Her Art of Surrender

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I love the concept of this book, the idea of surrendering to what is. This was such an inspiring collection of stories from inspiring women. I feel like this book could be life-changing. I'd like to purchase a physical copy so I can keep it on hand for whenever I need to hear the messages shared in it. I can't recommend it enough!
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A Collection Of Stories About Letting Go Of The Past And Embracing The Soul

First I want to say that I admire each one of the authors of these stories - their bravery, vulnerability and inner strength is empowering AND inspiring. They opened up and shared so much of their personal journey and transformation that you don't often see it in most genre-related books out there.

The book goes way beyond letting go to really exploring the depths of who we are. It is poignant and raw just like our human experiences and that's what makes it such a must-read. Each story is packed with so much insights and guidance that I couldn't put the book down!

But in the center is always surrender - something we all need to learn and practice more of. Surrender is a teacher and a friend, it's there for us to find when we are ready and there for us to lean on. Surrender brings us back to who we are beyond the everyday life, beyond our expectations and strive. We all have our individual personal journeys, but what unites us is the art of surrender - the freedom and ease that steps into our life once we let go.

It's been a month in the new year, but I think that this is the book that really spoke to me. Whether you are a fan of this genre or not - you will need to read it. It will make you feel.

I have kindly received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley and Golden Brick Road Publishing House in exchange of a fair review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I love the concept of "surrendering to what is", it's something I've focused on in my own personal growth journey. This inspirational collection of stories is a great reminder of the power in surrender.  I found it a bit redundant after a while. Each woman's background and essay are interesting, but one after another like this, they seemed to lose their effect. However, in the hands of a woman who needs this message right now, this book could be a game changer.
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