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Goodbye Crueller Worldby Ginger Bolton is the second book in the Deputy Donut Mystery series.  Emily and her father-in-law are hired to do a doughnut wall for a wedding.  It seems to be going well until the groom dies from suspected poisoning.  The additional characters in this book are not quite as eccentric as the first book.  The mystery was on the weaker side since I guessed the murderer early on.  Still I love the idea of a former cop owning a doughnut shop and will give a third book a try.  I would like to see Emily moving forward in her own life rather than pushing her friends into romances.
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Second in the Deputy Donut mystery series.  Emily and Tom are preparing a donut wall and donuts for Jenn the owner of the Dressed to Kill shop next door.  The day before the wedding Emily overhears an argument between Emily and her sister Suzanne about canceling the wedding.  Emily briefly talks to Jenn and learns she has no plans to cancel the wedding although she does have some doubts about her fiancée Roger.  Emily first meets Roger as Tom and Emily are doing the initial set up of the donut wall at the reception, and he is rude and abusive.  When Emily returns later to put up the donuts he is just as obnoxious.  As Jenn joins the reception after midnight, Roger is found “passed” out under the donut table only she begins to believe he is not drunk but has been poisoned as she finds a mysterious white powder on the donut table.  Emily calls 911, Roger later dies, and the murder investigation begins. Brent (Emily’s deceased husband’s partner) starts the investigation but once again the state investigators are sent in and the Yvonne takes aim at Emily once again.  Emily is not actively searching out the culprit but is paying close attention and trying to save Jenn (the widowed bride) from being the scapegoat.  This was an engaging read and had many opportunities to go in different directions as to who the killer was.  Love Emily’s matchmaking attempts and hope that she and Brent will continue to get closer and become more than friends.  I will definitely get the next in this series.
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Emily is back and is ready to forget about how she was involved in a murder investigation a while back, however another murder takes place when she brings dessert for a wedding. And a cruller from Deputy Donuts coated with arsenic is the culprit. 

Her friend, Jenn is getting married and asked Emily and Tom to bring donuts to the reception for a late-night snack. The problem is the groom ends up dead. Emily, Jenn, and others are searching for the killer and hope to find to him/her before it's too late and someone else takes a bite out of death.

I like this story a lot and the development of the characters is getting very interesting. I want to see where Emily's matchmaking of her friends goes and also her "friendship" with Brent, I think it will develop more as the series continues. Of course Dep, the cat approves of her pal Brent being in their lives more. 

Come on Ginger Bolton, let's see book #3!

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The second book in the deputy donut mystery series was a quick and easy read.  I loved the characters, but would like to see the relationships (romance) grow a little faster.  But the mystery was good, and it kept my interest during the whole book.  Definitely recommend !
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Goodbye Cruller World:  A Deputy Donut Mystery
By Ginger Bolton
September 2018

Review by Cynthia Chow

As delighted as she was to have the opportunity to create a donut wall for the wedding reception of Dressed to Kill Clothing store owner Jenn Zeeland, Emily Westhill wonders if the ceremony should even take place.  After the prospective bride and her sister have a contentious argument in their Fallingbrook, Wisconsin boutique the day before the wedding, only Jenn’s declaration that it’s too late to cancel seems to be compelling her to walk down the aisle.  Emily’s predictions for a long-lasting marriage are even less optimistic after she meets the obnoxious and demanding groomzilla, but she at least thought that it would last through the evening.  Unfortunately, it’s not long after midnight that Emily discovers Roger Banchen’s body behind her donut wall, collapsed next to a dish covered in suspicious, non-sugary white power.

As the co-owner of Deputy Donuts, no one knows more about her donuts and the proper toppings than Emily, who entered the donut business after the death of her policeman husband.  The Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation’s lead Detective Yvonne Passenmath unreasonably loathes Emily though, which means that any input she provides is guaranteed to be ignored.  With her retired police chief father-in-law as a business partner and having mended her friendship with her late husband’s former partner, Emily at least has the investigative support to clear Deputy Donuts of any involvement while bringing closure to the distraught, if not exactly mournful, new widow.

Until I googled images of donut walls I never knew such astounding and mouth-watering décor existed.  Emily’s definitely chosen on-trend profession, although donuts of course never truly go out of style.  Detective Passenmath’s closed-mindedness forces Emily to other avenues of investigations, and there’s no shortage of questionable avenues, witnesses, or those with reasons to resent the man with questionable resources.  This second in the series has all of the traits cozy mystery lovers adore; a store cat walked on a halter, delicious recipes, and a witty heroine with good-natured match-making compulsions.  Yet adding so much depth to this is Emily’s guilt over not being the dispatcher on call when her husband was killed on duty, and the questions that remain when she learns of a witness to his death.  Emily’s continual pursuit for answers, even as she begins to emotionally move on in her life, assures for even more intrigue and compelling adventures in the future.
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Goodbye Cruller World by Ginger Bolton is the second tale in A Deputy Donut Mystery series.  Emily Westhill and Tom Westhill co-own Deputy Donut in Fallingbrook, Wisconsin.  Their shop has been commissioned by Jenn Zeeland, who owns Dressed to Kill, to provide a late night snack for her wedding guests at her wedding reception.  They have constructed a donut wall (with dowels to hold the donuts) and Tom’s wife, Cindy added some decorative touches.  At Little Lake Lodge, Emily puts out the fresh donuts and they are an instant hit (who doesn’t love freshly made donuts).  Emily is being twirled about the dance floor when the groom is discovered curled up on the carpet by the donut wall.  Scott Ritsorf, the fire chief, attends to the victim while Emily notices a saucer with a strange white substance hidden under her hat.  It appears that someone used Deputy Donut’s crullers to poison the groom.  Unfortunately, the groom does not survive and the police chief calls in DCI to work the murder.  When Detective Yvonne Passenmath is assigned the case, Emily knows she needs to track down the poisoner to save Deputy Donut’s reputation.   When Detective Passenmath narrows her investigation to Jenn, Emily needs to work quickly before Jenn must trade her wedding dress for a prison jumpsuit.  

Goodbye Cruller World can be read on its own.  The author provides the necessary backstory on Emily and the secondary characters along with what occurred in Survival of the Fritters.  I found the book to be easy to read and I liked the steady pace.  However, we really do not need every activity described in detail (unlocking the shop doors, turning on the lights, making the coffee, wiping down the tables, etc.).  The author needs to take the time to develop the characters in the series.  They are not fleshed out and the secondary characters felt flat.  I like Misty, Samantha, Scott, Brent, Tom and the others.  I just wish we knew more about them.  I could do with Emily spending less time trying to match up her various friends (as she avoids dating and the fact that two men would like to date her).  Dep, the cat, is adorable and playful.  I like that the author has Emily talk to Dep and he responds with his little “mmp” noise.  I did not understand why other characters, like Brent, would answer with a “mmp” though.  I would re-read the paragraph because I wondered if I had missed something (was it a person talking or the cat).  The mystery could be solved before the bridegroom consumes his first cruller.  The killer was as obvious as powdered sugar on a black shirt.  Emily does ask questions, but she spends an inordinate amount of time speculating on the crime with Dep (I want more solid content). I like that Brent listens to Emily’s insights and the information that she digs up on the suspects.  I intensely dislike Detective Yvonne Passenmath.  She is another cliché nasty detective who focuses on finding evidence to convict innocent people instead of following the evidence to find the guilty party.  I would like to know more about the town of Fallingbrook.  We are given scant details on this little hamlet in Wisconsin.  There are delectable donuts described in the story and recipes at the end of the book. Goodbye Cruller World is an easy breezy cozy mystery that will have you making a run to your local donut shop.  I am giving Goodbye Cruller World 3 out of 5 stars.
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I enjoyed the characters, setting, and plot line.  Book was well written and a good distraction from the real world.
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In this second book of the series Emily is catering a wedding and doing a special donut wall for the bride and groom.  With the help of her father-in-law they come up with a splendid wall for the wedding and Emily can't wait to see what everyone thinks.  When the groom ends up dead during the reception Emily is mortified to see that one of her donuts might have did him in.  Seeing a suspicious bowl of powder by the wall she immediately thinks of poison and hopes that no one else got into the bowl.  Not wanting people to think that her donuts are killers she jumps into investigation mode.  When things start to come to light about the groom it looks like he has more enemies than friends, but who wanted him dead so badly?  Emily knows that she must dig up the truth before the investigating officer pins the murder on her.  Follow along as Emily makes the donuts, asks questions of potential suspects, and tries to keep herself out of trouble.  Will she be able to solve the case?  Emily is such a great character and I'm enjoying getting to know her along with the other players in each new book.  I can't wait to see what donuts she comes up with next and what mystery fall in her lap.
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Deputy Donut, Emily Westhill's donut shop in Fallingbrook, Wisconsin is doing well.  She agrees to create a donut wall for the wedding reception for Jenn who owns the ladies boutique next door.  But the wedding event goes awry when the groom (Roger) ends dead.  Emily thinks someone has tampered with her donut treats.  As a former 911 operator and widow of a police detective, Emily is determined to find the culprit and clear her shop's reputation.  Emily teams up with Jenn and her half-sister Suzanne.  The trio has daily meetings to keep everyone up-to-date and their main suspects include a security guard at the wedding and a couple of life coach shopping ladies who were at another event at the lodge during the murder.  

I received an eARC via Netgalley and Kensington Books with no requirements for a review.  I voluntarily read this book and provided this review.
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Goodbye Cruller World by Ginger Bolton is the 2nd book in the Deputy Donut Mystery series, and another great book. Emily Westhill and her retied chief of police father- in- law opened up a donut shop, Deputy Donut, in Fallingbrook, Wisconsin. Deputy Donut was hired to make a donut wall for a wedding reception.  When the groom is found dead with donuts in his mouth, Emily starts to investigate, and clear their reputation.  I really liked this book, and can't wait to read the next one in the series. I enjoyed the characters, which are well written.  If you love cozy mysteries, I strongly recommend this book/series.

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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I didn't read Deputy Donut Mystery #1, but I don't think that really made a difference, as this seems to function fine as a stand-alone title. However (SPOILERS AHEAD), I just didn't think this was very good, especially in the characterization. Suzanne was over-the-top rage-filled and jealous during the entire book, so her being the murderer was no surprise at all. It felt inevitable. Brent was one-dimensional as the absolutely perfect friend/cop/future love interest. He was so perfect he was boring. And Passenmath was equally one-dimensional as the bumbling cop who is singularly focused on convicting anyone BUT the actual criminal. 

I kept hoping the ending would bring some twist or surprise or at least reason that would make the obvious killer a bit more interesting, but it didn't. For me, the book lacked characterization and suspense. And to be clear, I enjoy a good, plot-forward, breezy read of a mystery. I'm not looking for huge depth of character all the time. But these characters felt so cardboard it was hard to reada.


Review copy provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This is a very cute series with likable characters. I like that it takes place in the Fall, because I’m definitely ready for cooler weather. I look forward to more in the series.
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Even though I was pretty sure I knew who the killer was (and for once I was right!) this was still another fun trip to Fallingbrook, Wisconsin and the Deputy Donut shop. I just love that little cat, Dep! She was even more talkative and cute in this book.

When the groom at a wedding that Tom and Emily were providing donuts for collapsed and died of poisoning, Emily was worried that DCI detective Yvonne Passenmath was focusing on her as being at fault. She was since Passenmath had a major grudge against Emily, Tom and their police friends, but she was also looking at Emily's friend Jenn who was the new bride. There was no shortage of suspects, and there were some interesting and quirky characters tossed into the mix as well. 

I knew who was guilty, but it was interesting to see how the showdown went, which was pretty exciting. I kept expecting a last minute twist since I'm rarely right lol. Everything ended well, except I keep wishing that Emily would let Brent get to be a little more than just friends, but I guess since they just came to grips a year ago with how they both felt about her husband's death 8 years ago (Brent was his partner and had seen him die), maybe they don't want to rush things. 

I just love the regular characters. Tom is such a sweetheart, who wouldn't love to have a father-in-law like him? Misty and Samantha are awesome friends for Emily. The three of them are like Nancy, George and Bess when they work on a case. Although Misty is always quick to remind them to let the police do the actual investigating. I'm always anxious for the next book in the series! I hope it's not a long wait.

I voluntarily read and reviewed this book which was provided to me via NetGalley and the publisher.
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This is a delightful second installment of this series.  You dont have to have read the first book to enjoy this one.  The characters are well written and the story flows well. The mystery is easily figured out but the motive is interesting.  I was given an arc of this book from netgalley, the opinions are my own.
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I loved this mystery because there’s a heroine with a lot of common sense, a lovely cast of characters, and very good plot.
It kept me guessing till the end and it’s full of twists and turns.
It’d have been a 5 stars but I think that the female detective was over the top, too mean and stupid, it was a sort of caricature.
I look forward to reading further books in this series.
Many thanks to. Kensington Books and Netgalley for this arc.
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Goodbye Cruller World is the second in this delightful cozy series. No need to read them in order, the backstory is woven into the story very well.  Emily and her father-in-law co-own the Deputy Donut Cafe, having started the business after her husband, Alec, is killed on duty as a police detective. Tom, her father-in-law, is the former police chief. Plenty of connections to allow her to be involved in various cases. Who would have imagined that there would be homicide added to a wedding reception that Emily is involved with? Donuts should never be deadly, not even when crammed full of yummy calories. 
Emily has agreed to supply a donut wall full of both crullers and raised donuts for wedding guests to enjoy as midnight snacks at the reception. Too bad the major sour note to the festivities turns out to be the groom. Before the bride, a woman who owns the clothing store next door to Deputy Donut Cafe, can come to terms with the fact that she has made a huge mistake in marrying the jerk, he is poisoned and later dies. In classic police fashion, focus is turned on the bride - top of the list as suspect #1. Emily has a stake in the investigation because her crullers were doctored and used as the murder weapon. That fact could very well destroy her business over night. The mystery is well plotted and reaches a satisfying conclusion. 
So many cozy mysteries have amateurs meddling in the case, certain that they can solve the case better than the police. The opposite is true in this series. Emily is part of the community police force by having worked for 911, being the widow of a slain detective and daughter-in-law of the former police chief and friends with lots of first responders. She has creds. She also has the most awesome cat, the cafe's namesake, Deputy Donut. I would love to become part of Emily's circle of friends. But that would lead me into major temptation being around her wonderful donuts. Take those calories and apply them directly to my hips.
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Emily is excited that her donut shop, Deputy Donut, has been hired to supply a donut wall at a fellow business owner's wedding. The donuts are a big hit. The only problem is the groom who is being rude and obnoxious to everyone until he ends up collapsing by the donut wall with his pockets stuffed with crullers. 

This story has likable characters with my favorite being Dep, the cat with an attitude. Also, the reader gets a lot of details to help you to envision the story although occasionally it is a bit much. 

This is the second book in the Deputy Donut Mystery series but could easily be read as a stand alone. Thanks to Kensington and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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What I'm enjoying about this series so far is the setting (I'm always in for a Wisconsin set book) and the delicious descriptions about dougnuts and the Deputy Donut shop. I think Emily is a charming main character, and her relationship with her in-laws is sweet and admirable. The language in this one had me rolling my eyes a few times as the dialogue can tend towards the ridiculously unbelieveable (no one unironically refers to their "bridegroom"), but overall it's still a series I'm invested in.
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Goodbye Cruller World is the second book in the Deputy Donut Mystery series. Even though I did not like it quite as much as the first installment I enjoyed it is a very good cozy mystery. The biggest downfall in my opinion was that at times there was a lot of speculating going on without any investigating or actions to confirm those suspicions. 

I very much like Emily and her police and emergency responder friends. It wasn't far fetched that Emily got involved into the murder case.

At no time I suspected who really killed the victim and the showdown had me biting my nails. So much fun!
....oh and there are some recipes added at the end of donuts featured in the mystery.

I requested this book from NetGalley and am thankful that Kensington and the author provided me with an advance copy.
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Goodbye Cruller World is the second book in Deputy Donut Mystery series but can be read as a standalone.
Emily and her father in law are expanding their business by catering the wedding for the friendly clothing shop owner. All is going well until rude and obnoxious groom ends up dead at his own wedding reception. Hundreds of possible suspects to sift through has Emily determined to find out the truth. I appreciated her close relationship with the local police force and the investigation procedure. Nice and likable set of characters. I must say that I didn't have any problem familiarizing with the story even though I still haven't read the first book. 
It is a well plotted mystery that moves at the steady pace with many twiats and turns.
Highly recommended for a quiet afternoon of sleuthing.
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