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Winning the War on Cancer

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Winning the War on Cancer is about modern cancer treatment and the life of the author, Sylvie Beljanski. She works for the Beljanski Foundation, a cancer research center that looks into new cancer treatment and is carrying on the work of her Father. Her Father faced great opposition and she is determined to carry on his valuable work. The opposition they face is from corporate and governments who do not want groundbreaking treatment well known as a alternative .

Winning the War on Cancer is a must-read. It explains in great detail just how hard it is to look at medical treatment in a new way. My entire family has died from cancer so i have been educating myself on treatments, how to prevent cancer and health to prevent the onset of the cancers millions face today. The author's treatment methods is groundbreaking and a must read for anyone facing cancer.

Thank you for the ARC. My opinion is my own. I value this book very highly and do recommend it for all who are facing traditional cancer treatment. It is with gratitude that I thank you for providing me with this ARC. I consider it a must read and now part of my personal research into cancer.

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Ultramodern important research concerning cancer treatment!

Deals very clearly with an issue that has become very important in recent decades. As parents we are concerned with the quality of life so drastically diminished that our children and even our pets are facing. This is partly due to our toxic emotions and the serious global Pollution.

I am very grateful for all the brave people, including Silvie Beljanski, who are joining their efforts in an unprecedented revolution against the manipulation and misinformation that some corporations are using to enrich themselves through this type of autoimmune conditions that are on the rise. The author mentions that her father developed an oncotest to analyze food and personal care products, but the industries rejected it because they did not want to change their products. And later this test helped him find natural molecules with anti-carcinogenic properties and he verified their safety and efficacy a few years later. Unfortunately these investigations were kept hidden for many years and were finally rescued by the author.

This alternative treatment fights cancers that do not longer respond to chemotherapy and cancer stem cells that can be resistant to conventional treatment and cause metastasis. The research of Dr. Mirko Beljanski addresses the hypothesis of "cancer resulting from a progressive and cumulative destabilization of the DNA due to environmental toxins". The clinical studies of the extracts work at the level of the DNA with a selective action against many kinds of cancer cells, their action is not organ or gender specific, exhibiting an excellent synergistic action with chemotherapy drugs like Gemcitabine, and also the healthy cells are protected from the side effects of the treatment.

Additionally, the treatment can be combined with another discovery where Dr. Beljanski developed a treatment with E. coli K12 based RNA fragments to stimulate immune defenses and the pre-clinical and clinical studies "resulted far superior to the manufactured granulocyte colony stimulating factor G-CSF that was given to maintain white blood cells in those undergoing chemotherapy" with any negative side effects. In addition, G-CSF is expensive and its toxicity increases DNA destabilization for up to two months when used beyond five days.

Over the course of a year I lost 4 very close relatives, including my own mother due to cancer. This topic is especially sensitive, as I investigate more and acquire more clarity of the business it represents, of the laws that protect employers. But above all I have the hope in the capacity of response that we have to empower ourselves and take the right actions to move us to an comprehensive change, where we can have an impact as a society, sharing the knowledge is a human right, in cooperation, solidarity and empathy.

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This book was an interesting read! While I did enjoy it, I admit that I initially thought this would be more of a health book, yet found it to be better classified as a biography of sorts.

It was informative and interesting to learn the story of her father's research and how the government tried to shut it down, yet I found it less informative on how to actually decrease cancer risks. While she does focus on environmental toxins, there are a number of factors that work together to cause cancer and one on its own does not destine one to a life filled with cancer. I did find it to be a little bit advertisement heavy on the supplement they use, which is quite pricey. Yes, not so much as chemo or radiation, but it also isn't guaranteed either. I would not make life altering decisions based on the information in this book and would research separate legitimate studies in order to compare data.

Rating solely basing it on a biography/nonfiction book and NOT a health book, I thought it was a pretty solid and good read.

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