, it's a little punchy than I would have liked at times but by the time those final few chapters start barreling along, it's a huge amount of (very creepy, very frustrating) fun!
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Full disclosure: I have not read the classic tale of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but I did really enjoy Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Seek. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for sharing a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. 
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Seek takes place seven years after the events of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and serves as a continuation of the original classic tale and a retelling, in a sense, simultaneously. Just as the missing and presumed dead Dr. Jekyll’s fortune and property is about to be bequeathed to Jekyll’s trusted friend and lawyer, Mr. Utterson, an imposter posing as Jekyll surfaces and stands in the way of Utterson’s inheritance he has waited seven years to claim. Utterson, as Jekyll’s closest and most trusted confidant, knew Jekyll’s terrible secret and that with the death of Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll is indeed also dead and could not possibly have returned to London. Utterson seems to be the only person who cannot be convinced that Jekyll has returned and seeks to prove the man claiming to be Dr. Henry Jekyll is an imposter, a task which proves to be more difficult as the few people who could prove the inauthenticity of the new Henry Jekyll begin to disappear or perish from mysterious circumstances or accidents.
I thoroughly enjoyed the mood and quality of writing of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Seek. Reading this book felt very much like watching some of my favorite old movies, particularly one called Gaslight. As Utterson’s case against the imposter is foiled at every turn he begins to slowly loose control of his faculties and the mania is well paced and cleverly orchestrated. I think that I was at an advantage for having not read Robert Lois Stevenson’s classic tale as I did not have any expectations for Utterson as a character and couldn’t make comparisons to the beloved original tale. 
I will be interested in what author Anthony O’Neill does next.
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This is a truly brilliant re-imagining that does Stevenson the justice his work deserves and is also a perfect example of Gothic suspense, in its own right.
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Even as an avid reader of classic novels, I struggled with Stevenson’s oeuvre, so it was with some trepidation that I put up my hand for this ‘sequel’ on NetGalley.

And I loved it! It romps along at a cracking pace. It’s hugely entertaining and very well executed. The author adeptly conveys the frustrations of trying to prove a negative, and you can almost smell the pea-soupers (‘the yellow muffling fog’) of Victorian London.

Perhaps because I’m not a fan of the original – and didn’t make it all the way through – I could read this afresh, vaguely drawing on the archetypal images I have unconsciously absorbed over the years of Hyde, such as from the old b&w films.

It made me feel that I could attempt to read the original once again, which is an indication of how well it picked up and developed the story.

Definitely one for the Christmas stocking of any suspense or classic literature fan.
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The events in Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Seek take place seven years after those in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. While I was familiar with the general Jekyll & Hyde story, I'd never actually read the book. About a chapter in to Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Seek, I decided it would be worthwhile to read the original work. It was definitely beneficial to do so, as it gave me insight into who the main character in this case is.

As Dr. Jekyll has been "missing" for the last seven years, Mr. Utterson, his attorney, friend, and beneficiary, is about to inherit Dr. Jekyll's estate. But a wrench is thrown in those plans when it appears that Dr. Jekyll has returned to his home, along with a new butler. The story is told from Utterson's perspective, a man with more knowledge than most of what happened the night Jekyll disappeared and Hyde was found dead. So of course, Utterson is secure in his knowing that the man claiming to be Jekyll, must be in impostor.

Unfortunately, Utterson appears to be a greedy man who is only out to destroy Dr. Jekyll and steal his fortune. And if Utterson came forward and let everyone know what he knows happened to Jekyll seven years ago, he'd be labeled insane and locked away for the rest of his years. He'd never practice law again.

The suspense is high throughout the book in that you're constantly wondering whether it's possible Jekyll is alive. You're left pondering the implications of everything, the motives of just about everyone, right up until the last chapter, where everything is tied together and you're given a somewhat plausible ending.

While I enjoyed this book a lot, the ending was a bit of a let down. It definitely didn't end the way I expected and there was something disappointing in that. I'd love to elaborate, but if I tell you how I wanted it to end, then I'd totally spoil the book for you!

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys stories featuring the characters of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I also recommend reading the original story when you get the chance!

I received a free review copy of this book through NetGalley. This in no way influenced my review.
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Anthony O’Neill has created a sequel that holds true to the dark, gritty tone we all know and love in Gothic Victorian era literature. While I found the writing phenomenal and the plot line intriguing, the character development and confusing ending left me wanting. A very quick and excellently paced read, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Seek kept me interested but I found I was left unsatisfied. 

Was this a good read? It wasn’t bad. Memorable? Not so much. 

This is the book I would buy because it has a gorgeous cover (seriously though….it is beautiful!) and it fits into my love for Jekyll& Hyde, not because I loved it so much I want to read it again and again.

That’s it. Short and sweet. I had planned to post a longer review, where I really go into the depths of this book, but I read this months ago and have not been able to put one together. It turns out I really just don’t have much to say on it. *shrug*

I’d like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book to read and provide my honest opinion.
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In this “sequel” to Robert Louis Stevenson's classic, the author has successfully emulated the style and substance of the original. 

Years after his disappearance, Dr. Jekyll's lawyer, Mr. Utterson, is preparing to have Jekyll declared legally dead in order to collect the inheritance of Jekyll's property.  He's also hoping to cement relationship with the widow who had formerly been Jekyll's ardent admirer. 

When Jekyll suddenly reappears with some rough-looking and threatening companions, Utterson's plans for his own future are demolished. Jekyll steps back into his home, friendships, romance with the widow, and social status as if there had been no Hyde. 

But, Utterson is certain that this Jekyll is an imposter and puts his own friendships, reputation, and life on the line in order to prove it. His increasingly desperate actions make this a dark and suspenseful psychological thriller.
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Every once in a while I like to step outside my preferred genre of romance and give something new a try. And this fit that bill perfectly. A dark and twisted sequel to one of my all-time favorite books (Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.) We find ourselves plunged into a new mystery seven years after the death of Edward Hyde. Dr. Henry Jekyll has returned, and only Jekyll's faithful lawyer and friend Mr. Utterson seems to be suspicious. What follows is one man's delightfully twisted and dark descent into madness. 

This was a highly entertaining story for sure and I loved it. It was a relatively quick book, making it a very well paced read. The writing was fantastic. It was atmospheric, staying true to the original story. The plot was engaging and had me hooked from the get go, and the characters were well written and interesting. This author has taken one of our most well known (and loved) classic tales and cleverly written a wonderful sequel that does much to stay true to the original, while also injecting his own originality and spin on the characters.
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All I could think of was, WOW! this is an epic continuation of a beautiful classic. I loved every minute of it. Although it did leave me wondering if the man truly was or wasn't the real thing. Often times when creators do works like this they "Miss the mark" but not this time. It was an effortless continuation in my opinion. Like most great books it left me wanting more and wondering if it was or wasn't. Then just when you think you're about to get an answer there is a twist. I couldn't put it down. 

If you like great books, that will leave you guessing and wondering then this is the book for you. It also makes you think about the original and if it really happened as so or if he was really imagining it the entire time. These are the types of stories you'll want to keep in your personal library and re-read time and again. Because each time you're sure to come away with some new feeling or have an Aha moment. 

I am really appreciative to Mr. Anthony O'Neill and Skyhorse Publishing for allowing me the opportunity to review an Advance Reader's Copy of the book. This review is of my own opinion and how I really and truly feel about this piece of literature.
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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Seek: The Strange Case Continues by Anthony O'Neill has an outstanding premise. It acts as a sequel to the classic tale from Robert Louis Stevenson. O'Neil does a good job of recreating the tone and feel of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde when it comes to the atmosphere and writing style. The last ten to fifteen percent of the story is luckily fantastic. Overall, though, this new sequel was just a tad underwhelming when it counts - the lead character, Mr. Utterson. Utterson is supposed to progressively spiral down into madness, but he practically just jumps off the deep end. Regardless of the minor issues I had with this new release, it's still worth trying especially if you enjoy Stevenson's original.
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Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

This one took me by surprise; I am always dubious of retellings or sequels to older, classic texts by different authors, but O'Neil manages to capture the atmosphere of the first one through his descriptions of Victorian London. The opening echoes the original novel and is able to draw in readers the same way. 

O'Neil has managed to create a sequel that genuinely feels like a potential continuation of the classic gothic text and of these characters. Similar to the original novel, this one is a short read but manages to maintain a sense of mystery and is nicely paced, with a sense of control in the writing even when the described events are spiralling.

Some readers may not enjoy the direction O'Neil takes the story in, or the expanded characterisation of Utterson as he creeps into unlikeable narrator territory, but if you're looking for a short, gothic tale to read then this could be it.

TL;DR - O'Neil's sequel Dr Jekyll & Mr Seek manages to capture the flavour of the original gothic novel and whether readers agree or disagree with his continuation of the well-known characters this is still a solid read for horror fans.

4****(out of 5*****)
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7 years after Mr Hyde is found dead and Dr Jekyll presumed missing only his lawyer Mr Utterson knows the truth – that they were different sides of the same man and therefore Jekyll is dead as well. However, when a man claiming to be Dr Jekyll lays claim on his estate can Mr Utterson prove he’s an imposter?

I must admit although I love the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and have recently particularly enjoyed the musical adaptation, I haven’t actually read the classic itself for a very long time. I feel that this perhaps hampered my enjoyment of Dr Jekyll and Mr Seek. I think there might be lots of references and character exploration that is better enjoyed if you have read the story recently. Or perhaps, judging by some other reviews from fans of the original slating the character choices maybe it’s best to have only a cloudy recollection of it!

I did think the book is a well written story – the gothic atmosphere of Victorian London is well portrayed. The idea of the story itself from start to finish is quite interesting, however it is very slow to start, quite repetitive in places and only really gets going right towards the end. It’s one of those novels where the ending makes the whole book interesting in hindsight but not actually when you are reading it.

Overall I didn’t really enjoy Dr Jekyll and Mr Seek as much as I had hoped that I would. Thank you to NetGalley & SkyHorse Publishing for a copy of the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Wasn't a fan of this book too be honest! It felt rushed n patched from the old book! Character builds up is nonexistent! Thank you netgalley for the free arc in exchange for an honest review!
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