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Adequate Yearly Progress by Roxanna Elden
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In Adequate Yearly Progress, teachers at Brae Hill High School deal with the changes that come with a new superintendent and a new school year. 
As a teacher, I don’t think I’ve ever read a more realistic portrayal of teaching. The teachers created by Roxanna Elden are teachers represented in every public school. 
I was hooked from the start but was hoping for a little more in the ending. Overall a great read before heading back to the classroom. 

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This book is required reading for anyone who does or has worked in the education sector. It is laugh out loud funny. So much of this resonates as teachers explore the ever-changing nature of a reformer coming in with a new agenda. 

Many thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.
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If you have ever worked in any business that always has some new program or idea that will improve, grow, better the situation/business, you will surely relate to this book. Even if you have not, you will engage with the story and the characters.
The trials of four teachers and a principal at Brae Hill Valley High School are told as the new and improved year progresses and impacts each of them. I liked that Ms. Elden included the characters’ lives outside the high school which gives them depth and connects them to their reactions to the newly instituted changes.
Having survived the same type of new program will improve productivity drudgery, I found myself cheering some teachers and cringing at others and at many situations described. I can totally get this book!
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Love love LOVE this book! I cannot recommend it enough. Read it and laugh as loud and with as much mirth as I did!
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I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read Adequate Yearly Progress in exchange for an honest review. The book is a perfect story for any teacher or school administrator. Set in a school district in Texas that has a difficult time with student achievement, the book follows Lena, Maybelline, Hernan and Kaytee as they navigate through a new school year with a big-time new superintendent who brings changes to the district that may or may not be an improvement. The wit and humor of the story lie in the fact that, of course, the teachers know the best way to get their students respond, but they have to fight "upper management" and the impossible standards and ideals in order to get the job done. Anyone who has ever worked in a school in any capacity will enjoy the daily grind of the characters trying to maintain their personal lives while juggling the responsibilities of teaching jobs that are an uphill battle.
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Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publisher for a copy of the book. As always, an honest review. 

Adequate Yearly Progress accurately captures what I would imagine it's like to work in an inner city high school. The story starts out a few days before the beginning of the school year. There's a new superintendent who is ready to make some changes. Maybe with the students' best interests at heart, but definitely with an enormous lack of experience in the school setting. It sets up what's bound to be an eventful school year. 

The chapters are told from different teachers points of view. This choice keeps the book fresh, interesting, and moving along quickly. The reader also gets a well rounded perspective of all the happenings within the high school. We mainly follow Lena, Hernan, Maybelline and the football coach. I like that the characters are diverse regarding gender, age, race, and life experiences. The story is a discussion about life in and out of the classroom. I really appreciated when the story would show the rich complex inner lives of the teachers. A great combination of serious and funny. I also liked the inclusion of one teacher's blog posts. I found it fun, modern, and added an additional perspective. 

Most of the book was amazing; there were a few aspects that I didn't enjoy as much. A few of the teachers bothered me, personality wise. It's in keeping with a realistic perspective of a school, but they could still really annoy me at times. Also, the ending of the school year seemed a little rushed. However the teachers' personal lives were well paced. 

Overall I really enjoyed getting to know the teachers in Adequate Yearly Progress. A humorous, realistic perspective of teaching with all of its challenges and wonderful moments. Definitely give this a read when it's released! 

*My rating is actually 4.5 stars, but since there aren't half stars here, I always round up.
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This is a great read. 
As a teacher, I found this book super relatable. Each of the characters reminds me of someone (or several someones!) I’ve worked with. There are a plethora of little details that filled my teacher’s heart. However, this is not just a book for teachers. The is real relationship drama that happens to all people- and everyone has an annoying coworker. 
Honestly, I cannot day enough about how much I enjoyed reading AYP.
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A funny, realistic portrayal of teaching. Great characters who deepened along with the plot. Highly recommend.
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