Wings of Ice

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This book is positioned as romance/fantasy, but I think it’s more young adult/new adult. There’s some sexual content, but the heroine is 17, attending a magical dragon school, and being irresistibly drawn to “the wrong kind of dragon.”

Frankly, this was not the book for me. Dragca, Dragice, Isola (ice) and more punny names just pulled me out of the story every time. The cold open is sometime in the future and is violent and bloody. Then we get tossed back in time to the human world, where Isola is attending English class and dating a (dragon) boy. Then he’s murdered and her dad appears to sweep her away to Dragca. This is all in the first 10% of the book. It’s a lot, and by 20%, I still wasn’t sure why I read any of it.

Then the prophecies started, and I had to step away.

If you want a YA fantasy with dragons and prophesy and an enemies-to-lovers starcrossed romance And can ignore the corny names and cliches, give it a shot. I’ve read too much fantasy to be patient with this.
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I really loved this! While I didnt think this first one had any romance really, I think it sets up great for the next books in the series. I love all the characters, and the world building was really unique. It's like a reverse harem romance mixed with the academy trope, mixed with a shifter fantasy. I binged this series after reading this book, so the lines have kind of blurred between the books world building wise but I love the world this takes place in. The idea of the portals was pretty sweet, and the author cleverly mixed in light/dark fae and magic in a way I really loved. I'm obsessed with everything about this series, the only thing that dropped it a star was the fact that the writing was clunky pretty often. Especially this was noticable in the dialogue. It obviously didnt detract from my enjoyment too much because I rated it 4 stars, and despite the writing shes become a new favorite of mine.
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I received a copy of this from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book started out a bit rocky for me. I thought it was going to a be a cheesy, raunchy highschool fantasy romance novel but it quickly started to evolve. Don't get my wrong,it's still a bit of a highschool fantasy romance novel but it keeps continuing to build both the plot and the characters into something bigger and better. I'm actually addicted to this series, it's my guilty pleasure, and I've continued reading on in the series. 
But this novel is all about set up. It introduces you to the hunky dragon guards, a very confused and alone princess fighting for her right to rule not get killed in in the process. The author gives you a taste of the chemistry of these 5, and its such a tease.  The ending...oh the ending, you're going to need to go and get that 2nd book now.

I liked it and I'm enjoying the rest of the series too.
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I got sucked in to this story as soon as I started reading it. I have already read the next 2 books because I need to know how this series ends. This book is a quick read. Isola has been living with the humans for most of her life. Something happens and she is brought back to the Dragon World. She has to pick up the pieces of her life and move on. With 4 Dragon Guards at her side will she be able to move on with them or will everything fall apart? How will this series end and I am going to find out.

*I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.*
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I thought from reading the blurb, this book will be great because…”dragons”, after all who doesn’t love dragons! A dragon princess is brought from earth to another dimension to fulfill her destiny as the next dragon ice queen, and placed into a medieval castle school with dragon students. There is magic and fairies.  
There is a rambling back story that has a heroine with a tendency to be TSTL, and her guards who seem to be in love with her. Her guards are all secretive and tell her bits of her history, when they think she should know. It also ends in a cliffhanger with nothing resolved.
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I found this book very interesting with its many twists and turn. A great roller coaster story of dragons and emotions. Having the curses fully explain took a lot of tensions out with all the assassination attempts.

Yes, the book ends in a great cliffhanger. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.
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Decisions, decisions... Royalty and choices form the basis of the book. Well written and a page-turner from page one, this is a must read for fans of excellently told paranormal romance stories.   

The book's description is accurate but gives little away about the story.
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Isola Dragice spent 10 years in human world but when her dragon boyfriend (her mate and same as herself. ice dragon) gets killed by the fire dragon she knows it's time to get back to her world that she really knows nothing about...

It sounded so interesting that when I read the book description I just got excited and was waiting for my request to be accepted with my fingers crossed... Know my disappointed when after 20% of book I just had to put it down. The writing was so bad that I just couldn't continue reading. Story was going way too fast, there was no time for reflection and I felt more like it was the very first draft or even just a book summary. I usually like fast paced books but this was simply too fast for me..

I liked the plot just not the execution. Unfortunately I will not be reaching for the second book which I know is coming out soon. It's a quick read so if you feel like you can waste one evening go ahead and read it but if you're like me - you think that life is too short to read bad written books- go and find something else for yourself.

I am actually very sorry that I did not enjoy this...But how can you enjoy a book when you feel like you're punished when reading it? I am very sorry because I hoped this was going to be a good story. 4 hot guys and dragon shifters.... C'mon... 

Thank you NetGalley for sending me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Very well written. Whilst being a fantasy book it still manages to have relatable characters. The storyline was perfect and kept me entertained
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I received this free eARC novel from NetGalley. This is my honest review. 

Isola is the Ice Dragon Princess. The only problem is that she hasn't been in her realm for many years - since her mother died. Her father sent her to Earth to live with humans and her mate, Jace, until it was time for her to take the throne after the Fire Dragon Rebellion was overwith. 

But when Jace was brutally murdered, Isola was thrust back into her homeland, where all of the students hate her. I mean, almost everyone's family has been affected by her father and his dragon guard harming dragons that were part of the plot to kill his beloved wife. 

And with Isola being targeted by the Fire Dragon Rebellion, her uncle (and ruler of her school) gave Isola her own dragon guard of fellow students: Elias, Korbin, Dagan and Thorne. All of which have their own reason to hate her, but have to suck it up now that they are her dragon guard. 

But the more the 5 of them are together, the more that anger becomes attraction. Which CANNOT happen, because of a Ice Dragon falls in love with a Dragon Guard, the curse will be broken and they will cease to be dragons. 

As the rebellion gets closer and closer to Isola, she finds that she is running out of time to learn her heritage and her future. All she knows is that she is not a typical dragon in the scheme of things...

Ahhh!!!! I LOVED THIS BOOK!! Sure, there were flaws, but I seriously loved this story and the guys are so swoon worthy, and Isola is so tough. I think that the world building could have been better and more background of the new world we are in would have been nice, but I was able to follow along well for the most part. And for some reason I kept getting all of the guys mixed up with one another, but it didn't take away from the fact that most are bad boys and they are craving a piece of Isola, even though they know that is not going to happen. 

And I knew, I KNEW that if I started this book, I was going to need more because there is a CLIFFHANGER!!! Gah, those things get me every time... :/ So, yeah, I've already went and purchased the 2nd book, and will probably do the same for the entire 5 book series. 

I'm so glad I got a chance to read this book, and I will definitely be talking up these amazing dragon characters :)
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This book was frustrating at the beginning but it quickly became interesting. I almost put it down at the beginning because it felt like I was about to read an AU fanfiction of Game of Thrones and Mortal Instruments. But the idea borrowing really only ran skin-deep. It’s the reliance on prophecies surrounding ice and fire, a person who is promised (more or less), and “dragonglass” weapons that are a bit too unoriginal for me. Also, we have an initial romantic interest named Jace, who has icy blonde hair and blue eyes... which, if i’m recalling correctly, is the same dude from Mortal Instruments. 

Annnyyyways, I’m glad I pushed through the first part because the author doesn’t lean in to it as much as I thought she would. 

The book’s main POV is Isola, a 17/18 year old heiress to a magical kingdom of dragon-shifters. There are two types of dragons: ice and fire. 

Ice dragons has more power than fire dragons, but there are very few of them. In fact, we are meant to believe that there are only three left: Isola, her father (the king), and her infertile stepmother (no joke, that is literally all we get with that character until maybe the last 2 percent of the novel). There are prophecies about a couple of things that I never really tracked, except for the whole “royal peeps and their guards can’t get together in the biblical sense or else they lose their dragons”...oh also, the dragonguards can’t shirk their responsibilities to the crown or else they die. There were other prophecies but honestly I just didn’t care. TBH I’m just waiting for that beautiful loophole where Isola and her boys can finally get it on. But, I digress. 

Isola is sent to Dragon Hogwarts after her “mate” Jace is muckducked. (Murder for non Office fans). After a couple of minor incidents, her fire dragon dragonguard is assembled: Thorne (distrust anyone with thorne in their name), Elias, Dagon and Korbin. They are all more or less cupcaking with our girl Isola, aka they are all flirty but reserved at the same time (for reasons of duty and resenting that they’ve been enslaved in this duty, yada yada). Thorne is basically the odd man out in terms of the inner-dragonguard clique and we are manipulated to believe that he is the only honest guy among his sneaky sneak cohort. THAT turns out to be false because, guess what? Thorne is actually the love-child of that infertile stepmother I mentioned earlier and some other dude. Her name is Tatarara or something—idc she was in the book for two seconds.

Anyways, Thorne (Isola’s stepbro—so no future incest for anyone who is keeping track! Phew!) kills the King and reveals he is also an ice dragon. He becomes king and claims he never liked Isola (I call BS). He then commands a seer to wipe Isola and her three other dragonguards’ memories and they are sent to the human world. The seer is important but i don’t feel like explaining why. This sets us up for the sequel, where Isola and her boys may or may not get things going in a UK high school. We’ll see.

As much as I seemed to like this book (and look forward to its future installments) I can’t help but hunger for more of what had been promised. No, I’m not talking about steamy sexy times—I like the slow burn. I wanted this book to give me more of the school, students, etc. who ended up as afterthoughts when it came to tension resolution. Like—she kind of got her classmates to like her but not really? Because she froze a few snakes?

Also, why did Thorne choose to make his moves on the throne when he did? What happened? I have other questions but I’m guessing (hoping) they’ll be answered in the next book.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read but it isn’t the best entry into the reverse-harem genre.
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Wings of Ice: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance. (Protected by Dragons Book 1) Kindle Edition
by G. Bailey
I received a complimentary reader's copy from NetGalley and am leaving a fair and honest review.

G. Bailey is one of my favorite and one of the best, period, writer of Reverse Harem Romances.  She has a gift for keeping a story rolling while peppering us with moments of love.

Wings of Ice is no different. Isador, the Ice Dragon Princess of Dragca is dragged home for her own protection after a death of a loved one.  There she is given into the care of four Fire Dragon Gaurds who are doomed if they fall in love with her.  But her life becomes so important to them at a personal level that they may risk their lives as the know it.

Isador is a strong willed heroine, at times she does fall into the men must save her from her own best intentions.  This does take away from her growing into the role of Princess and later Queen. 

The family struggles are interesting but I would have liked more time in the actual court.

Our four Heroes are sexy and smart, and they work hard to not be the typical sweep in a save her type of heroes.

Overall, for a romance, it is a slooow burn.  As a Reverse Harem is a very, very slow burn!  But it is worth it enough for me to already be down with the second and on to the third book in the Protected By Dragons series.

4 stars out of 5
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This was my first G. Bailey book and I loved it! Isolated is an ice dragon, and princess.  She grew up on Earth but is now back where she is from and is learning about her history and responsibilities. This book pulled me in from the first page. I am going to download all the books in this series.
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I adored this book.. the sex was so hot...
very readable and jots along nicely. a reverse harem was something I haven't read before and loved it!!
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Let me start by saying I adore all things dragons, seriously...I'm obsessed, and when I stumbled across this book I was totally down for it on the pretense of dragons alone. Then, I started reading it, and loved the idea even more. This story starts out following a dragon girl named Isola living in the human world to be kept safe, when things turn 'unsafe' for her she is then brought back to her own home world to be better protected. Isola is not only a dragon, but she is also a princess, the last heir to the throne, and one of the last Ice Dragons. Caught up in a rebellion she is  assigned 4 dragon guards who must protect her with their life, but there is a curse and a prophecy about an royal dragon and dragon guards; one that claims a high price. 
Needless to say, things get messy but in a totally delicious way. This book had a really strong start in my opinion, I felt glued to the pages (being honest I did manage to read this in a matter of hours). The beautiful thing about this book is that there are small snippets of future premonitions that come back in later scenes, and I loved this. It leaves you feeling hooked, and then when it comes together it leaves you with a sense of satisfaction. It is a reverse harem story, but I didn't feel like that was the sole focus unlike others I have read, in fact for me it offered so much more than that. It is a great story about a girl coming to terms with herself, her own losses, and the losses of those around her. It is a story about mending broken bonds, betrayal, heartache, and learning to trust. Overall, I really enjoyed this book, the characters, and the suspense. I was not expecting the ending, and I immediately wanted to read the next book! 
If you want dragons, magic, a headstrong female, and hot guys then you will find it here in this book.
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I received this arc from NetGalley and the following opinions are solely my own.

I give this a hard 2.75 stars.

The prologue, oh lord the prologue had me rolling in irritation.
Typically, when you read a prologue it gives you a starting theme or story for the book, it doesn't typically
(view spoiler)

I'm not going to lie, it didn't really grip me at all. I thought it was a decent book, I enjoyed the fantasy aspects with the strengths and weaknesses of the dragons but I feel like so much more could have been added to the story.
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I enjoyed this more than I thought I would at the start, it kept you interested and the pages turning . I wasn't impressed with Isolly moving on so quickly from her 'love' and being attracted to three guys when she was grieving, not a huge fan of instalove, but it wasn't guilty of that it was instalust I suppose more, but she moved on very quickly is the main i could see the villain coming but maybe that was just me. But I enjoyed it, was fast paced and I do want to know what happens next , good light entertaining read.
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I honestly didn’t think I would like this. The gorgeous cover intrigued me (plus… dragons!) and I didn’t really realize that Wings of Ice is a fantasy novel with a reverse harem. I’ve read a couple RH books in the past and although the stories tend to pull me in, the whole one girl with multiple love interests doesn’t really appeal to me. The story usually loses me there and if there are heavy sex themes I tend to find it a little uncomfortable to read. Call me old fashioned, but I’m more a one on one type of girl. 

Surprisingly, I found myself instantly drawn into this world and loved it! This particular installment, to me, read almost like a Young Adult fantasy with some adult themes. I mean, there were some colorful word choices, but nothing overly sexualized and I think it really worked. I loved the idea of Ice dragons and Fire dragons and the conflict between them. I loved the history between the Royal family and the Dragon Guard and I thought the introduction of a school for these dragons was great.

The book moved a little faster than I would have liked and I felt that the author really rushed through the whole thing which made it a little less enjoyable to read. There was just so much going on in such a short period of time that it was hard to stay focused on any one piece of information. That being said, the short chapters and engaging storyline made for a very quick read which might not have been accomplished so easily had the pace been set slower so…I guess it evens out?

Was this book perfect? No. Was it a bit (lot) corny at times? Absolutely, but did it keep me engaged as a reader and make me want to run out and immediately grab the rest of the series to see how it plays out? Oh hell yes! Wings of Ice is a fun read with a great cast of characters that you will love and love to hate. It’s the perfect length to read in one sitting and has enough magic, tension and twists to keep the reader wanting the next installment right away. 

I have to run out and grab the next book now. That ending….I need to know. Also, if someone could let me know where I can get a Korbin and Bee….that would be great. I want one!

Thanks to NetGalley and G. Bailey for providing me with a copy of this book to read and provide my honest opinions.
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A very interesting book, loved and really enjoyed the reading. Strongly recommend the book if you are into page turning books.
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Action, adventure, romance, and excitement, it’s a complete package. The storyline is awesome and the characters are great, I like the tree spirit Bee. I’m no fan of threesome or foursome and I find this storyline flowing that way but it doesn’t take away from the book. So as much as I seriously don’t dig these threesomes and foursome, I cannot lie, it’s a great read, it is well written and full of excitement, there is also intrigue, a nice package.
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