Emily Is Being Bullied, What Can She Do?

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 21 Nov 2018

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Emily is bullied at school and none of her friends stands for her. She becomes more and more isolated, and starts feeling headaches or stomachaches in order to go see the school nurse or to be able to stay at home. She doesn't know why Hannah, the popular girl, started picking on her, and she thinks she has to figure it out and fix it on her own. At one point, full of sadness, she thinks that it will be like this forever and that she will just have to cope with it. Until one day, when enough is enough, she asks for help to her parents, to the nurse, and to her teacher. The teacher decides to talk about bullying during class, and every single kid starts to realize how cruel and unfair it has been to Emily. They also practice expressing one's feeling while sitting in a circle. Little by little, things are improving for Emily. 

The second part of the book explores the difficult life of Hannah, the popular girl who started the bullying, and tries to explain her motivations, frustration, and pain. The book ends with useful resources for teacher, counselors and parents to prevent bullying and help our kids when it is happening. 

The book has a lot of text and only a few illustrations, so it is intended to kids in middle school. The story is well explained and goes deep into the step-by-step acceleration of the bullying and the physical, emotional and academic consequences of it for Emily.
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This was a great book. It's broken into two parts. The first is a fiction story about a young girl being bullied and the second is a guide for parents and caregivers. I appreciated how approachable the first half was for children and how it addressed perspectives from all those involved in the bullying. I can definitely see it being a helpful resource for children in late elementary school through middle school. I only wish it had been a little longer and contained a little more information. Thank you to Jessica Kingsley Publishers for the ARC!
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While this book is recommended for children ages 7-11, I felt that there was too much text and not enough illustrations for the elementary students. The scenarios and recommendations for schools were appropriate and realistic. However, there are other resources I would use for elementary aged students.
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Bullying is a real problem in juvenile age, and I wish the real life examples were always ending happy like Emily's story. 
The book first tells us about the bullying Emily goes through with her friends and how it is resolved. Then provides a guidance for adults (parents and teachers) about what to do, how to spot, and how to react etc. 
To be honest, I liked the informative chapters better. I think this book can easily be referenced by teachers, so I would recommend this for schools.
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