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This is a great book to help you learn about how to stand out on Instagram as well as grow your business marketing. Very informative in all areas.
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I received a copy of InstaStyle through NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I was really pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book - my skill level with social media being what it is(novice, at best).  Front to back, Instastyle was easy to understand, well-organized, thorough and, yes, inspirational.  Now, I'm not going to be starting my own Instagram anytime soon, but I surely do feel that I could - that's how comfortable Tezza MB's book made me feel with the technology of it all.  I have to say, I was impressed.
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Snatched up INSTASTYLE on NetGalley as soon as I saw it as I’m interested in expanding my online presence to this visual star of social media.

So glad I did, as this informative guide has the 411 I’ve been looking for. Learned that it’s the platform where brands gain traction and trends develop. Also, Instagram has loads of helpful analytics and biz tools to gauge social media success and advance it to the next level.

Author Tessa Barton (@tezzamb) and other successful Instagram influencers share how to create visual stories that gain attention, photography tips, brand engagement strategies, and advice for finding management. Highly recommended!

Pub Date 23 Oct 2018

Thanks to DK and NetGalley for the review copy. Opinions are fully mine. 

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I actually hadn't heard of Tessa Barton before, and I don't follow her on Instagram, but I can see that she is a popular person to follow. It's not a surprise to anyone that this book is beautifully curated, designed, and organized. I loved how easy and engaging the pages were to intake. I loved that in addition to giving broad tips, she shared exactly what she does for different points as well. I loved her section on social media flow. It's something I hadn't thought about in quite that way before. I also enjoyed the sections on making a pretty grid. I really expected this to be more of a lookbook than a super helpful guide, but it was very very informative. I love that she goes into exactly how she edits her photos, photography basics, hashtag specifics, analytics, and even uses other Instagrammers to showcase specific types of IG accounts. I loved a look at a travel- or food-centric Instagram to get an idea of how other people alternate their posts. Overall I want my social media to be a bit more real life than what I am seeing in this book, I don't expect or necessarily desire to be a sponsored Instagrammer... but I appreciate the tips and strategies to be used in my own way and brand. Highly recommend if you are looking to up your Instagram game for fun or profit.
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This was actually kind of fun! I can see how this can help those new to Instagram or those new to using Instagram as a tool for a business could use this! I have actually started using some of these tips on my bookstagram!
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InstaStyle by Tezza MB is going to be a hit with a lot of people. It hands you the keys to creating an aesthetically pleasing, well-branded, focused and influential instagram account, which you can set up for monetization of your online efforts.

If this is what I wanted to do with my instagram, I would have been thrilled myself. It's a beautifully produced book, containing stunning photography and streamlined how-tos on everything from finding inspiration, developing narratives,  fostering engagement, and editing images.  Additionally, it provides niche-specific advice, including lifestyle, fashion, travel, food, beauty, family, health & fitness, interior design, and flat lays & products.

This book just isn't written for a person like me, who already has a full-time job and only wants to use social media as a creative outlet and a way to connect with like-minded people. InstaStyle makes it abundantly clear that if you wish to develop an account like Tezza's, it's going to require a lot of work:

"Gotta work for it: Truth be told, I'm never not working. I'm constantly planning posts, gathering inspiration, scouting locations, styling outfits , and meeting with brands. It's a 24/7 job. Granted, it's a pretty dang good 24/7 job, but it really can be exhausting. It's important to know that before jumping in. It takes pushing yourself every day to come up with something new and finding ways to stand out and be different." ~ Tezza MB

Clearly, it's not for dilettantes like me! Recognizing that I'm not the target audience doesn't mean I'm going to dismiss the book as a bad one. It's not bad at all. In fact, I think it will be an excellent resource for a lot of people. If you're like me, however, and want something that encourages playfulness and experimentation, then you might want to save your precious book money for something else.

This book also promotes an aspect of Instagram that I find off-putting: it's just too sleek and polished. The images show glamorous skinny people doing glamorous things using fancy products and basically living a life I'll never have. It can be downright depressing to look at too much stuff like this online. I'll look, from time to time, because it's hard to turn away from something so perfect that's begging for my attention, but I prefer to follow accounts that are a little rougher around the edges and show people I can relate to doing regular people petting a fat cat on the belly (it's a trap!), or eating a tub of ice cream while binge-watching the 100 on Netflix.

I do appreciate Tezza's frequent reminders to keep your expectations realistic, practice positive self-talk, and remain authentic:

"Don't lose sight of the goal. Let your experiences shape your life, and don't get caught up in doing things for the sake of the 'gram. They're not authentic when they become a chore." ~ Tezza MB

Many thanks to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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I think this is an interesting and well written book on the art of influencing, creating instagram content and social media identities. I think the topics covered are great and informative for people interested in understanding how they can improve their digital presence especially teens and young adults!
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Great book to learn more about engaging with people on Instagram. Filled with interesting photographs that helped to tell the story and give ideas on authors type of content and how she plans it and works it into her brand message. I got a lot of great hints out of the "Elevate" section of the book which explains how you can optimize your posts and connect to your followers. As a beginner on this social media platform, I feel like I learned a lot with this book. Thank you for the opportunity to delve into this book.
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Whether you're looking to up your Instagram game or make money on one of the most popular photo platforms, InstaStyle is the book for you. Written in an easy, accessible style, with clear tips and instructions.

Many thanks to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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I'm too quiet for social media. Which is blah for selling artwork and books, just so we're clear. When this title was up for review I knew it was something I needed, and probably something anyone chronically shy could find useful.

And it is. And if that's the one thing the book accomplishes, then it's successful. You'll get ideas for collecting photo props, theme shoots, even color schemes and layouts. The chapters are separated mostly into what sort of lifestyle or product you are featuring, and that's pretty easy to navigate (though I found that you get the most out of it reading this cover to cover versus the pages you think you'll need). 

It's a useful book that does what it says it does. 

It's also kind of weird to swallow, or it was for me. The photoshoots all look like magazine photos, which is what the goal is, but it looks and feels synthetic. Of course, that sells. It doesn't mean I have to like it or that I'm not thinking about the social ramifications of that. I feel like we are in the age of authenticity. I'd rather see a blurry photo of your painting than a great picture you hired a photographer to take of your food on a trip 99% of people wouldn't be able to afford to take. That doesn't make this book not worth your time, it's just something important to me and something to keep in the back of my mind while using social media. 

The main thing this work gets across is that curating your Instagram account is...well, it's a job. I recommend this to anyone looking to improve their social media use.
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This is an excellent and fast read if you are wanting to create a marketable Instagram profile.  The writer has a BFA degree and it shows.  InstaStyle is creative and to-the-point.

Our only concern is that we sell stock photography and don't really want it all out there, for free on Instagram.  

Barton is outstanding at what she does and puts it all there, as to how to copy her success.

Worth your time if this is what you wish to do!
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For anyone looking to either start out on Instagram or those looking to up their Insta game, this book is an excellent primer. It covers the absolute basics, growing an audience, honing your aesthetic, monetizing, and collaborating with brands. 

I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars because it primarily focuses on lifestyle focus. The extra pops from "other" industries are all lifestyle-adjacent: food, fitness, mommy/family, fashion, and interior decorating, the last of which I suspect was only thrown in because the author's mother is an interior decorator and wrote that section.
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InstaStyle is both an art book and a guide book to getting a brand or identity going on Instagram. It covers many different potential focuses for Instagram accounts, like lifestyle, fashion, travel, food, beauty, family, health/fitness, interior design, and products. So it’s likely that no matter what type of account you’re looking to start, you’ll get a good idea of where to go from here.
	Personally, I run a Bookstagram account, so I was reading this book for tips on that. That meant mostly that the product ones applied the most to me, as well as the generalized tips, posing and hashtag advice, and so on. Still, I found it incredibly helpful. They suggested some tricks that I sincerely wouldn’t have thought to try on my own, like trying to find the best time to post, and how it’d vary day to day.
	I also loved the suggestion of varying up the subject, giving subcategories a chance. It makes sense not only for followers, but to prevent burnout for the creators. Little tricks like that can really go a long way when it comes to maintaining social media presence long term.
	Along with a bunch of helpful tips, tricks, and guides, this book also includes examples from real Instagram accounts. There’s one included for each of the listed genres above, and they’re all real people (and of course their information in included should you choose to follow them). I thought this was a nice touch.
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I couldn't find any app or program to support actually opening this download document. Very bummed I couldn't view.
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This book was exactly what I needed, when I needed it. It was engaging, brilliantly formulated in terms of content and how it was split up, and for once, it wasn't too overwhelming. I found myself taking notes, and making change to my social media as I read through it, feeling more and more confident that I was on the right track. Tezza not only gives examples of each suggestion she makes to create content, but also shows examples of what not to do. The book covers everything from where to start an Instagram profile, to photography tips, to content curation, to analytics, and every bit of it is helpful.
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If you're going to write a book about being an Instagram influencer, you need to have the credentials to do so, and author Tezza MB is more than qualified. With over half a million followers, including model Suki Waterhouse and popular "Bachelor" alum, Tezza describes the psychology and strategy behind her Instagram posts and shows through her stunning photographs (she studied photography at Parsons) how up and coming influencers can achieve her type of success. Do not go into reading this book expecting a paint by numbers on how to get a million guaranteed followers with all the top brands going after you. This book is meant to inspire, not instruct; to be a guide to how to express yourself on an extremely curated platform. 

I wonder how well this will age once it's officially published and after. For example, Instagram now has a feature called IGTV, which allows users to post longer versions of their Instagram Stories, but there's no mention of it in this book. It goes to show you how much technology can change in a blink of an eye.
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A great book for those looking to use Instagram as a professional medium, but also for those just looking to learn to do better photo editing/photo shooting.  There's advice across the board of how to get inspired and how to get your profile out there more, and also down to the tiny details of every day editing.
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