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To keep up with today's fast-changing and fast-charging world, companies must learn and adapt fast.

Central to this agile quality is the ability, whenever faced with a problem, to make the next most reasonable step from there, i.e, to iterate. 

Author Ed Muzio lays down a research-based guide to help leaders equip their teams to do just that.
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Iterate: Run a fast, flexible, focused management team

By Ed Muzio.
If you haven’t come across Agile methodologies before, there might be something in this you could take to your team. It’s not about project work, as the techniques, especially the reporting, lend themselves to be more suited to operational teams.
There is some great information on group decision making and the Hill of Influence idea is something I’ve never come across before - it’s a way of tracking engagement in a meeting.  But some of the concepts won’t be new to people working in agile environments, such as short feedback cycles, moving decision making as low as possible down the chain and continuous improvement.
The main takeaway message is that a productive, efficient, flexible and focused team is more about culture than the tasks you do. Set the tone for the team, lead in the way you want the culture to be, and you’ll see results.
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