The Eye of Verishten

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 26 Sep 2018

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This is a wonderful mix of Germanic culture and high fantasy, and I really enjoyed reading it.
It took me a few chapters to really get pulled in - I've not read any fantasy that has a decidedly German flavour before, and I found it a little jarring. I then spent time thinking that through - why do I find it jarring? I think it is because if that part of Europe is represented, it is often represented as a coal guzzling, industrial revolution style, semi modern context, and to read instead of a regular European flavour fantasy takes effort, but ultimately is very refreshing. 
I also really enjoyed the golems. Who doesn't love golems!? It's wonderful to read more books about these mythic creatures, and whilst they are not at all close to the Judaic or Hebrew versions of golem, they bring some sense of that rich culture with them. 
A very good, very nicely written tale of redemption, faith, and adventure, about overthrowing a tyrant and pursuing greatness. 
Would recommend. 

My critisicms are that the conversation between man and God did not have the gravity or depth that one might expect, but it was easily overlooked in the midst of the action!
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I enjoyed tremendously having a decent sized book that I could get stuck into. It was nice to therefore get a complete story, quite an epic in fact. We follow scientist Katja and her Steinkamp soldier guardian, as they discover the secret to the golems that inhabit their kingdom and work out how to use them to save it. Along the way they learn each others secrets too. Their struggles with morality and family and vengeance makes this an interesting journey but I was a little disappointed with ending which seemed a bit naive.
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